The 35 Best Karaoke Songs for Tenors

It’s not always easy to pick the right karaoke songs for your vocal range. I’ve been singing karaoke for years, and I still have trouble choosing just the right songs for my voice. Don’t worry, though; there are always great options for every vocal range that are fun to sing and popular with crowds.

If you are a tenor, you’re in great luck because many of the most popular singers of today and yesterday recorded songs in the tenor range. Today I will introduce you to 35 of the best karaoke songs for tenors and give you some tips on having the best karaoke experience possible.

How to Prepare for Karaoke Singing

It’s a good idea to prepare for your karaoke night, especially if you’re new to it. The last time I went into a karaoke performance without knowing what songs I was going to sing (and whether they were within my vocal or skill range) I got frustrated and a bit embarrassed. Needless to say, I didn’t have much fun. Here are some things to keep in mind to get ready so you don’t face the same fate:

  • Know what to expect. Are you prepping for a night of karaoke at home, or are you going to a public location? Your song choices will be limited at bars and other karaoke locales, but you can choose just about any song on YouTube to sing along to.
  • Sing the song before karaoke night. I like to impress when I sing karaoke, so I keep a list of songs that I know I can perform well. The best way to ensure you’ve got a winner? Sing the song before you perform on the karaoke stage. That way you know the song fits your range and that you know the entire song.
  • Choose enjoyable songs. While your tenor vocal range may limit you somewhat in the songs you can sing, it should still be easy to pick songs that speak to you in some way and that you enjoy. You don’t want to sing a tune that bores you or makes you uncomfortable with its lyrics or sound.
  • Pick easy tracks. Unless you are a highly experienced, trained professional, there’s no reason to push yourself too hard with challenging beats or complicated lyrics (especially if you didn’t trial the song first). Simple songs will be more enjoyable to sing and will still be entertaining for your audience, whether it be an entire bar or your best friends.

You’ve learned how to prepare for the best karaoke night. Now, you can pick the right songs for your tenor range to wow the crowd.

Best Karaoke Songs for Tenors

There is a wide range of great karaoke tracks to choose from if you sing in a tenor range. You may be surprised to see that some of the songs on this list are well-suited to women or sung by women. This is because many women prefer to sing in a tenor range. That being said, don’t be afraid to sing a song recorded by a woman if you are a man or vice-versa. If some of the lyrics feel off to you, you can switch them up on the fly to make more sense for your situation.

There are also a variety of songs on this list from a range of decades and genres. This makes it almost certain that you will find something you enjoy and are comfortable singing. Now let’s look at my list of best karaoke songs for tenors:

1. “Livin’ On A Prayer” — Bon Jovi

“Livin’ On A Prayer” gets first place on this list because it’s such a well-known song with such an uplifting, powerful vibe. It’s also easy to learn and enjoyable to sing.

2. “Don’t Stop Believin'” — Journey

“Don’t Stop Believin'” is another ridiculously famous and much-loved track that is sure to win over any audience. It makes people feel good, and it’s simple to learn even if you are new to karaoke and singing.

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3. “Just The Way You Are,” — Bruno Mars

This is a cute song to sing to a significant other or to bring out the “awws” from your audience. It’s tons of fun to sing, too. It was one of my favorite songs when I was younger and one of the first songs I ever sang for a karaoke performance.

4. “Someone Like You” — Adele

Who doesn’t like Adele? So many people can relate to “Someone Like You” that it is almost certain to be a hit with your listeners. It might be a good choice if you’re trying to find closure in a romantic relationship, too. Why not work out your feelings in song?

5. “Karma Chameleon,” — Culture Club

“Karma Chameleon” is another fun track that will put a smile on faces and get everyone dancing. It’s easy to sing but challenging enough that seasoned singers can enjoy belting it out.

6. “Love Yourself,” — Justin Bieber

This hit is another great song to let off steam when a relationship goes south. It’s also popular among younger audiences and pretty much anyone who listened to 2010’s radio.

7. “500 Miles,” — The Proclaimers

Who doesn’t love “500 Miles”? I’ve loved this song since childhood and have many happy memories of singing it with my parents and my sister. It might not be the most common karaoke track, but it’s sure to bring out some positive emotions in crowds and yourself when you sing it.

8. “This Love,” — Maroon 5

This early-2000’s classic is a go-to breakup song. It doesn’t take much preparation and is emotional enough to make it a fun track to sing without bringing anyone down.

9. “I’m Not The Only One” — Sam Smith

“I’m Not The Only One” is a sadder choice, but it’s an entertaining one. It’s slow enough to be a good choice for beginners who get nervous with a rapid tempo.

10. “Somebody To Love” — Queen

Queen songs are fun to sing, and “Somebody To Love” is easier to tackle than some in their catalog (think “Bohemian Rhapsody”). Crowds of all sizes love it, too. This was actually the first Queen song that brought out a strong enough emotional response in me to make me a fan of the band.

11. “Fireflies” — Owl City

“Fireflies” is a cute and simple choice for younger tenors or those new to karaoke who need to start slow. It also has a pretty strong fan base, so many of your listeners are bound to enjoy it.

