The 30 Best Karaoke Love Songs

Are you looking for love songs for your next karaoke gig? There are several reasons you may choose to sing a love song, from romancing your loved one to performing something you know your audience will love.

Whatever reason leads you to choose love songs, you may be surprised to learn that there are fantastic love songs by male and female singers across all genders that are a great fit for a range of tastes and skill levels.

Keep reading to learn about some of the best karaoke love songs and get some advice on how to prepare for singing and why you might choose love songs at a karaoke performance.

Why Should You Sing Love Songs?

There are many reasons you may choose to sing love songs at your karaoke performance. For example, the last karaoke performance I gave this month for my family contained a host of love songs. Why? Because that’s what everyone wanted to hear and what I wanted to sing.

As a result, everyone enjoyed themselves and felt uplifted by the lighthearted lyrics I was singing, including me.

I’ve also had some iffy feelings about love in the past due to some bad breakups. Because of this, I find it is important for me to sing some hopeful romantic tunes every so often to remind myself that healthy relationships exist.

Upbeat songs can serve as a kind of affirmation of the good that exists in the world when your emotions keep you from seeing it.

Knowing that you and your audience prefer to hear love songs for one of the reasons above is just one example of why you may want to choose love songs for your karaoke performance. Some other reasons may include the following:

  • You want to romance a significant other and demonstrate his or her importance in your life.
  • You are performing at a romantic event, such as a bridal shower or an anniversary party.
  • You are nervous or new to karaoke singing and find love songs to be the easiest and most universally appealing choice for your track list.
  • You mainly know love songs and want to stick to what you know.

Whatever the reason, there is a wider range of love songs you can choose from to fit any vocal range, skill level, audience, musical taste, and situation. Let’s look at some of the best karaoke love songs to make your performance a memorable one.

The Best Karaoke Love Songs

Now that you know when and why you should choose love songs for your karaoke gig, it’s time to figure out which songs you should choose. There are a lot of love songs out there to pick from. Fortunately, I’ve listed some of the best choices so you don’t have to spend hours digging through online lists to find the perfect track.

1. “Love Story” — Taylor Swift

This is a really sweet song for country fans, Swifties, and anyone who appreciates a nice love song. It’s also a smooth and simple choice for all skill levels.

2. “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” — Queen

This Queen hit is a good choice if you want something a little more hyped up and clever than your typical sugary-sweet love song. Classic rock fans will appreciate it.

3. “Unchained Melody” — The Righteous Brothers

This classic is great if you want to combine romance with nostalgia. It’s slow but complex at times, so it might not be the best choice for new singers.

4. “I Got You Babe” — Sonny & Cher

This is a great love song for couples to sing together. It’s not hard, either, so couples with different skill levels can enjoy performing it together.

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5. “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” — Meghan Trainor and John Legend

This slow and sweet track is a little more somber than some, but it has a nice message. It’s slow and simple to sing for newbies.

6. “She Will Be Loved” — Maroon 5

Arguably one of the most loved and most famous Maroon 5 songs, everyone in your audience can appreciate “She Will Be Loved.” It’s one of my favorite earlier hits from the band.

7. “I Will Always Love You” — Dolly Parton

The earliest version of this classic love song will be a hit with country fans. If your special someone loves Dolly Parton, this is sure to be a hit.

8. “Fix You” — Coldplay

This Coldplay staple is a great choice if you want to serenade someone special trying to get over a broken heart. It’s wildly popular, so it will be a crowd-pleaser, as well.

9. “Love Me Tender” — Elvis Presley

This is another classic staple to bring out the nostalgia in your audience or special someone. It’s slow and simple to sing for even the newest or most nervous of karaoke performers.

10. “Nothin’ On You” — B.o.B. feat. Bruno Mars

This is a cool and funky choice for fans of B.o.B. or Bruno Mars. Of course, it’s fun to sing, as well.

11. “You’re My Best Friend” — Queen

This Queen song is uniquely sweet and is one of my favorite Queen hits. If your significant other is also your best friend, you can’t go wrong by serenading them with this classic tune.

12. “You’re Still The One” — Shania Twain

This is a nice and gentle country tune to dedicate to your loved one or entertain an audience. It shouldn’t be hard to tackle at any skill level.

