The Loudest Bluetooth Speakers on Amazon in 2022

Today we’ll be looking at 9 of the loudest bluetooth speakers available on Amazon today. I’ve picked 3 speakers in three different price ranges: above $500, under $500 and under $150.

This list is not comprehensive and should not be considered to include every loud bluetooth speaker on Amazon. I spent a few dozen hours researching speakers to curate this list. And while each of these have competitors that can surely stack up, the reason why these 9 are on the list is because I was able to find maximum volume levels for each one.

There are other speakers that may have equal loudness and equal sound quality that aren’t on my list because I couldn’t find the actual max volume anywhere.

Note: the exception is the JBL PartyBox 1000. I could not find a max decibel level, but since I found one for the cheaper model (JBL PartyBox 300) I felt comfortable putting a minimum dB level on the 1000.

Before I start going through my list, I wanted to provide a quick decibel level comparison chart so you can have an idea of just how loud these speakers are.

Decibel Comparison

I’m measuring loudness by listing the decibel level of the speakers. So here is a comparison chart to help put into context how loud these speakers are. I’ve referenced this chart from to create the table below.

Comparable SoundDecibelsComment
Jet take-off at 25 meters150Eardrum rupture
Aircraft carrier deck140
Loudest speakers130
Live Rock music110Average human pain threshold
Power mower90
Garbage disposal80
Vacuum cleaner70
Conversation at restaurant60
Conversation at home50
Quiet rural area30
Breathing10Barely audible

It’s worth mentioning that the decibel scale is logarithmic. This is best explained through an example.

You might expect that 20 decibels is twice as loud as 10 decibels, and you’d be wrong! 20 decibels is actually 10 times louder than 10 decibels.

Here’s the rule, each time the decibel value goes up by 10, the volume is ten times as loud. So 30 decibels is actually ten times louder than 20 decibels, and 40 decibels is ten times louder than 30 decibels. Which means 40 decibels is 100 times louder than 20 decibels.

So the important takeaway here is that the difference between 120db and 125db is bigger than the difference between 115db and 120db. As the speakers get louder, an increase in decibel level is more and more significant.

Loudest Bluetooth Speakers on Amazon at Any Price

OK let’s get started with the list. These three speakers are the loudest I could find on Amazon. While I couldn’t find an actual decibel value for the JBL PartyBox 1000, I believe it is on par with the SOUNDBOKS speakers.

The SOUNDBOKS 3 – 126 Decibels

  • 126 decibels, loudest on Amazon
  • Connect devices via Bluetooth, XLR or ⅛” AUX input
  • Weather proof, splash proof, dirt resistant
  • 40 hour battery life/swappable battery

The SOUNDBOKS 3 is the absolute loudest bluetooth speaker on Amazon today and it is fully wireless. In fact, this speaker’s primary selling point is literally that it is the loudest bluetooth speaker on the market.

Another thing that sets this speaker apart is that it’s made to pair with others of its kind. You can set up as many as 5 SOUNDBOKS speakers and play music from the same source. You can do this with the SOUNDBOKS app.

You can adjust sound settings in the app as well. There are a few presets, one for extra bass and one for battery conservation. But you also have a fully custom EQ inside the app where you can adjust the levels at different frequencies to meet your preferences.

This speaker also does battery life better than any other speaker. Not only will a full charge last you 40 hours at mid volume and 5 hours at full volume, but you can swap in a new batter the moment the charge runs out.

At only 34 pounds, it’s not difficult to transport. And it’s made for outdoor use. It’s not waterproof, but it is water and dirt resistant, so the durability is sufficient.

Here’s a recap of all the features as well as a (slightly vulgar) sound test from Flossy Carter.

As you can see the SOUNDBOKS 3 isn’t just loud. It’s also rich with features and delivers with a high quality sound at the highest volume.

The price tag is hefty, but the fact remains, this is the loudest bluetooth speaker on Amazon.

