The Best 90s Karaoke Songs For Women

If you are a woman who wants to go for a whole new feel at your next karaoke performance, consider adding some 90s songs to your tracklist. There are heaps of fantastic songs from strong women and talented men from the 1990s that you can enjoy while spending time with family and friends and invoking those special vibes and emotions that only 90s songs can create.

Read on to learn more about why 90s songs are a great choice, preparing for your karaoke debut, and choosing the best 90s karaoke songs for women.

Why Should You Choose 90s Songs?

There’s something special about the 1990s. Maybe I’m biased as a 90s baby, but it’s hard to deny the timelessness of media from that decade. From movies to television shows and music, it’s hard to deny that 90s media had a great vibe. How many times has 90s style come back into fashion? I lost count.

I personally enjoy singing 90s songs for karaoke because they offer the best sounds of the songs from the 80s and earlier while giving a glimpse of the modern sounds that were to come in the 2000s and beyond.

My first “karaoke” performance of a 90s song was really just lipsyncing “Barbie Girl” to a little dance routine in my Brownie Girl Scouts troop when I was eight years old. Even then, I felt the fun and magic that 90s songs provide as a singer, even when you’re just singing for fun; the song wasn’t even very vintage at the time, yet it still felt special.

If you want to invoke some feelings of nostalgia in your karaoke performance while still singing songs that are relevant to modern audiences, 90s music is the way to go. Like I said a bit earlier, 90s songs truly offer the best of the past and the present all at once, making them a great choice for singing with loved ones of all ages.

Prepping For Your Performance

There are some tips to keep in mind before every karaoke performance. I always want to go into my performances well-prepared, even if I’m just singing for a few minutes at home in front of family members. Follow these pieces of advice to have the most enjoyable experience possible every time you sing:

  • Pick Songs you like. You don’t want to choose something off-the-beaten-path or complex just to impress people. Choose songs you know and enjoy belting out. The main idea is to have fun, not to prove some made-up point.
  • Drink plenty of liquids. Water is best, but anything non-alcoholic will help you stay hydrated and improve your singing. Stay away from the liquor if you can; it will cause more problems than it will solve where singing is concerned.
  • Branch out. While you want to sing songs that you are comfortable with, that doesn’t have to mean sticking to songs by female artists or choosing the same stale songs at every performance. Don’t be afraid to try something new that you know you can tackle, especially if you aren’t new to karaoke. You can always change up words that make you feel awkward to create a better personal fit.

Now you understand what makes 90s songs special and how to get prepared for your performance. It’s time to pick out some catchy throwback hits to blow the crowd away on the stage, whether you’re rocking out at home or in public.

The 25 Best 90s Karaoke Songs For Women

There are so many fantastic hits from the 90s that it can be hard to pick a few favorites for a karaoke night. Fortunately, I’ve picked out 25 of the best 90s karaoke songs for women from varied genres so you can spend less time worrying about picking out the right tracks and more time having fun at the mic.

1. “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” — Shania Twain

This Shania Twain staple is the ultimate country song for a girl’s night out or a bachelorette party. You can also enjoy it at a regular karaoke party.

2. “Barbie Girl” — Aqua

I was very young when “Barbie Girl” was released, but even at that young age I could tell it was going to be something people loved. This song is still popular today, so you can perform it in front of just about any audience and expect a positive response.

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3. “My Heart Will Go On” — Celine Dion

If you have a flair for the dramatic, Celine Dion is the perfect 90s choice for you. This will bring back memories for many listeners.

4. “You Oughta Know” — Alanis Morissette

If you want something that’s more rock than pop, “You Oughta Know” is a great choice. Your audience will get into it, too.

5. “Torn” — Natalie Imbruglia

“Torn” is a classic choice. It is slow and mellow enough for new singers to enjoy but interesting enough for seasoned performers.

6. “Waterfalls” — TLC

“Waterfalls” is a unique choice for karaoke. You can impress your friends, family, and other onlookers with this 90s staple.

