The Best Underrated Karaoke Songs to Wow Family and Friends

Are you looking for a way to wow your friends and family at your next karaoke night? Are you just tired of singing the same staples over and over again with the same response from your audience? No matter what your reasoning is, sometimes you just need to spice up your karaoke tracklist. I’ve got you covered with this list of the 25 best underrated karaoke songs for any audience. I’ll show you how to choose unique songs the right way, get you prepared to have the best performance ever, and give some suggestions for underrated songs to introduce when karaoke night comes.

Why Choose Underrated Songs?

What benefit is there to singing karaoke songs that are underrated and somewhat off-the-beaten path? Won’t people just think you’re showing off and not be as interested as they would be if they heard a tried-and-true favorite? If you approach singing your unique choices in the right way, then the answer is a resounding no.

I remember one time around a year ago at a family karaoke party that shows how important unique songs can be. I was getting bored with singing the same old songs, and everyone else was tired of hearing them. As a result, I decided to throw a couple of new songs—”Never Enough” and “The Greatest Show” from The Greatest Showman—into the mix. Suddenly everybody was having fun again, singing along and dancing. Because I introduced something a little different from what I typically sing at karaoke and was enjoying myself, everyone else was on board, too.

Of course, you don’t want to choose anything too strange for karaoke night. No one is going to think you’re cool because you chose to sing your favorite indie band’s unreleased single that someone posted on YouTube. If anything, this is how you get people thinking that you are a showoff. Whatever you do, don’t use karaoke night to prove to your friends or family that you can sing a 10-minute song from an obscure album. If you are in public, people may leave out of frustration.

What you want to do is go with songs that are at least somewhat familiar to your audience and that you are confident singing. Otherwise, everyone’s going to end up bored and confused. What songs are familiar to your audience may vary depending on who you know and what their musical knowledge entails, so always choose your tracklist wisely based on what you know about your friends and family members. If I had used that karaoke performance with my family to sing a random song from a band they’d never heard of, everyone would have stayed bored and tired the whole time.

Things to Remember When Singing Karaoke

Besides keeping the above advice in mind, there are other bits of wisdom to remember when preparing for singing karaoke, whether you are singing standby songs or something new. Here are some tips to get you ready to perform:

  • Sing songs that you are comfortable with. The best, most impressive karaoke song is one that you are comfortable singing and that you enjoy. Stay away from songs that are outside of your vocal range, beyond your skill level, or contain lyrics that make you uncomfortable. You also want to make sure you know the song you plan to sing very well before you begin in order to avoid frustration.
  • Stay hydrated. There’s nothing worse on karaoke night than realizing that your throat and mouth are dry. Keep a water bottle nearby and keep sipping before, during, and after your performance.
  • Don’t stick to your gender. If your voice is higher or lower than typical for your gender, it may be necessary to dip into songs from the opposite gneder from time to time. You can usually find songs with gender-neutral lyrics from a wide range of singers and musical styles.

Now you know how to prepare to sing some of the best underrated karaoke songs. It’s time to learn about some of these songs for a fun and memorable night of karaoke.

The Best Underrated Karaoke Songs

In the following list, you will find 25 of the best underrated karaoke songs for your next party or one-off karaoke performance. Remember that choosing the right songs depends on several factors, all of which I mentioned above.

1. “Halo” — Beyoncé 

I’ve always loved “Halo.” It’s a nice song that doesn’t get as much love as it used to. Debut this hit on karaoke night to bring on some serious 2000’s nostalgia.

2. “Symphony” — Clean Bandit feat. Zara Larsson

“Symphony” is another song that received a lot of attention when it was released but just isn’t played as much anymore. Its music theme makes it fun for a karaoke party.

3. “Heartland” — George Strait

“Heartland” is one of my favorite country songs from one of my favorite movies, 1992’s Pure Country. I heard it at the store the other day and realized it would be a really fun karaoke choice for country fans.

4. “Downtown” — Petula Clark

“Downtown” was one of my favorite songs as a child, and it continues to be to this day. Everyone loved it and its classic lyrics the first time I sang it at a karaoke performance.

5. “Don’t Stop Me Now” — Queen

What song brings out as much fun energy as this Queen staple? It’s not the most common karaoke track, but it’s easier to tackle than some other classic rock tunes and is fun enough to keep everyone listening entertained.

6. “Maps” — Maroon 5

“Maps” was popular when it was released, but I can’t say I’ve heard many people choose it as a Maroon 5 karaoke track. It’s fun and slightly slower than some pop songs, making it a great choice for newbies to the karaoke world.

