Best Garth Brooks Karaoke Songs

Garth Brooks songs remind me of long summer days riding the open road in a big old pickup truck and nights dancing in a barn. Since that wasn’t ever really my life, that is saying a lot about the artist and storyteller that Garth Brooks is. His songs can transport you. 

One of the great things about Garth Brook songs is just how different they are. There are some heavy, dark songs that are all about life and even death. Or there are some really fun songs that you can dance to. He really has a wide variety, and what more can you ask for when planning a really great karaoke night? These songs are fun for anyone to sing. Most of them tell stories and it doesn’t matter who you are, or how you relate, you can picture yourself in the world that it creates. Let’s look at some of the best Garth Brooks songs for karaoke. 

1. Friends in Low Places 

This is arguably one of Garth’s most famous songs ever, you can’t visit a Honky-Tonk without hearing this song at least once during the course of the night. And no Garth Brooks karaoke night would be complete without this song either. 

Garth had the song for a while before he finally released it as part of his album No Fences and it quickly became one of his most popular songs. The song has a fun upbeat vibe that is perfect to get the party started during karaoke night. 

It was reportedly inspired by one of its writers when he forgot his wallet when going out for dinner. The story goes that he then said that his friends didn’t have to worry, he had friends in low places and knew the cook. No report on whether or not he managed to get a meal that night, but it did inspire one of the most classic karaoke songs that you can ever sing. 

2. Papa Loved Mama 

If you were just reading the lyrics to this song, you would think it would be a sad song, almost haunting. It tells the story of a cheating wife, leaving her children to go out and be with other men while her husband, a truck driver, is on the road and does not know what is going on. Until he comes home and finds her out of course. 

He goes looking for her, and now “Mama’s in the graveyard,” and “Papa’s in the pen.” The lyrics have all the makings of a really great country tragedy. But then you add in the melody and this song is actually really fun. 

A great song for karaoke night! You can sing and dance, it isn’t overly complicated and it will get the entire audience dancing with you. For all of its dark subject matter it is really going to be a big hit at karaoke night. 

3. If Tomorrow Never Comes 

Garth Brooks himself has called “If Tomorrow Never Comes” his signature song, but this song has been covered by many different artists, including the Irish singer Ronan Keating who also had a hit with this song. The thing that makes it so great to cover is also what makes it a great love song to sing for karaoke night. It is beautiful. 

The lyrics are powerful and it can resonate with all of us. If you would die without seeing those you love again, would they know just how much they meant to you? Have you expressed your love for them often enough, so when the time comes that they will have no doubt how you feel? 

It is a really sad but really beautiful sentiment that can keep many of us awake. Another thing that makes this song even more special is the fact that Garth Brooks did not write this song for anyone that he was in a romantic relationship with. 

Instead, the song was written with his daughter in mind and he has said that she is with him each time that he sings this song. Of course, if you sing it for karaoke night, you can sing it to anyone you want to. That is the great thing about this song. It really does fit into any situation. 

4. Ain’t Going Down (‘Till the Sun Comes Up) 

This song is a lot of fun to sing for karaoke night. But if you have the courage to try it, you better make sure that you do your breathing exercises before you get on stage. This is a real tongue twister, one that is very upbeat, a lot of fun lyrics and a lot of innuendo. 

Chances are you aren’t quite going to be able to do it the same as Garth Brooks did, but it is still a fun song to try and sing and you won’t be bored while doing it. This was a song where Garth showed off his playful side and that is the most important thing when you perform this song. Have fun while doing it. If you don’t, the song will fall flat. 

You might be completely tired by the end of performing this song for karaoke but it will be a song that is worth the effort. 

5. Unanswered Prayers 

This song is one that means a lot to many people, you only have to see a Garth Brooks concert and how the audience responds to this song to know how much it is loved. There are times that he doesn’t even need to continue singing, the fans just take the song and run with it. 

The song is all about reminding you to be grateful for the things that you do have. It talks about how some of the best gifts that God gives you is when he doesn’t answer your prayers because that opens the door to things that are even better. 

The song was inspired by a real incident where Garth Brooks ran into the girl that he adored back in high school. At the time of the incident his then wife was with him, and he realized that he wouldn’t have changed a thing. He had prayed to end up with his high school sweetheart but he was grateful that life didn’t quite turn out that way. 

It is a lesson that many of us can use at times, and that is one of the things that makes this song such a great song to add to your karaoke set. 

6. The Dance 

This is a really inspiring song that has a double meaning. It is a love song that is about a relationship that is ending. But Garth Brooks has also said that it has a double meaning about someone who dies because they stand up for something that they believe in. 

It is a really sad and incredibly moving song. If you are prone to get emotional when performing a sad song, then this might not be the best song for you to try on karaoke night. On the other hand, if you want a song where you can really use some emotion, then this is the perfect song for your karaoke night. 

This song provides a strange feeling of closure for any situation when you sing it thinking about something you went through. Many people believe it is one of the best Garth Brook songs ever and the music video is really powerful too. 

The music video showed footage of social activists like John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. among others. This song became more than just a great tune, it also became a platform to unite people of all genders, colors and religion. It could be a really special touch on your karaoke night. 

7. Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)

Despite your age, most of us have probably had moments when we have completely been able to relate to this song. It is a real classic country song, and if you would like to do a traditional country song, then this could be the one that you should go for. You could also try a Willie Nelson song.

It was one of the first songs that Garth Brooks ever released and it is still a favorite among his fans. It is all about a young but broken-down rodeo rider, whose life on the road has cost him his relationship and has just made him feel completely old. It could also apply to a traveling musician who is trying to make a name for himself and who loses his relationships because of this. 

Since this could be applied to Garth Brooks when he was just starting out, many believe that this song is a lot closer to home than we know. Either way it is a great song to sing for karaoke night. 

The song has a soft melody and you won’t have to put up too much of a performance. If you are worried about singing and dancing at the same time, then this song could be the perfect song to perform. 

It is also a song that has pretty simple lyrics and that isn’t too fast to sing, this could be a great song if you are just starting out or nervous to sing on karaoke night. 

Get Ready for The Country Night of Your Dreams 

Garth Brooks has some incredible songs. These are just a few of the great songs that you can use to give karaoke night that good old country feeling. 

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