Top 4 Best Turntable/Speaker Combos

Listening to music on any platform is enjoyable. For many of us going through life without music is unthinkable. Road trips, parties, and pretty much any other event are enhanced with some great music playing in the background. Bluetooth and other modern devices have made it much easier to take your beats wherever you go. But there is just a great nostalgic sound to vinyl that other forms of media can not recreate. Even if you weren’t alive at the time when vinyl records were the main storage medium for music, you might just adore the sound that it gives. 

Creating a set-up to listen to vinyl records can often mean that you need to get a great turntable and speaker combination. In this article, we will look at things to consider when purchasing your turntable and your speakers. We will also give you a few great options that work well when combined. These options will work for a variety of budgets. That way you can choose the best combination for your budget. 

Some Things to Consider 

Both my parents had a big collection of vinyl as teenagers. When they got together that collection grew even more. My father always made sure that his old turntable was in working order and that we could listen to his music, long after CDs completely took over. Lying on the carpet in the living room, and spending hours listening to vinyl records was a staple of my childhood. 

There is nothing quite like the sound that a vinyl record produces. It gives a rich sound that creates a really special experience. That is why vinyl has never completely gone away and now it has become more popular than ever. There are many different turntables available. For a variety of different budgets. 

There are a few things that you need to consider before purchasing your combination. 


The first thing to consider before you buy your combination is the budget that you are willing to spend. You can create a set-up for almost the same price as you would with any other speaker and radio combination. But you can also purchase a combination that costs you a small fortune. It all depends on how much you want to spend and what you need.

Even if your budget is relatively low, you can get a combination that is high quality and can create a pretty great sound. But of course, if you have a massive budget, you can get gear that is louder and even more incredible. 

Having higher quality gear is always a bonus, but if you just want to enjoy your music casually in a smaller space, then you will need less expensive gear than if you are a real Audiophile. 


You have to consider how big the machine and the speakers are for the space that you would like to place them in. There are some really incredible combinations that are relatively compact. You don’t have to have a massive space to get really strong speakers. 

What Is an All-One-Turntable? 

You might think that this term means that you don’t have to add speakers to the turntable, but even an all-in-one turntable will generally need to be combined with speakers too. 

It just normally has a built-in phono preamp that will amplify the signal that comes from the turntable. It will also have a built-in powered amplifier; the amp will boost the signal to send it to the speakers. 

There are some systems where you can buy the components separately, and there are those that prefer this. But an all-in-one turntable is just a lot easier to set up. 

It is also generally less expensive to have an all-in-one turntable. So, today the combinations that we will be speaking about will all have these components built-in. 

The Combination 

Then finally the last thing that is important to consider is how the budget will be split between the combination. The most important component in this combination will be the speakers. 

You can buy an expensive turntable, but if the speakers are weak, you won’t ever get the best out of your new equipment. The speakers need to be the same or even better quality than the speakers when you combine them. That is why it is a good idea to split your budget between the turntable and the speakers. 

If you do want to spend a little bit more on one then it would be the speakers that are a better investment. Your turntable will perform better depending on the speakers. So, for example, if you have $500 to spend, then you could split it by buying a turntable for around $100 or $200 and then use the rest of the budget on really great speakers. 

There are a lot of combinations that can work. But let’s discuss some of our favorite turntable speaker combos. 

1. Turntable – Audio-Technica AT-LP60X, Combined with Speakers -The Edifier R1280T

  • What I Love: It is built with quality in mind
  • What I Dislike: It won’t be as crystal clear as more expensive combo’s 

First, we will start with one of the cheapest options on the list. This combination will cost you less than $300 and is really incredible value for money. 

This is the combo to go for if you want to have a good system, that won’t cost too much and that you can just really enjoy listening to. Obviously, some of the other systems on this list will have higher quality sound. But this is perfect if you just really want to make use of your old vinyl records without investing too much. 

Both the turntable and the speakers in this combo are considered to beat some others that cost quite a bit more. Fans love them, even if you do have a slightly higher budget these might still be the best combo to buy. 

The Turntable 

The Audio-Technica AT-LP60X is a great little machine. Those that have used it agree that it gives you great value for money. It is true that some of the components feel breakable since they seem to be made from plastic but it works well. And when combined with the speakers mentioned it gives the entire set-up a retro look. 

This is a compact turntable and that could be a pro or con depending on your preference, but if your space is limited, then this could be another tick in its favor. 

It is also really easy to set up. For the casual listener who might not be as technically inclined this could take a lot of hassle out of getting started. Using this turntable is really easy too since it is fully automatic and you can return the tonearm with just the push of a button. It is no wonder that it gets really high ratings from users. 

The Speakers

To start, these are just really beautiful. You don’t want to place an eyesore in your home, and there is no danger of that with the Edifier R1280T. They have a retro look that goes well with a turntable set-up, but the sound is completely modern. 

They aren’t as expensive as some of the others on this list, but their sound is incredible for the price they come in. As mentioned, normally it is better to buy a speaker that is a bit more expensive than a turntable, but in this case, you can make an exception.  These are strong enough to work well with a turntable that cost even more. 

Edifier might not be the first brand many thinks of when they think of speakers, but this brand is really underrated. They create great quality speakers at really affordable prices. The R1280T is a bestseller on Amazon and has incredible ratings. 

