Top 10 Best Beyoncé Karaoke Songs

Who doesn’t remember belting out a Beyoncé song at some time or another? It doesn’t matter who you are, Queen B has a song for everyone. I remember some late-night snack runs with friends where we were singing Beyoncé all the way there and back. Having a blast while doing it. When it comes to karaoke songs her hits might not be the easiest songs to sing, but they are so much fun that you are sure to look good singing them and having fun is one of the golden rules to singing karaoke after all. 

Don’t have a lot of experience singing karaoke, don’t worry about it, just have loads of fun and enjoy the experience, along with a little Beyoncé of course!

Best Beyoncé Karaoke Songs

Next up we will look at some of the greatest Beyoncé songs to sing during your karaoke performance. A few of her greatest songs won’t appear on the list since they are just too intense for karaoke, but she has many great hits that will be perfect to light up the stage. 

1. Single Ladies (Put A Ring on It)

This has to be one of the first Beyoncé songs on this list. There is no getting past it, it is one of the most fun songs in her repertoire to sing and dance to. This is definitely not one of Beyoncé’s underrated karaoke songs, but there is a reason that it is so popular. 

Most of us still know every single word of this song and you get a bunch of bonus points if you can still do some of the dance moves too. I mean, the only thing you really have to sing is “oh oh oh,” and everyone knows exactly the song that you are referring to. 

Single ladies is still one of my favorite songs of all time and you don’t even have to resonate with the words to be able to feel the music. It just works for everyone. 

It is one song that guarantees that the entire audience will sing along with your performance. 

2. Love on Top

This is one of the greatest feel good songs in Beyoncé’s repertoire. It has a bit of an old-school R&B feel and also a lot of pop flair. It showcases some of the best qualities that Beyoncé has to offer and all the different sides to the powerhouse singer. And it can do the same for you.

Singing this song for your karaoke night can really put your voice on show, just make sure that you have the voice to pull off all the runs that comes with it. It is fun and sweet, and you don’t have to be too much of a performer to make this one work. A bit of dancing and singing is all this song needs and it can be a lot of fun for you and everyone at the karaoke bar.

3. Best Thing I’ve Never Had

At first glance this song is a love story about broken hearts and losing the person that you love. But in reality, it is a sassy song about losing someone that you should lose. About them losing out and you dodging a bullet. 

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This is a song that pretty much anyone can relate to and sing with an experience in mind. And that is always great when singing karaoke. And it is also a song that many people will love hearing again, so it will instantly have the nostalgic factor for most of us. 

4. Daddy Lessons

When you think about the best Beyoncé songs to sing karaoke to, you don’t really expect her Lemonade album to appear on the list at all. The songs on that album is some of the best and the most personal that she has ever shared with the world. But they are also some of the hardest to sing along to. But there is one that could be perfect for your next karaoke night.

Daddy Lessons has more of a country feel, not a genre that any of us really ever saw Beyoncé getting into. But she is Queen B, and she can sing just about anything she wants. It is an awesome song and one that she sang with the Dixie Chicks at the 50th annual Country Music Awards.

The song is incredible and great for singing along to. If you really want to sing a Beyoncé song, but your voice is more country than R&B, then this could work perfectly for you.

5. XO

This song is for sure one of her most underrated songs of all times. It is all about the anticipation of a very first kiss. It has you imagining memories that never even happened and just has a low-key happy vibe. It is a really great song to sing for karaoke.

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It is not one of Beyoncé’s songs that is so iconic that you can’t make it your own. But it also still has the power and feeling of a Beyoncé song that will allow you to make the crowd go wild. It has everything going for it and you will sure to have a memorable performance.

6. Crazy in Love

Have a special someone that you want to give a strong hint that you are interested? Or already in love and want to share that love with the world? Then Crazy in Love could be the perfect song for karaoke night. 

It was one of Beyoncé ’s first collaborations with Jay-Z and it is still a really fun song to sing and enjoy. It is a great song for someone who isn’t ready to go out on stage on their own yet. This duet is perfect to share the stage and allow your significant other to sing with you. 

And if you aren’t a couple quite yet, singing this song could just be the moment to change that. And besides, it is a really funky song that is great to sing. 

7. Halo

This is probably one of the ultimate nostalgic songs to sing for karaoke. Think Britney Spears level nostalgia. There was a time where this song was often sung on karaoke night but it hasn’t been as popular recently. 

Now is the time to change that and get Halo back on everyone’s lips, and on their minds, since it is one of those songs that you only have to hear once for it to keep playing in your mind for the next few days. 

8. If I Were a Boy

Another great song for almost any voice, If I Were a Boy has a great story to sing, but it also allows for a wide range of voices to sound really good while singing it. The perfect type of song for karaoke. 

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It is one of Beyoncé’s less upbeat songs and it doesn’t require quite as much dancing as many of the others that are already on this list. So, if singing and dancing just makes you even more nervous then this could be the perfect song to start with.

It is a lovely song that is still fun enough to fit with a night out singing with your friends. 

9. Say my Name

Okay, I know that this is technically a Destiny’s Child song and not Beyoncé as a solo artist, but still, it is one of the most fun songs that she was ever part of. If you want to start out with a group song, singing along with your friends, then this could be a great song to start out with. It takes the stress out of singing on your own, so if you are new to karaoke then it could be one to consider.

The words are pretty simple to follow and you won’t easily get stuck. Belting it out with your friends is always a fun Karaoke tradition and this song could be the perfect song for that. It gets you used to the stage and ready for your solo.

10. Irreplaceable

And finally, another of her all-time greats, Irreplaceable, has to be on this list of karaoke songs. It was a massive hit for Beyoncé and it is just a great song. 

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The song is about not needing someone that doesn’t deserve you and making sure that you and they know your worth. “You must not know ‘bout me” is still a great line. And who hasn’t wished they could say it to someone. 

Sing it and let all of those emotions out! 


Beyoncé has been the creator of so many different songs that it is almost impossible to just choose a few of her songs to be the best songs to sing karaoke to. Choose the tempo that you want to sing first. Do you want your performance to distract from your voice? Or do you just like to dance?  Then an upbeat song can be the perfect choice. Or does dancing make you break out in hives? Then there are plenty of slower songs that you can pick. 

Do you need a song that shows your emotion or do you just want to have fun? There are so many possibilities when it comes to Beyoncé songs, there is sure to be one that is perfect for creating the performance that you really want to give. 

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