25 Of The Best Spanish Karaoke Songs

If you are a native Spanish speaker or a talented fluent speaker, adding some Spanish language tracks to your next karaoke playlist can make for an enjoyable multicultural day or night of music. Whether you are new to karaoke or have been singing for years, there is a Spanish karaoke song for you and your audience.

I don’t personally speak very much Spanish, but I do speak German and enough French to perform some French songs, and I often find I have a lot of fun when I challenge myself with karaoke songs in a language other than English.

I even performed a song in Swedish once based off of memory alone and impressed my family with how good the lyrics sounded (in case you can’t already tell, I’m a language nerd, and I particularly love singing and listening to songs in languages other than my native English).

If your audience likes Spanish or bilingual performances and you enjoy singing in Spanish, you really can’t go wrong with adding some new Spanish tracks to your playlist. Keep reading to see what some of the best Spanish karaoke songs for performers of all kinds are so you don’t have to spend hours picking out tracks yourself.

Tips For Your Next Karaoke Performance

Now that you know when and why to choose Spanish songs for your karaoke performance, it’s time to look at some ways to prepare for your next karaoke gig. Whether this is your karaoke debut or your 500th performance on the stage, it can be a good idea to look over these pieces of advice before picking out your songs:

  • Keep yourself hydrated. Drink some water before, during, and after your performance and avoid alcohol. You can hold onto a water bottle to easily stay hydrated all night.
  • Practice in advance. This is especially important if you are singing Spanish songs as a non-native speaker. You want to make sure you don’t slip up on stage, particularly if you are nervous or an easily embarrassed performer. Sticking to songs that are within your vocal and skill range can help you during practice and your performance.
  • Know your environment. Your audience and setting determine what vibes you want to bring out on stage and what songs will be available to you. For instance, you can’t sing songs with adult themes with lots of children in the audience. Avoid disappointment or discomfort by planning your performance and songs in advance and having some backup tracks in mind in case you need them.
  • Switch up your songs. It can be okay to step slightly outside your comfort zone if what you’ve been performing is making your karaoke nights harder instead of simpler. As an example, if you normally sing songs by women but are having trouble hitting the notes, why not try something by a male vocalist? Sometimes changing things up can make your life easier when you are just trying to have some karaoke fun.

Have you read through the tips above? If so, it’s time to move on and pick out some of the best Spanish karaoke songs for your next performance!

The 25 Best Spanish Karaoke Songs

Now that you’re ready for your next karaoke performance, it’s time to pick out some awesome Spanish songs for your track list. I’ve included a few Spanish-English fusion pieces on this list in case you’re in a multicultural or bilingual mood. Let’s take a look at the songs I’ve listed:

1. “La Bamba”— Ritchie Valens

If you want a classic Latin piece, “La Bamba” is a great choice. It is a timeless work of art that can get any crowd dancing in a matter of seconds.

2. “Tequila” — The Champs

If you want to sing a Spanish song that’s more about dancing than words, this is a great choice, as “tequila” is it’s only lyric. This makes it perfect for nervous performers or ones who aren’t great at memorizing lyrics and just want to get the audience dancing and having fun. I’ve always loved this track due to its catchy sound.

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3. “Despacito” — Luis Fonsi feat. Daddy Yankee

Add some modern sensibility to your track list with the wildly popular “Despacito.” Just about everyone knows this hit, so it’s a great choice for a wide range of audiences.

4. “Bailando” — Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias fans and modern music enthusiasts will love hearing or singing “Bailando.” It’s very catchy and great to dance to in many different settings.

 5. “Feliz Navidad” — José Feliciano

If you want a festive English-Spanish track for karaoke, “Feliz Navidad” is a great choice. It’s one of my favorite Spanish and holiday songs that can be enjoyed at any time of year.

6. “¡Ay, Amor!” — Ana Gabriel

“¡Ay, Amor!” is a famous and award-winning track that Ana Gabriel fans will love to hear. Try it out at karaoke for a crowd-pleasing performance.

7. “No Me Queda Más” — Selena

Selena is an icon in the Spanish music arena, and this hit is no exception. If you want a downtempo crowd-pleasing track for karaoke, “No Me Queda Más” is a great choice.

8. “No Me Doy por Vencido” — Luis Fonsi

“No Me Doy por Vencido” is an emotional, powerful choice for dramatic singers. This is also a great choice if you love mariachi tracks.