The SOUNDBOKS 2 – 122 Decibels

  • 122 decibels, second loudest on Amazon
  • Connect devices via Bluetooth or ⅛” AUX input
  • Water resistant, splash proof, dirt resistant
  • 40 hour battery life/swappable battery

The SOUNDBOKS 2 is the older version of the SOUNDBOKS 3 and has features and quality that are spookily similar. Since the two are so alike, I’ll mostly just talk about how they are different.

The 2 doesn’t get quite as loud, with a maximum volume of 122dB.

You can only connect your phone to a single SOUNDBOKS 2 speaker, where you could connect your phone to five speakers with the 3. Also, the 2 doesn’t connect to the app which would give you control of the EQ on the speaker.

The batteries are interchangeable between the two models, which is great considering the batteries can be swapped out.

So let’s look at a comparison. This video by Stephen compares the SOUNDSBOKS 2 and 3 that can help you make a decision between the two. He goes over some of the features and does a direct sound comparison.

Based on this video it’s very difficult to tell which of the two speakers are louder, but there sounds are quite distinct. The SOUNDBOKS 3 seems to have more clarity to me, with the bass and treble distinctly separate from each other. The SOUNDBOKS 2 carries sound better at lower volumes, and is still very clear, but it does seem to get the mids muddied a bit into the highs when compared with the 3.

It’s also worth noting that the bluetooth range on the SOUNDBOKS 3 was nearly 200 feet, which is awesome.

JBL PartyBox 1000 – at least 110 Decibels

  • Decibel level greater than 110 decibels
  • Several ways to connect including bluetooth, 1/8” and 1/4” jacks and USB
  • DJ control pad on speaker
  • Built in LED lights
  • Must be plugged in

I couldn’t find a decibel measurement for the JBL PartyBox 1000, but I’m quite certain it maxes out above 110 decibels. The lesser version of this speaker, the JBL PartyBox 300 (which you can see below) maxes out at 110db and it’s hard to imagine that the PartyBox 1000 wouldn’t get even louder.

Now this speaker is a bit more expensive than both of the SOUNDBOKS speakers. You may be asking yourself what this speaker can do that the others can’t. There are a few things, but it basically boils down to this: the PartBox is an all in one DJ speaker.

First, there are just more ways to connect to the device. In addition to the bluetooth connection, there is also a 1/8″ aux port and a USB port. Also, the speaker comes with two 1/4″ jacks which are labelled for a microphone and a guitar.

Second, there is a built in light show on the speaker. The lights have a few different settings and they automatically respond to the beat of whatever song is being played.

Third, the speaker comes with a DJ pad. The pad includes drum sounds, sound effects and some melodic sounds as well. Here’s another Flossy Carter review to show off all the features and do a few sound tests.

The sound quality here is great, and it certainly gets loud. If you want all the DJ related features, then this is your speaker. If you don’t care about them, then you’ll find more value with another speaker, like one of the SOUNDBOKS.

Loudest Bluetooth Speakers on Amazon Under $500

These speakers are all under $500 and are still very loud. They don’t get as loud as those we’ve already looked at, and you will start to lose a bit of the quality at the highest volumes, but they are all still great speakers.

JBL PartyBox 300 – 110 Decibels

  • 110 decibels, loudest under $500
  • Several ways to connect including bluetooth, 1/8” and 1/4” jacks and USB
  • Built in LED lights
  • Portable with rechargeable battery
  • Battery life rated at 18 hours

While this PartyBox 300 shares a name with the PartyBox 1000, which we just looked at, it is actually quite different. Obviously there’s the price difference, but one of the most meaningful differences is their portability.

While the 1000 must be plugged into a wall, the PartyBox 300 comes with a rechargeable battery. So clearly this speaker is much more portable and is also good for outdoor use.

