5 Best Small Bluetooth Speakers in 2022

Music is like having a soundtrack to your life. Many of us would like to have the option of having it wherever we go. With our devices, this is easily possible. The only problem is that their sound isn’t generally that impressive. Listening to music or other things like podcasts takes a little bit more. Great speakers will allow you to listen to really feel the music. But you can’t easily take a big speaker with you wherever you go. Luckily you don’t have to. 

There are some incredible little Bluetooth speakers that you can take along for any ride. In this article, we will check out what are some of the things that you need to look at before buying a small Bluetooth speaker. I will also show you some of my favorites and the best small Bluetooth speakers that you can find.  We can check out what makes them stand out and anything that you should be aware of before making a purchase. 

What To Look Out For

Some of my best memories are summer days going on picnics or days on the beach where you play among the flowers or in the water, all with music in the background. Now, back in the day, it was not your phone playing this playlist. For me, it was the little portable radio that my family would take everywhere. 

It gave us a lot of hours of entertainment. It wasn’t the best sound, this was not high-tech gear after all. Still, it got the job done. I just have to hear a certain song and then I am right back there in the greatest moments of my youth. 

What are some of the things that you need to keep in mind? 

Don’t Just Go for Looks 

It is tempting to just go with the Bluetooth speaker that looks the best. You would think that a company that gives a lot of attention to detail to how a Bluetooth speaker looks will also give a lot of attention to detail to the quality of the speaker. 

But don’t be fooled. This is not always the case and you might end up buying a really beautiful paperweight instead of a great Bluetooth speaker. 

Even if the exterior of the speaker speaks to you, look further and ensure that it does have all of the features that you would like it to have before you buy it. 

Battery Life 

If you want to use your small Bluetooth speaker for outings, then you need to make sure that it will keep on working for as long as possible. That means that it needs to be able to work on a battery and the battery life needs to be pretty strong to work for as long as possible. 


If this will also be a speaker that you are going to take with you on adventures, then it needs to be strong enough to ensure that it doesn’t just easily break when it gets bumped or moved about. 

Having a strong casing is really important when it comes to your small Bluetooth speaker. You don’t want a fragile speaker that will break the first time that you move it in transit. 

Sound Quality 

The most important aspect of a small Bluetooth speaker is the sound quality. Most of them won’t have the same quality as their bigger counterparts but they can be great too. Finding some of the best options are important. There are a few devices with great sound quality, but these speakers will give you even better sound when your device does not. 

There are a few other things that will make a small Bluetooth speaker stand out above the rest, let’s look at my choices and compare them. 

1. Clip 4 Mini Bluetooth Speaker by JBL

  • What I Love: It has incredible sound quality and the battery lasts a really long time
  • What I Dislike: It doesn’t tell you the amount of battery that is left

This is a really cute funky little speaker that has incredible features for you to love. It comes in many different colors, so it works for any style. That is why it has become one of our favorites on this list. 

The great thing is that you clip this little speaker into your belt or any other strap and you can explore the world with it by your side. The Clip 4 Mini is waterproof and dustproof and really sturdy, so it is strong enough to go with you on any adventure that you want to go. Get all dusty from an adventure like rock climbing and then get into the shower to wash it all off. Your little speaker can go with you all the way. 

It has up to 10 hours of playtime, meaning you won’t run out of battery when you want it. It is not made to work in extremely cold weather and that can affect the battery, however. And the only real negative is that it does not show the amount of battery life that is left. 

But the best thing about this speaker is that the sound is seriously impressive for its size. The sound is crisp and dynamic and it will give you hours of entertainment. 

2. Mini 3 Bluetooth Speaker by Anker Soundcore 

  • What I Love: The battery last for an incredible 15 hours of playtime
  • What I Dislike: The handle is made from fabric and not as sturdy 

This is another awesome little Bluetooth speaker. It is a bit cheaper than the JBL version and in some aspects that do show. But in others there this speaker compares really well and even outdoes the JBL. 

The battery life on the Mini 3 Bluetooth speaker is incredible. It has a whopping 15 hours of battery life, which is incredible for the size of the speaker that is on offer and for the price range. You can go on an all-day adventure and you can have sound as far as you go. 

