20 Fun 80’s Karaoke Songs For Women

Are you looking to make a fun change at your next karaoke gig? You may want to choose some 80s songs to have a unique and fun-filled time.

The 80’s were full of hair bands with male lead singers. If you are a woman, you may have a hard time thinking of good songs for your vocal range and singing preferences off the top of your head.

Fortunately, I’m here to share 20 of the best, most enjoyable 80’s karaoke songs for women that can help you have a pleasant and memorable singing experience. Whether you are doing a family karaoke night at home or getting up to sing in front of a bar crowd during a girl’s night out, these songs are sure to be a hit.

Why Choose 80’s Songs?

So—what’s so special about 80’s songs when it comes to singing karaoke? I’m going to tell you a little story. When I was a sophomore in high school, I was having a rough time.

From the roller coaster of emotions that comes with navigating high school to the backstabbing that happens all too often among teenagers, I soon found that I needed a healthy outlet for all of the turbulence I was experiencing.

Around this time, I heard one of Adam Lambert’s covers of “Mad World” on YouTube and was blown away by its haunting lyrics. I’ve never been one to leave it alone when I hear a song that I love, so I soon ended up looking into Tears for Fears’ repertoire. From there, I soon learned to love 80’s music—especially New Wave—and the cool beats that were paired with uniquely moving lyrics at that time.

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After a few years, I realized I wanted to have a closer relationship to the fun 80’s songs that I had learned.

This is how I started singing karaoke, and I originally only sang songs from that era to get acquainted with singing for fun. I’ve branched out since then, but I still get a special nostalgia for 80’s songs that most 90’s babies probably don’t feel.

80’s music simply has a unique sound and vibe that makes it a great choice for karaoke.

The lyrics are relatable to a wide range of audiences, and many 80’s hits have stayed in popularity as the decades have gone by.

What’s more, as a woman, you are sure to find a wide range of songs from 80’s artists that apply to your life situations, such as being a hard-working lady who is exhausted from her job or reeling after being dumped by a heartless boyfriend.

When you choose 80’s songs for your karaoke performance, you’re guaranteed to have fun and get people dancing and smiling while letting out a range of complex emotions in a healthy and enjoyable way.

Tips To Have A Great Performance

Now that you know why 80’s songs are a great choice for karaoke singing, you should prepare to have the best performance possible. Here are some tips I keep in mind whenever I’m getting ready to perform:

  • Don’t stick to one formula. You don’t have to sing your favorite song of all time if it doesn’t fit your mood or vocal range. You can even choose songs sung by men if you feel they fit your range better. You will find a few songs by men on this list if that’s what works for you.
  • Drink water. It’s important to stay hydrated when you are singing karaoke, especially if you are tackling more than one song. You may also want to avoid alcohol around the time of your performance so you don’t risk dehydration.
  • Switch up lyrics. Don’t want to sing a swear word or a pronoun that doesn’t fit your romantic situation? You can change lyrics that don’t make sense to you on the fly for a more personal singing experience.

Now that you know how to have as much fun as possible while singing, you’re ready to choose some of the best 80’s karaoke songs for women. Let’s get started!

My List of 80’s Karaoke Songs For Women

What are some 80’s karaoke songs for women to sing that will impress your crowd and leave you with happy memories? There are at least 20 fantastic options sung by male and female artists of the 80’s that can help you let out emotions, get everyone in a good mood, and more. Let’s take a look at them:

1. “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” — Pat Benatar

This is a fun and easy-to-sing rock song that is very popular with a wide range of audiences. It’s not a bad choice for beginners but is also enjoyable if you have more experience on the karaoke stage.

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2. “If I Could Turn Back Time” — Cher

This is one of my favorite Cher songs. It’s wistful enough to be quite enjoyable for karaoke singers who like some theatrics in their performances.

3. “9 To 5” — Dolly Parton

This country classic is tons of fun to perform. It’s a great choice if you want to unwind and let off some steam after a hard day at work.

4. “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)” — Whitney Houston

This is a Whitney Houston classic that is great for all skill levels. Audiences of all kinds can enjoy this hit.

5. “Walking On Sunshine” — Katrina and the Waves

“Walking On Sunshine” has all the ingredients of a perfect 80s pop song. Women of different vocal ranges can easily adapt it to fit their needs.

6. “I Love A Rainy Night” — Eddie Rabbit

A man sings this 80s country favorite, but its lyrics are gender-neutral. It is also a good choice for women with a somewhat deeper vocal range who prefer to sing alto or tenor songs. My niece and I love singing and dancing to this joy ride.

7. “I Think We’re Alone Now” — Tiffany

This cover is arguably more popular than the original. It’s fun to perform and easy to sing at different skill levels. I love “I Think We’re Alone Now” and count it among my favorite 80’s songs I enjoyed in high school.

8. “I Want To Break Free” — Queen

This is another gender-neutral song sung by a man that is adaptable to different singers. I discovered this track in my childhood, and now it’s one of my absolute favorite Queen songs due to its amazing sound.

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9. “What’s Love Got To Do With It” — Tina Turner

This slower 80s hit is great for nervous newbie singers. Audiences love its powerful emotional vibes.

10. “Bette Davis Eyes” — Kim Carnes

I’ve always thought that “Bette Davis Eyes” has a unique sound, even for its experimental era. I used to sing it in the car with my mom every time it came on. Choose this if you want a different sound on karaoke night.

11. “Have Mercy” — The Judds

“Have Mercy” is a great choice for country 80s night. It’s a track that isn’t over sung, so you can have a unique singing experience on the karaoke stage.

12. “It Must Have Been Love” — Roxette

This song was one of my favorites in high school during one of my more dramatic phases. If you are trying to get over an intense relationship, singing this song can help you do so.

13. “Take My Breath Away” — Berlin

“Take My Breath Away” is another 80’s staple. If you are new to karaoke, this is a great choice for your singing debut, as you probably know most of the lyrics, and your audience will respond to it positively.

14. “I Love Rock ‘N Roll” — Joan Jett

If you want a true hard rock song at karaoke night, you can’t go wrong with Joan Jett. This tune is a lot of fun to sing and can really demonstrate your love of rock music.

15. “Alone” — Heart

“Alone” was my “It Must Have Been Love” during my college years. It’s a lovely song and a great choice to work out your emotions.

16. “Why Not Me” — The Judds

Here’s another country hit from The Judds. It’s perfect for a girl’s night out or any other karaoke gathering where you want to be sure to bring some country spirit to your performance.

17. “Manic Monday” — The Bangles

Much like “9 To 5,” you can sing this Bangles hit to work off steam after leaving your job for the day. Of course, it’s fun to sing, too.

18. “Material Girl” — Madonna

If you love shopping, clothes, and name brands—and aren’t afraid to show it—”Material Girl” is the song for you. Prepare to see your friends, family, and other audience members get up and dance.

19. “Super Trooper” — ABBA

You can step into the shoes of a touring artist when you sing this ABBA hit. It’s another track that’s sure to get people dancing with smiles on their faces and nostalgia in their hearts.

20. “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” — Bonnie Tyler

If you want to get sad with your performance, “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” is a good choice. It was one of the first songs I ever sang in a karaoke setting, but it isn’t easy for beginners. Therefore, you may want to wait until you have a few songs under your belt to give it a try. I wish I had.


From a girl’s night out to a simple karaoke night with the family, you can’t go wrong when you choose to sing 80’s karaoke songs for women.

Try a few from this list at your next performance and see how it goes.

You can go for a whole 80’s night or cover different generations all at one time. Whatever you choose to do, these fun and sometimes emotional songs are sure to bring out the feels in you and your crowd.

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