Ukulele Chord Charts For Free Use

I’ve built up a nice supply of ukulele chord charts that I use in my articles (and I continue to add more). I had a hard time finding any chord charts online that were free to use for any purpose and easy to access. So I made some myself, and you can use them however you like (read next paragraph for licensing).

I created these in Microsoft Paint and Pixlr and anyone can use them for any purpose (personal or commercial). I’m making them available under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) 4.0 License. That means you can use them, change them, and even sell them, as long as you disclose that they were created by (and preferably link to this page) and reference the license.

A Flat/G Sharp

A Flat Major/G Sharp Major
A Flat Dominant Seventh/G Sharp Dominant Seventh
A Flat Major Seventh/G Sharp Major
A Flat Minor/G Sharp Minor
A Flat Minor Seventh/G Sharp Minor Seventh
A Flat Minor Seventh Flat Five/G Flat Minor Seventh Flat Five
A Flat Diminished/G Sharp Diminished


A Major
A Dominant Seventh
A Major Seventh
A Minor
A Minor Seventh
A Minor Seventh Flat Five
A Diminished

A Sharp/B Flat

A Sharp Major/B Flat Major
A Sharp Dominant Seventh/B Flat Dominant Seventh
A Sharp Major Seventh/B Flat Major Seventh
A Sharp Minor/B Flat Minor
A Sharp Minor Seventh/B Flat Minor Seventh
A Sharp Minor Seventh Flat Five/B Flat Minor Seventh Flat Five
A Sharp Diminished/B Flat Diminished

B/C Flat

B Major/C Flat Major
B Dominant Seventh/C Flat Dominant Seventh
B Major Seventh/C Flat Major Seventh
B Minor/C Flat Minor
B Minor Seventh/C Flat Minor Seventh
B Minor Seventh Flat Five/C Flat Minor Seventh Flat Five
B Diminished/C Flat Diminished

C/B Sharp

C Major/B Sharp Major
C Dominant Seventh/B Sharp Dominant Seventh
C Major Seventh/B Sharp Major Seventh
C Minor/B Sharp Minor
C Minor Seventh/B Sharp Minor Seventh
C Minor Seventh Flat Five/B Sharp Minor Seventh Flat Five
C Diminished/B Sharp Diminished

C Sharp/D Flat

C Sharp Major/D Flat Major
C Sharp Dominant Seventh/D Flat Dominant Seventh
C Sharp Major Seventh/D Flat Major Seventh
C Sharp Minor/D Flat Minor
C Sharp Minor Seventh/D Flat Minor Seventh
C Sharp Minor Seventh Flat Five/D Flat Minor Seventh Flat Five
C Sharp Diminished/D Flat Diminished


D Major
D Dominant Seventh
D Major Seventh
D Minor
D Minor Seventh
D Minor Seventh Flat Five
D Diminished

D Sharp/E Flat

D Sharp Major/E Flat Major
D Sharp Dominant Seventh/E Flat Dominant Seventh
D Sharp Major Seventh/E Flat Major Seventh
D Sharp Minor/E Flat Minor
D Sharp Minor Seventh/E Flat Minor Seventh
D Sharp Minor Seventh Flat Five/E Flat Minor Seventh Flat Five
D Sharp Diminished/E Flat Diminished

E/F Flat

E Major/F Flat Major
E Dominant Seventh/F Flat Dominant Seventh
E Major Seventh/F Flat Major Seventh
E Minor/F Flat Minor
E Minor Seventh/F Flat Minor Seventh
E Minor Seventh Flat Five/F Flat Minor Seventh Flat Five
E Diminished/F Flat Diminished

F/E Sharp

F Major/E Sharp Major
F Dominant Seventh/E Sharp Dominant Seventh
F Major Seventh/E Sharp Major Seventh
F Minor/E Sharp Minor
F Minor Seventh/E Sharp Minor Seventh
F Minor Seventh Flat Five/E Sharp Minor Seventh Flat Five
F Diminished/E Sharp Diminished

F Sharp/G Flat

F Sharp Major/G Flat Major
F Sharp Dominant Seventh/G Flat Dominant Seventh
F Sharp Major Seventh/G Flat Major Seventh
F Sharp Minor/G Flat Minor
F Sharp Minor Seventh/G Flat Minor Seventh
F Sharp Minor Seventh Flat Five/G Flat Minor Seventh Flat Five
F Sharp Diminished/G Flat Diminished


G Major
G Dominant Seventh
G Major Seventh
G Minor
G Minor Seventh
G Minor Seventh Flat Five
G Diminished