The 6 Best George Strait Karaoke Songs

George Strait songs are pure country. He is one of the most celebrated recording artists ever and has had loads of number one hits and country music awards. He is just a great singer who tells an incredible story. Growing up I always loved a great story and George Strait has always delivered that. Even someone who doesn’t love country could find themselves hooked listening to the lyrics of his songs. 

That is one thing that makes George Strait songs so great for karaoke night. These are songs that you can really have fun with. The lyrics are super memorable and that makes them easy to sing. He also has songs that can fit with any mood or feeling that you want to go with. Fun light songs to dance on, or deep heartbreaking songs that will stay with you forever. Let’s look at some of the best George Strait karaoke songs. 

1. Ocean Front Property

Let’s start off with a favorite and probably one of the most fun George Strait songs ever. It is a love song and a breakup song of sorts, but the tongue in cheek way that the story gets told is really what makes this song so great to sing. 

You want it to sound sincere but be very clear that the storyteller is lying through his teeth. It starts with a guy telling his significant other that he won’t miss them and doesn’t even really love them. But then he goes on to tell her that if she buys that he also has ocean front property in Arizona to sell her. He will even throw in the Golden Gate Bridge as an added little bonus. Obviously, he is actually going to be heartbroken when she does leave. 

It is kind of a sad song that is told in a really fun way, a great addition to any karaoke night. 

2. Baby Blue

From a really fun song, let us go to one of the most haunting and heartbreaking George Strait songs ever recorded. Baby Blue is just a stunning love song. It shows just how smooth and beautiful his voice is. It is a great song if you want to show off crystal clear vocals. 

But the beauty of the song is not the thing that makes it so terribly sad too. The lyrics: “Like a breath of spring, she came and left and I still don’t know why,” can be a bit of a gut punch if you know the theory that surrounds them. 

This song was not written by George Strait so it was probably written as a traditional love song, but many believe that the meaning that George Strait sang the song with is very different. Often singers choose songs to sing and they put their own feelings behind it. Baby Blue might be one of those songs. 

This song was released two years after Strait lost his 13-year-old daughter in a car accident. The sad vocals that can be interpreted to mean the death of a child are why so many believe the singer interpreted this ballad as a song for his daughter. 

A very sad song, but one that is great to sing in karaoke. 

3. Carrying Your Love with Me 

George Strait is a master when it comes to performing a love song that really delivers. He knows a thing or two about love after all since he has been married more than 50 years. This song could be written about their relationship and he probably had a thought or two about his wife Norma while singing “Carrying Your Love with Me.”

It tells the story of a guy who is often away from home, perhaps like a country music artist? He doesn’t always pack a lot to go on his trips. He doesn’t really need a lot, since he has their love to sustain him. 

Her kiss will tie him through until he gets back and until then he won’t need a lot of food or clothing. Love is everything. A really sweet sentiment and one that he has seemingly lived during his career as a country star. 

This is a great song to sing on karaoke night if you want to tell your significant other just how much they mean to you. 

4. The Chair 

This is another romance song that has a bit of a cheeky spin to it. Just watching the music video with the singer’s grin at the end is enough to set the tone for the song. 

It is a fun smooth song to sing for karaoke night and the story that it tells might just work in real life too. You can always give it a shot.

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It is all about a guy that goes into a bar and tells a woman that she has his chair. The place is pretty full but luckily there is another chair next to his that she can use. They end up talking and he buys her drinks, they dance and he even offers her a ride home. Finally, he has to admit that it never really was his chair after all. 

The two writers of the song, Hank Cochran and Dean Dillon were trying to write a song all night long and nothing was working. When Cochran sat down in front of Dillon it sparked something in him. Dillon picked up the guitar and started singing, “Well, excuse me, I think you’ve got my chair.” 

That was the start of a great song and country storytelling. It is a really cute, fun and flirty song to sing on karaoke night. 

5. Give It Away 

This awesome song sounds like a really classic country song but in reality, it was released in 2006. It feels like it should be a classic that your parents grew up with but it is fresh enough to really have found a place in the younger generation’s heart. 

That is probably because the trio that wrote “Give It Away” also crosses generations. Many believe that this is one of the best George Strait songs ever recorded, and when you have had as many hits as he has, that is really saying something. 

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It is about a guy whose wife is leaving him, he doesn’t believe she is serious until she makes it clear she is done fighting. She doesn’t even want to fight about the things they have built a life with like their home and the memories that it holds. 

He can give it all away since there really is nothing left to fight for. The lyrics are really specific and that is one of the things that makes this song feel so real. It doesn’t feel made up since so many of the lyrics sound like real memories. 

This is a great song to sing at karaoke night if you want to get your own little piece of closure and want to let out all the memories of a break up. Or if you just love the song and want to sing it then that works too. 

5. I Cross My Heart 

This song really works for anyone that has ever truly loved someone. It is what true love should be and if you are in love then these words will probably resonate. It is a song that anyone can dream will be written for them by the person that they love. 

Even people who have never been in love or have absolutely no interest in falling in love can listen to this song and think of a great relationship that they have witnessed which this song might remind them of. 

It really does make sense why this song was one of the biggest hits that George Strait has ever had. It was written for the movie Pure Country and that might also be a factor why so many people love this song, but it is really just a beautiful song to listen and sing to. 

The chorus is especially memorable and there is a good chance that you will have the audience singing along to this song. 

6. I Can Still Make Cheyenne 

As much as George Strait is the king of love songs, this one has a pretty big twist. It leaves you wondering who you are siding with. Like you don’t have the entire story. It is a great song to sing if you want to sing a song that is out of the ordinary. 

It tells the story about a cowboy who decides that he wants to go home from the rodeo. But when he phones his girl to tell her she lets him know that he doesn’t need to bother. She won’t be there. She found someone else who isn’t “a rodeo man”. 

Instead of being heartbroken he just says he will miss her but that he needs to go because since he isn’t going home to be with her, he can still make the rodeo in Cheyenne. It is a bit of a twisted story. Is this a girl that doesn’t support her man, or has he neglected her so much that she has to go? 

The song leaves it up to the listener to decide. This is a great song to sing if you want people to be thinking about your performance after you’re done. 

Get Ready for Karaoke Night 

These songs are all great additions to karaoke night. It doesn’t matter which you choose, you can’t go wrong with a George Strait song. 

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