9. “Amor Prohibido” — Selena

If you love Selena or singing about economic inequality fused with themes of forbidden love, this track is the perfect choice. Try it out at your next performance for a unique karaoke night.

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10. “Abrázeme Muy Fuerte” — Juan Gabriel

If you are a fan of Juan Gabriel or the telenovela “Abrázame Muy Fuerte,” you may love this track of the same name. It is a crowd-pleasing Billboard Latin Music Awards winner that is sure to be a hit in any setting.

11. “Bésame Mucho” — Consuelo Velázquez

This is a classic 1940 hit that has been covered more than any other song from Mexico and has found worldwide success. If you are interested in bolero tracks, this is a fun song for your next karaoke gig.

12. “El Perdón” — Nicky Jam and Enrique Iglesias

If you love reggaetón, Nicky Jam, or Enrique Iglesias, “El Perdón” may be a great choice for your karaoke performance. It is sad and upbeat at the same time, creating a unique combination your crowd is sure to love.

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13. “Vente Pa’ Ca” — Ricky Martin feat. Maluma

If you are a beginner at Spanish or karaoke, “Vente Pa’ Ca” is a fairly simple choice for your first performance. You can choose from a variety of versions to suit your tastes and audience.

14. “Échame la Culpa” — Luis Fonsi and Demi Lovato

If you want to sing a duet with your significant other, “Échame la Culpa” is a great choice. It’s another great bilingual choice, as well, because some of the Demi Lovato lyrics are in English.

15. “Gasolina” — Daddy Yankee feat. Glory

“Gasolina” is a wildly popular reggaetón track that was used in a variety of films, ads, political campaigns, and more after its release in 2005. If you want a crowd-pleaser, this Daddy Yankee staple is it.

16. “La Tortura” — Shakira feat. Alejandro Sanz

“La Tortura” is a great choice if you want to perform a dramatic duet. It discusses themes of a disloyal lover, so make sure that you and your crowd are comfortable with the topic before singing it.

17. “Macarena” — Los Del Río

You can sing “Macarena” if you want to get everyone on their feet. The lyrics are a bit heavier and more adult than you might have realized, so make sure you are in the right environment for its themes before belting it out.

18. “Livin’ La Vida Loca (Spanish Version)” — Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin fans will love performing this hit. You can also go for the English version if you just want a little Spanish in your performance. It’s another track with adult themes that may not be great to sing around young children.

19. “Oye Como Va” — Santana

This Santana classic is a great choice if you want a rock-inspired, chill vibe during your performance. The lyrics are somewhat simple, as well, making it a great choice for newbie or nervous singers.

20. “Vivir Mi Vida” — Marc Anthony

This Marc Anthony hit is among the most popular Spanish hits in modern times. It has a really great Salsa-Tropical sound that’s hard to resist as a singer or listener.

21. “Button” — Maroon 5 feat. Anuel AA and Tainy

Here’s a song that’s more English than Spanish that’s great for bilingual duets or solos. It’s not wildly well-known as a deluxe bonus track from Maroon 5’s album Jordi, so try it out if you want to perform something unique that still has a familiar pop sound.

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22. “Live Your Life” — MIKA

Like “Button,” this unique MIKA single is more English than Spanish but is great for a multicultural performance. It became the background for a San Miguel beer commercial/music video and has a very upbeat and fun-filled sound that’s hard to resist.

23.”Historia de un Amor” — Carlos Eleta Almarán

This is one of the most-translated songs in history. However, it has sad themes of lost love and grief, so make sure you are in the right environment for sad and dramatic vibes.

24. “¿Y cómo es él?” — José Luis Perales

This is another highly-covered song that’s been popular since its release in the early 1980s. Choose any cover version as your inspiration for a one-of-a-kind performance.

25. “Amigo” — Roberto Carlos

This international hit is a great choice if you want to let a friend know how special they are to you. It’s one of Carlos’ only Spanish songs.


Now that you know what some of the best Spanish karaoke songs are, you are ready to hit the karaoke stage with confidence and perform one of your most fun-filled and entertaining karaoke sets yet. Whether you are new to karaoke, a seasoned performer, a native Spanish speaker, or someone who learned Spanish later in life, you can find something on this list to suit your tastes and skill level to create an experience you and your friends or family will cherish for years to come.

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