The battery is rated for 18 hours of life and recharges in 3.5 hours. However, if you check the Amazon reviews you’ll find that nobody is actually getting 18 hours from the battery. You can expect somewhere around 4 hours with the speaker on full volume and significantly longer at 50% volume.

The 300 comes with all the same connection options as the 1000: bluetooth, 1/8″ auxillary port, USB and the 1/4″ connections for a microphone and a guitar. However, the 300 lacks the DJ pad, which I think is probably a welcome omission for many because it makes the speaker cheaper.

Here’s a review of the PartyBox 300 from Gymcaddy where it gets compared to the SOUNDBOKS 3.

The video shows that the PartyBox 300 doesn’t have the same sound clarity that the SOUNDBOKS 3 has. This is to be somewhat expected considering the SOUNDBOKS is twice the price.

For under $500, the JBL PartyBox 300 is the loudest speaker available on Amazon, and it still holds its own against the more expensive speakers on this list.

Klipsch R-51PM – 107 Decibels

  • 107 decibels
  • Made for indoor use only
  • Connect with bluetooth, 1/8″ aux or USB
  • Two connected speakers

Klipsch speakers are typically known for being a great value. They are often compared to speakers in higher price ranges because they have such great performance for the price. This set

This product is different from others we’ve looked at so far. The most obvious way is that it comes as a set of two. We have thus far looked at individual speakers and having a pair has some advantages and disadvantages.

You can create a stereo experience (as opposed to mono), which is great for hooking up to a TV and or to use as monitors when mixing music. However, this also means that the speakers are more difficult to pack up and move.

Another difference is that the Klipsch R-51PM is small and light. Everything we’ve seen so far is over 30 pounds, but these are a total of only 25 pounds combined. And yet they are nearly as loud as the bigger speakers we’ve been looking at.

Last, this set is meant for indoor use. They must be plugged in and they have no resistance to water or weather. So, if you’re looking for something to set up inside, then the Klipsch R-51PM will serve you quite well.

Here’s a quick rundown of the features and a sound test:

Again, what we’re seeing here is a speaker with excellent sound quality and volume. These Klipsch speakers don’t come with any of the bells and whistles, just a excellent dedicated speaker.

Ultimate Ears HYPERBOOM – 100db

  • 100 decibels
  • Connect with bluetooth or 1/8″ aux input
  • Portable with rechargeable battery
  • 24 hour battery life
  • Water resistant

Let’s get back to another very portable speaker, the Ultimate Ears Hyperboom. This is actually the lightest speaker we’ve seen so far weighing only 13 pounds.

And with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 24 hours, the Hyperboom is also the most portable speaker we’ve seen. In fact, the battery life is pretty much universally praised on this product, so the 24 hour claim seems to hold true.

The speaker is water resistant. It can sustain splashes and spills, but can’t be submerged underwater.

You can connect with bluetooth and with the 1/8″ aux input. The blue tooth range has been successfully tested at up to 100 feet, which is on par with speakers twice this price.

The two big selling points for this speaker is the extremely loud bass and the adaptive EQ. The EQ is supposed to adapt to whatever venue it’s playing in to get the best possible sound.

Here is a breakdown of the features with a sound test from Modern Accessory Review:

Overall, the Ultimate Ears Hyperboom is one of the best sounding and loudest speakers in its price range.

Loudest Bluetooth Speakers on Amazon Under $150

Yes, you can find loud speakers for under $150, but they will be about 1/4th as loud as the SOUNDBOKS speakers and you’ll be losing some more sound quality. Regardless, if you’re expecting to entertain on an outdoor porch or maybe an indoor pool then these speakers are more than capable.

W-King T9-2 – 105 Decibels

  • 105 decibels
  • Connect with bluetooth, 1/8″ aux input and USB
  • LED lights around the two speaker cones
  • Portable with rechargeable battery
  • 24 hour battery life

W-King has the loudest speakers in the under $150 price range. The T9-2 speaker gets up to 105 decibels which is quite close to the speakers in the under $500 price range. The question is, does the quality hold up?