13. “Up Where We Belong” —Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes

This is another duet that can be sung solo or as a pair. It’s sure to be a hit among audiences with its uplifting message.

14. I’ll Be There For You” — Bon Jovi

This is a love song with a rock sensibility that is great for Bon Jovi fans. It’s very romantic despite its harder sound.

15. “All Of Me” — John Legend

My favorite John Legend song, “All Of Me,” is the perfect choice to make your loved one feel special. It’s slow enough and simple enough in its lyrics that you can take it on even if you are new to karaoke.

16. “To Make You Feel My Love” — Garth Brooks

“To Make You Feel My Love” is a great choice for country fans. You can impress your romantic partner with this one.

17. “(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life” — Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes

Here’s another great duet for you and your special someone. This song brings out a wide range of positive emotions in audiences. I remember dancing to it at my high school homecoming dance and having the time of my life. That’s the feeling you want to invoke.

18. “Your Song” — Elton John

You can’t go wrong with Elton John. This is a fun and sweet track that everyone will enjoy, including anyone special you want to sing to.

19. “Just The Way You Are” — Bruno Mars

This song was “my and my ex-boyfriend’s song in high school, so it holds a significant place on this list for me. It’s very sweet, especially if you have an insecure partner who could use a boost.

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20. “Mine” — Taylor Swift

“Mine” is sure to be a hit with modern country fans. It’s fun to sing, as well.

Underrated Love Songs for Karaoke

If you want to be a little more unique with your karaoke performance, you might want to choose some underrated songs that no one will expect. Whether you want to wow a crowd or surprise your sweetie, the following songs are a great choice. Some of these songs may not be easy to find at a public location, but you should have no trouble finding karaoke or instrumental versions on YouTube.

21. “Love Me Two Times” — The Doors

This is a less-common choice for karaoke, but it is a fun and rousing rock hit. Expect your special someone and your whole crowd to dance and sing along.

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22. “I’m On Fire” — Bruce Springsteen

If you want an edgier choice for your romantic karaoke set list, “I’m On Fire” is a great classic rock choice. It’s fun to sing at any skill level.

23. “Where I Wanna Be” — A R I Z O N A

This is a fun and spirited song that can show your loved one just how happy they make you. This song just came on as I am writing this piece, and it’s making my day feel a bit better as it usually does.

24. “Glorious” — Adam Friedman

This rousing and inspiring track by my favorite singer from the adorable film Rock Dog is a tribute to the wonderful collaborative power a romantic partnership can bring you. If you want your special someone to know how happy you are to have someone like them in your life and that you will stay by their side, this song will do the trick.

25. “Cool Anymore” — Jordan Davis feat. Julia Michaels

Do you want your honey to know that they don’t have to put on an act around you? This sweet country tune can help you get the message across.

26. “Origin Of Love” — MIKA

This is one of my favorite songs of all time due to its amazing lyrics and unique sound. It’s a great love song but should probably only be tackled by experienced singers, as it is quite long and reaches a wide range of octaves.

27. “Gotten” — Slash feat. Adam Levine

This song is on the rock side and is another that may be best for more seasoned karaoke performers. It has a nice sound, though, and is another that I count among my favorite songs of all time.

28. “Someone To You” — BANNERS

This track could be considered a little more of a longing song than a romantic one, but it does have enough romantic lyrics to be sung for a special someone. It’s a fun song to sing, as well.

29. “Talk About You” — MIKA

Here’s another unique MIKA track. This one’s a little lighter and much easier to take on than “Origin Of Love.” It’s perfect to dedicate to a new love that you are proud to share with the world.

30. “We Could Be Beautiful” — Wrabel

This is a song that is perfect for singing to someone you want to win over. Its lyrics are very romantic and gentle.


Now that you know some of the best karaoke love songs for any occasion, you are ready for your next romantic performance.

Love themes transcend time, gender, and genre, as evidenced by this article. You can be a new, nervous singer that prefers country hits or a seasoned performer that likes off-beat pop and still find the perfect love song for your particular situation and crowd.

Whether you are serenading your special someone or just trying to help your audience feel something wonderful, you can’t go wrong with these romantic and timeless tunes.

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