This option does not include Bluetooth, so if it is important to you to be able to also stream music then these might not be the speakers you should choose. But for all your other needs this could be a great choice. 

2. Turntable – Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT, Combined with Speakers – Edifier S1000MKII

  • What I Love: Great sound that can sound awesome in small or even big spaces
  • What I Dislike:  Not much to dislike here, but the speakers can handle a more expensive turntable too

This is an awesome setup if you want to get something a little bit more expensive without breaking the bank completely. This is a great combo to start with since the speakers are the most important component, and this turntable speaker combo will sound great. 

But if you did want to upgrade down the line, then these speakers will be able to handle a turntable that is more expensive too. Meaning that you won’t have to replace everything if you want to make your system even better later on. 

But you will be very pleased with the results that you can get with this combo as it stands. The sound is a lot stronger than the previous option and you can use this in much larger spaces without it having any strain. 

The Turntable 

 The Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT is one of the most sold record players in the world. And it is easy to see why. It works well with a variety of low range-budget and mid-range budget speakers and is a great option if you are just starting your vinyl journey. 

It has Bluetooth capabilities and can connect to any speakers or devices with Bluetooth capabilities, while of course still having the option of getting a wired connection too. 

The machine minimized vibration and it will sound clear and beautiful for increased clarity. Just as with our previous turntable this one is also fully automatic. It is really its versatility that makes it a popular buy. 

It is sturdy and you can see the quality of the product. 

The Speakers 

This is where it gets interesting. This Edifier S1000MKII set, are amazing speakers that can be used with much higher-priced turntables too. They are a solid good quality speaker that has awesome sound quality that you will not find in many higher budget options. Once again Edifier has created a quality product. 

And with this one Edifier has rated it as one of their top hi-fi and audiophile speaker. It is really impressive what you receive for the money you spend. It has features that come standard with these speakers like Bluetooth and tone control. 

The bass on these speakers goes way down to give a really rich and deep sound that will really fun to listen to. And finally, there are a number of inputs on these speakers making them great to combine with a few different devices. 

3. Turntable – Audio-Technica AT-LP120XBT-USB, Combined with Speakers – Klipsch R-51PM

  • What I Love: These are US-made speakers and great value
  • What I Dislike: The look is not very modern

This is a combo that is starting to get pricier but it is worth every penny. The look of the set might not be in everyone’s taste, since it does go towards the vintage, but if you are going for a 70’s DJ vibe then this could be the perfect set for you. 

You can use this combo if you just want to listen to music but it is also great if you are trying to start out as a DJ. There are many incredible features on both components that make this combo special and that will allow you to really impress with the quality of sound that you get from it. 

The Turntable 

There is a very good reason that the Audio-Technica AT-LP120XBT-USB turntable has been popular for a long time. It is simply put, fantastic. This has become a bit of a legend in the music world and that is because it is so good. 

This machine can strictly be used for listening to music at home and you can be completely satisfied. But it also has many of the features that DJs use to create music and it is possible to scratch with this turntable. 

Many of the features will allow you to control the sound that comes from the record player, and that can be great if you want to create your own beats. 

It also has the option of choosing between a Bluetooth-enabled version or saving some money and not getting that option. 

The Speakers 

The Klipsch R-51PM speakers are musical and created to play your music as loud as you want to play it. It won’t distort and the music will still sound great even if it is at high volumes. 

These are great speakers that are made in the United States and they are really great value for money. It has Bluetooth built-in. With many features controlling interference, listening to music on this machine will sound great. 

4. Turntable – Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO, Combined with Speakers – Klipsch The Fives

  • What I Love: Top-of-the-line tech 
  • What I Dislike: The price

This combo is really exciting. Both components are relatively new on the market, really beautiful, and of really high quality. The price might be a bit steep but if you can afford it this combo will keep you entertained for many years to come. 

This is for the true audiophile that wants each sound to be crisp and stunning. It will provide that and a lot more. If you really want to take it a step further you can even add a preamp to this set-up to make it incredibly mind-blowing, these speakers do give you that option. 

But that isn’t strictly necessary since the built-in preamp is pretty great already. Even if you aren’t an audiophile, you will easily hear the difference in quality. That is what you pay for with this turntable speaker combo. 

The Turntable 

The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO is designed with one thing in mind, sound quality. Pro-Ject Audio Systems has a really great reputation for making turntables that are in a class of their own. They produce sound, unlike anything you have experienced. 

This turntable is no different. Not only does it sound great but it will look amazing in your home too, with a number of finishes to choose from. Making it very unique and ensuring it will fit into your décor. 

The Speakers

These speakers are beautifully crafted and really powerful. Klipsch The Fives are true high-definition speakers that blow you away.  They are loud enough that you will never need to make them louder.

The bass response on these beauties is impeccable and the connectivity on them is seriously impressive too. They combine the art of sound with state-of-the-art tech to create a really powerful listening experience. 

There are of course speaker systems that are even more expensive. But for home listening, this combo will give you everything you need. 

Choosing The Best Turntable Speaker Combo 

Music is something that is very personal, choosing a system to play your music is too. There can be a variety of things to consider, quality, budget, and your own personal preferences. 

We hope this list has helped you find the perfect combo for your needs. 

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