It is water resistant but the rating is not as strong as some other small Bluetooth speakers, so we wouldn’t take it swimming or in a shower. But it does help if you get sprayed with water or if you and your speaker get caught in the rain. 

The app that combines with this speaker is great too and will allow you a lot of control. You can set and customize the speaker’s sound. You can even connect a bunch of speakers at the same time to increase the sound even more. 

The fabric handle can be hooked over things like a belt but it can’t be clipped into other round objects, making it less useful to carry with you everywhere. 

3. Beosound A1 2nd Gen Mini Bluetooth Speaker by Bang and Olufsen

  • What I Love: It is a luxury item that looks incredible and has an amazing finish
  • What I Dislike: The price is seriously high compared to other small speakers

This is the one that you might want to consider if you have a really large budget. Because the price on this one is pretty hefty. It is a lot more expensive than most small Bluetooth speakers. But it is really well made and if you can afford it, it could be worth the price tag. 

Let’s start with the design. It is really beautiful and the finish is impeccable. It comes with a few variations, each one as pretty as the last one. Even the carrying strap is awesome and has a luxurious finish. 

The sound is next to none and has a built-in woofer and a tweeter. Not only is the sound amazing but there are multiple microphones that allow it to be a great speakerphone too. 

The app that comes with it is awesome and allows you to customize your sound. And the speaker pairs well with many different types of smartphones. It even takes direction from Amazon Alexa. 

Then there is the battery life. You would think that with all the features it has, the battery probably won’t last all that long. But then you would be wrong. This little gadget has a battery that can last up to 18 hours. 

It might look fancy and made for luxury holidays only, but it is strong. It is made from strong aluminum and that will allow you to go on all the adventures you would like to go on. You will just be looking really good while doing it. 

4. LG XBOOM Go PL2 Jellybean Mini Bluetooth Speaker by LG 

  • What I Love: It looks really cool and is available in vibrant colors 
  • What I Dislike: It can easily roll if not placed on flat surfaces 

This little Bluetooth speaker is just incredibly funky and the colors that it comes in are amazing. It is shaped like a jelly bean and offers a few different colors for you to choose from. But you don’t have to buy this speaker just for its look. 

The sound is great too. LG has designed this product to sound incredible with clear crisp vocals, and deep bass to add to your listening experience. You can also add two speakers at the same time to make your sound even louder. 

This speaker is water resistant but it does come with a warning that it is only resistant to low-pressure spray and that you need to dry it before you can use the speaker. So, this will not be the one to use while doing watersports or other activities close to water. 

The thing that makes it great, its design, is also one of its biggest drawbacks. The design is really funky but it does mean that it can easily roll off if not securely placed on a flat surface. 

This speaker has a battery life of up to 10 hours. 

5. WONDERBOOM 2 Mini Bluetooth Speaker by Ultimate Ears

  • What I Love: This speaker is incredibly durable and it floats
  • What I Dislike: It has no rewind feature

Now we come to the best speaker to use during water sports and other outdoor adventures. This WONDERBOOM speaker is really durable. It is also really loud. It is dirt resistant and drop-proof. Making it great for really adventurous activities in the outdoors. 

It floats in water and you can allow it to float while you are swimming or doing other water sports. If you are using it in the outdoors, you can push the outdoor boost button and your sound will be enhanced to ensure that you can hear everything while having fun. 

It doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles but this is because the no-nonsense design is created for adventure. The sound is loud enough to be heard while you are enjoying life. The hang loop allows you a lot of great options to secure it. 

The battery life on the WONDERBOOM 2 lasts for up to 13 hours and will give you plenty of time to enjoy hours of audio as the background of your adventures. 

Getting The Best Small Bluetooth Speakers for Your Needs 

Who doesn’t enjoy having something fun to listen to all the time? You can choose between listening to great music while going tubing on a river, listening to a podcast while working out in the mountains, or even just having the radio on while you swim. Whatever your sound of choice is you need a great portable small speaker to take with you where you go. 

These speakers need to have incredible sound, they have to be strong enough to go on adventures or just to travel, and they have to have a really strong battery. Then there could be a few features that are really important to you, like the speaker having great a great design and being beautiful, a good budget, being waterproof, and more. 

We have given you some great choices to choose from, these are all amazing little speakers. Any one of them could be a great buy, it all just depends on your personal preferences. Choose anyone and find your newest travel accessory.

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