7. “Nostalgic” — A R I Z O N A

This is one of the few mainstream tracks from A R I Z O N A. Its lovesick themes and infectious pop beats are sure to entertain.

8. “Jolene” — Dolly Parton

People don’t sing Dolly Parton songs at karaoke as much as you think they would. “Jolene” is a relatable track for country audiences and general audiences alike that can add variety to your next karaoke night.

9. “Hello, I Love You” — The Doors

This classic is a fun one for the rock crowd. It’s not the first Doors song that comes to mind for karaoke, but it is a joy for everyone present.

10. “It Wasn’t Me” — Shaggy feat. RikRok

“It Wasn’t Me” Isn’t the most obvious karaoke choice, but that’s exactly what makes it a fun option. Wow everyone with your unique singing skills by trying this track out at your next party.

11. “Faith” — George Michael

While not as popular as it used to be, “Faith” is a song that’s a lot of fun to sing. It’s an especially great choice to add some unique sound to an 80s karaoke night.

12. “Killing Me Softly With His Song” — Fugees

This funky version of the Roberta Flack classic is another track with a music theme that is perfect for karaoke night. Most people know this song, but it will be surprising to hear it for many.

13. “Hide Away” — Daya

“Hide Away” is another hit that faded into the background after a year or two. Bring it back on karaoke night for some nostalgia among younger listeners.

14. “Come Together” — The Beatles

“Come Together” is a little more “hard rock” than many Beatles hits that people tend to choose for karaoke. That’s precisely why it’s a great underrated choice if you have the skillset and confidence to pull it off.

15. “Issues” — Julia Michaels

“Issues” is one of the most well-known Julia Michaels songs. Its sound is complex for newer singers, but the lyrics can be sung by vocalists of any gender.

16. “Locked Away” — R. City feat. Adam Levine

“Locked Away” is a fun song that can be sung solo or as a duet. If you want to show off your unique and advanced singing skills, this song will do it.

17. “Just A Kiss” — Lady A

This is a sweet song that country fans will love, especially since they haven’t heard it lately. It’s not hard to tackle and is enjoyable to sing, making it a good choice for new and seasoned karaoke performers alike.

18. “Grace Kelly” — MIKA

MIKA is one of my favorite singers, and his songs are some of my favorites to sing for karaoke because they are somewhat challenging while being tons of fun to perform. “Grace Kelly” has found newfound popularity after charting on TikTok recently, making it a great choice for audiences with Generation Z members or fans of 2000’s British pop in their ranks.

19. “Paint It, Black” — The Rolling Stones

This is a darker song that is easiest for seasoned performers who are fans of classic rock to take on. It’s not a typical choice for karaoke, making it an enjoyably unique track for your next karaoke night.

20. “Before He Cheats” — Carrie Underwood

Country fans and female audiences will go wild with excitement for this track. It’s fun for those trying to get over an unfaithful partner who want to sing something a little different at karaoke night.

21. “Meant To Be” — Bebe Rexha feat. Florida Georgia Line

“Meant To Be” is a crossover country hit that varied audiences can enjoy. I’ve never personally heard anyone sing it at a karaoke performance, but it’s one of my favorite songs that I would love to hear someone perform.

22. “I Only Want To Be With You” — Dusty Springfield

After “Downtown,” this Dusty Springfield classic is one of my favorite oldies hits. It’s fun to sing but has never worn out its welcome.

23. “One Time” — Marian Hill

This tune offers dance, jazz, and pop vibes all at the same time. It was popular for a while but never quite made it to karaoke standby status, making it a unique and enjoyable choice.

24. “Radio Ga Ga” — Queen

This is another fun Queen classic and another track with a music theme great for a karaoke party. It’s not hard to sing if you know it, making it perfect for all skill levels without being overly typical.

25. “Be Nice” — Black Eyed Peas

I first heard “Be Nice” when it was presented for Black Eyed Peas by my favorite songwriter on Songland in 2019. It’s been one of my go-to choices for a unique karaoke song ever since. Its positive lyrics are relatable to all kinds of audiences.


Now that you know some of the best underrated karaoke songs, you are ready to prepare for one of the best and most fun karaoke nights you and your loved ones have experienced. Remember to choose the right songs for you and your audience to make memories instead of causing confusion. Try out one or two new songs at a time; a slow start is always better than biting off more than you can chew. As long as you and your family, friends, or other listeners are having a good time, you can’t go wrong.

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