7. “Iris” — Goo Goo Dolls

This is a male-sung choice that’s great for deeper-voiced women. It’s pretty slow and just about everyone knows it, so consider trying this one out on 90s night if you’re feeling nervous about your singing skills.

8. “Friends In Low Places” — Garth Brooks

If you want to go full-on classic country during your performance, go with this Garth Brooks hit. It’s another great choice for deeper-voiced women with its mostly gender-neutral lyrics.

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9. “Vogue” — Madonna

Everyone responds to Madonna songs. “Vogue” is a great choice if you want to evoke that definitive 90s pop feel during your performance.

10. “Genie In A Bottle” — Christina Aguilera

“Genie In A Bottle” is one of those songs that signaled what 2000s music was going to be. Pay your respects to its place in music history by singing it during your karaoke performance.

11. “Hit Me Baby One More Time” — Britney Spears

If you’re more of a Britney lady than an Xtina one, you may want to go with this 90s classic instead of “Genie In A Bottle.” It was similarly game-changing where the music industry is concerned.

12. “Wannabe” — The Spice Girls

“Wannabe” has had such a lasting impact with its fun beats and celebration of female friendship that it was one of the most popular songs at my 8th-grade graduation dance in the late 2000s. I still love it due to its addictive, timeless sound.

13. “Achy Breaky Heart” — Billy Ray Cyrus

Billy Ray Cyrus is as “90s country music” as you can get. Since this is another song sung by a man, it might be a great choice for a woman with a deeper voice who wants to go with a gender-neutral tune.

14. “All Star” — Smash Mouth

“All Star” is fun while still giving off a rockstar vibe. It’s popular with audiences of all ages, so it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser at any karaoke event.

15. “No Scrubs” — TLC

Here’s another funky TLC hit that’s sure to please your audience. Get your girlfriends dancing and singing along with this track.

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16. “The Sign” — Ace Of Base

I first heard “The Sign” as a teenager and couldn’t get enough of its fun and poppy tackling of a serious breakup topic. If you’re leaving a relationship with a downer partner, singing this can be very cathartic.

17. “Emotions” — Mariah Carey

If you’re a huge Mariah fan, you may have already had “Emotions” on your karaoke tracklist. If not, try it out for some serious 90s nostalgia.

18. “I Want It That Way” — The Backstreet Boys

If you loved The Backstreet Boys in their heyday, it’s probably time to show your appreciation in a karaoke tribute. Just about everyone loves this song, so you can’t really go wrong with choosing it for karaoke night.

19. “You’re Still The One” — Shania Twain

“You’re Still The One” is a sweeter, gentler country option. If you want to sing something romantic, this is a great option.

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20. “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” — Aerosmith

“I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” is another great rock option. It’s slow enough that you can tackle it at any skill level.

21. “That’s The Way Love Goes” — Janet Jackson

If you want to get emotional, consider putting this Janet Jackson track on your setlist for karaoke night. You might have a lot of fun with it.

22. “If You Had My Love” — Jennifer Lopez

This is a classic Jennifer Lopez choice. If you want to remind yourself of your worth before starting a new relationship, try singing this at your next karaoke gig.

23. “Don’t Speak” — No Doubt

This has always been one of my favorite No Doubt tracks. It’s got a different sound than a lot of songs you hear at karaoke, so try it out for a new vibe.

24. “I Will Always Love You” — Whitney Houston

You can’t go wrong with Whitney Houston. If you want to sing something that’s instantly recognizable to the crowd, add this to your karaoke night playlist.

25. “Fly” — Sugar Ray

“Fly” is another unique choice for karaoke night. It’s also one more great option for those alto (or tenor) ladies who want something fun to sing at karaoke.


Now that you have some ideas for great 90s karaoke songs for women that work for just about every situation, you’re ready to have fun at karaoke. As I stated earlier in this piece, there’s a special magic that’s created every time you listen to or perform a song from the 90s.

Whether you are performing at home in front of your closest friends and family or getting on stage at the local bar, you are sure to shine with these unique, interesting crowd-pleasers from the top artists of the 1990s.

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