So this speaker has an indoor and outdoor mode, which adjusts the sound for the two venues. The outdoor mode puts more emphasis on clarity and the indoor mode pumps up the bass.

This is the first speaker that falls below the 10 pound mark, and it is also water resistant so this is another product made for portability.

The T9-2 has LED lights built in and they surround the two speaker cones as you can see in the photo. The LEDs do respond to the beat of whatever sound is playing.

Now let’s take a look at the features with a sound test. This time a video from Brannon No d:

When you compare to the sounds tests from the SOUNDBOKS and the JBL PartyBox, you can definitely hear a noticeable drop in clarity. However, for about 10% of the price of those top tier speakers I think the T9 sounds pretty darn good.

W-King D9-1 – 104 Decibels

  • 104 decibels
  • Waterproof, sandproof, shock resistant
  • Connect with bluetooth or 1/8″ aux input
  • Portable with rechargeable battery
  • 40 hour battery life

The W-King D9 is a very different speaker from the W-King T9, although they do share some characteristics.

Like the T9, this speaker is loud. At a max volume of 104dB it’s basically exactly the same loudness. As we’ll see later, the quality is about the same as well.

The two things that stick out to me right away are the 40 hour battery life, which is insane for a speaker under $150 and the fact that the speaker is waterproof, sandproof and shock resistant. Also this speaker is only 4.5 pounds. This speaker is clearly meant to travel with you and be used outside.

The D9 has a treble setting and a bass setting which mirrors the indoor/outdoor settings on the T9.

Now let’s see another video (this time by New Stuff TV) to go through the features and listen to a sound test.

As you can hear, the quality is just as good as the T9 and I’m pretty sure at the end of the video the vibrations from the bass were literally spinning the speaker. That’s loud.

Anker Soundcore Motion Boom – 98 Decibels (or more)

  • 98 decibels
  • Waterproof and it floats
  • Connect with bluetooth (no 1/8″ aux input available)
  • Portable with rechargeable battery
  • 24 hour battery life

The Anker Soundcore is the only speaker that drops below 100 decibels at full volume, but it is also the only speaker on this list that you can bring into the water with you. Not only is it fully waterproof, but it also floats, meaning you could bring this speaker swimming or floating with you.

Another thing that makes this speaker different is that the only way to connect to it is with bluetooth. All the other speakers we’ve looked at least had the 1/8″ auxillary input, but this speaker doesn’t even have that.

The rechargeable battery has a 24 hour battery life and takes about 4 hours to fully charge.

You can also pair this device with the Soundcore app on your phone, which allows you to adjust the EQ on the speaker with a decent amount of precision.

I know this speaker doesn’t quite hit the same loudness of anything else we’ve looked at, but I had two include for one primary reason. This is one of the best reviewed Amazon products I’ve ever seen. With over 5,000 reviews and an average 4.8 star rating, this kind of universal acclaim is rarely seen online.

The reviews consist of customers repeatedly doubting that the speaker is as good as it seems and being shocked that it delivers. Sound quality, waterproof, battery life and the strength of the bass are verified time and time again.

Anyways, let’s look at a video by The Technology Man looking at the Anker Soundcore Motion Boom’s features along with a sound test.

This is one of the most thorough reviews of a speaker I’ve seen. In the volume test, the Soundcore Motion Boom actually exceeded 100 decibels (around 101 or 102 dB) and came quite close to the volume of the W-King speaker.

Overall, the Anker Soundcore Motion Boom is one of the best value speakers you can find on Amazon today.


We’ve seen 9 very loud bluetooth speakers from Amazon ranging from $1,200 all the way down to $90. Each one has its merits and each one has its pitfalls.

It’s no surprise that more money can buy you more volume. But if you want a loud speaker, then you really can’t go wrong with any of these.

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