12. “Stitches” — Shawn Mendes

“Stitches” is another relatable song about love gone bad. Younger members of your crowd will particularly enjoy it.

13. “Three Little Birds” — Bob Marley

Reggae fans, pop enthusiasts, and music lovers of all kinds enjoy listening to this Bob Marley classic. It’s not hard to sing and offers serious positivity. I like to listen to this song when I’m having a bad day or want to clear my head of self-defeating thoughts.

14. “Bad Guy” — Billie Eilish

“Bad Guy” is a newer but less-obvious choice. It may be best suited to female tenors, but it’s a fun choice, especially for more seasoned karaoke singers.

15. “Before He Cheats” — Carrie Underwood

Country fans will get excited when they hear this Carrie Underwood hit. It’s a joy to sing, especially if you’ve suffered from the pain of cheating and need to have some fun to process it.

16. “Circle Of Life” — Elton John

Your audience is bound to include some Elton John or The Lion King fans, so “Circle Of Life” should be a crowd-pleaser. It’s also a lot of fun, so it’s a great choice if you’re nervous about your karaoke debut.

17. “Billie Jean” — Michael Jackson

“Billie Jean” is one of the edgier yet super-fun tracks on this list. It’s also widely popular and easily recognized by audiences. Hee-hee!

18. “Let It Be” — The Beatles

For a more serious take, choose this Beatles staple. It’s great for advanced singers who are ready to take a stab at something a little more complex.

19. “I’m Yours” — Jason Mraz

You can woo your significant other or put a smile on your audience members’ faces with this sweet tune. It’s catchy and entertaining for you as the singer, as well.

20. “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” — Elton John

Here’s another The Lion King hit that just about everyone loves. It’s a truly beautiful song and a wonderful choice for singers willing to take a stab at something that’s a little longer but perfectly suited for tenors. I used to sing this every day when I was young, so little karaoke performers may enjoy it, as well.

21. “Collide” — Howie Day

Older Millenials will identify with this song as soon as you start singing. It’s a lovely option that isn’t hard to tackle.

22. “Stay With Me” — Sam Smith

Here’s another Sam Smith tune to allow everyone in the room to feel a wide range of emotions. It’s another slow track that’s easy for beginners to take on.

23. “Summertime Sadness” — Lana Del Rey

“Summertime Sadness” is an early-2010s favorite for many, and it isn’t very hard to sing. You can go fast or slow, depending on which version you choose.

24. “Payphone” — Maroon 5

Just about everyone knows “Payphone,” and its lyrics are simple enough. It is an excellent choice for people of any gender who sing in the tenor range. This was one of the first Maroon 5 songs to solidify the band as my favorite pop group.

25. “Stay” — Rihanna feat. Mikky Ekko

“Stay” is a little bit of an unusual choice, but a great one for duets or women. It’s a gentle, somewhat slow-moving song that’s easy to sing and enjoyable for the singer and the audience.

26. “Can’t Stop The Feeling!” — Justin Timberlake

“Can’t Stop The Feeling!” is a fun one, and a lot of young kids know it from the movie Trolls, so it’s bound to be a hit at your family-friendly karaoke night. Besides, who doesn’t like Justin Timberlake songs?

27. “I Have A Dream” — ABBA

“I Have A Dream” is a gentle ABBA song with a music-related theme that’s perfect for a karaoke party. It’s a great choice to get everyone ready for a night of karaoke or to wrap things up.

28. “No Scrubs” — TLC

This R&B/Hip-Hop song is a late-1990s staple and is still hugely popular today. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an audience that doesn’t have fun jamming to this tune.

29. “Rhiannon” — Fleetwood Mac

This classic hit is bound to be popular among a wide range of audience members. It’s a little more complex, so you might want to have some karaoke performances under your belt before you give it a try.

30. “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)” — Adele

Here’s another widely popular Adele song that’s great if you need to let out some breakup steam on the karaoke stage. Men or women could sing this track with the way the lyrics are worded.

31. “We Are The Champions” — Queen

This arena-rock hit is one of those powerful, feel-good tunes that make people feel great. Whether you are singing or listening to it, it’s a great choice for any karaoke setting and any tenor vocalist.

32. “Good Time” — Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen

“Good Time” is another easy-to-tackle Owl City hit that could easily be sung as a duet. The lyrics are appropriate for a person of any gender.

33. “She Will Be Loved” — Maroon 5

Just about any Maroon 5 song would be a great fit for a tenor vocalist, but “She Will Be Loved,” like the other tracks from the band on this list, is such a classic that everyone will enjoy it. It’s a good slow track for nervous singers, too.

34. “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me” — Culture Club

This early 1980s radio hit is another one that is popular among a wide range of age groups. It’s a good choice for all tenors.

35. “Fields of Gold” — Sting

“Fields of Gold” is a very beautiful song. It’s ideal for any singing level or setting and is bound to stir up some emotions. This song is so powerful and unique that I count it among my favorites of all time, and one that I hope to sing during a karaoke performance one day.


Now that you’ve seen my picks for the best tenor karaoke songs, why not try a few out at your next karaoke night? You are sure to wow your crowd with some fun and relatable songs that will keep everyone dancing and having fun for hours.

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