9 of the Creepiest Pop Songs Ever Written

There are many awesome tunes that are great to listen to. But some of them sound completely different when you listen closely to the lyrics. Some of my favorite songs from my childhood took on a whole new meaning when I was listening to them with my niece and nephew. A few really popular pop songs have some incredibly creepy lyrics. Let’s look at some of the most creepy pop songs. 

1. “There Will be Blood” – Kim Petras 

Kim Petras has some seriously spooky songs. Many of them are pretty creepy and you can do an entire playlist of creepy songs with just Kim Petras. But one of my favorite and one of the most creepy songs on any of her albums. 

The song comes off of her Halloween-themed album called Turn Off the Light. The entire album is pretty creepy. She sings about being a monster that is getting ready for the hunt. And tells all about how she will destroy the person that she wants when she gets them. 

The lyrics: “Ain’t nobody can hear you shout, when I’m pulling you underground,” are pretty chilling. But that kind of goes for the rest of the song too. It is a kind of fun and creepy song. 

2. “Pumped Up Kicks” – Foster the People

This song goes even beyond the realm of creepy, right into becoming a haunting song. This one sounds just like a fun pop song but the lyrics are incredibly disturbing. It is from the point of view of a kid who is planning a school shooting. 

It tells the story of Robert who found a six-shooter gun in his father’s closet and then it goes on to say that “all the other kids with the pumped up kicks, better run…outrun my gun.” It is pretty horrible. 

The song is so creepy that it has even been banned on some radio stations. It is too close to home for some families who have been affected by tragedies and is really sad and haunting. This is one creepy song that really isn’t fun. 

3. “Heads will Roll”- Yeah Yeah Yeahs 

A fun dance song? We’ll yes, I guess Heads will Roll could be described that way. It is a song that you could surely dance to and have some fun. But it is also a song that is incredibly creepy. The music video is pretty disturbing. 

The lyrics literally say that you should “dance till you’re dead”. And then it shows a werewolf that is eating the audience, people who are losing their heads and others with all of their insides coming out. It is kind of gross. But many do believe that they were inspired by the dancing of Michael Jackson, who died just a few days before the song came out. 

It is a bit spooky but still a song that everyone can dance on, hopefully without any werewolves that jump out from the crowd. 

4. “Disturbia” – Rihanna 

The music video for this song was like a mini movie on its own. And that makes sense since Disturbia is a song that could inspire an entire horror movie. But it is important to note that the movie of the same name has no relation to the song. 

It was one of Rihanna’s darkest songs ever, but it had the feeling of honesty about it. That might have been why it stood out from other pop songs of the time. It is for sure creepy, and maybe even more so because most of the darkness comes from Rihanna’s vocals and not really from many different musical instruments. 

It has been years since this song came out and it is still one of the favorite songs for many people. It might just be one of the best songs that has ever been released from Rihanna, but is still really creepy. 

5. “Look What You Made Me Do” – Taylor Swift

Normally Taylor Swift songs can be described as wholesome and sweet. But with Look What You Made Me Do she created an entirely different vibe than her fans are used to seeing from her. And the fans loved it. 

Taylor is a master when it comes to producing music and videos that tell an entire story and that works with her music to get her point across even more. This one was brilliant. All the little hints about people who have wronged her, are fun to look out for. The zombie Taylor is for sure a little bit creepy but I adore seeing all of the different versions of her at the end.

Knowing that her music always tells the story about what is going on in her life, gives it another bit of edge. There was a lot going on in Taylor’s life at the time, and some things were really hard. But it resulted in this song and we can’t be sad about that. 

In many people’s eyes, Taylor Swift can do no wrong. And even when she brings out a really creepy song, we are still behind her all of the way. 

6. “Bring Me to Life”- Evanescence 

This is a stunning pop song that has become a signature for the band. But it is also just a little bit creepy. The lyrics, “Save me from the nothing I’ve become,” are quite dark. 

The song was written by the group and Amy Lee has said that it was inspired by her long-time best friend and her husband. So, in a sense it is a love song, but it is about so much more. It can be about the small or the big incidents in life that open up your mind to the things that are missing in your life. 

It really is open to interpretation. Some Christian groups have even added religious meaning to the song, even though that was not one of the meanings that the band has said the song was about. The melody is really beautiful but a little bit haunting and also has a touch of creepiness. 

7. “Psycho Killer” – Talking Heads

Why have such an upbeat song on this list you may ask? Probably because it is showcasing the thoughts of a serial killer. I am pretty sure that a song that is getting in the mind of a Psycho Killer is definitely fit for a list about creepy songs. 

It is really upbeat and fun. It is a song that will stick in your head and you will find yourself singing Psycho Killer at the top of your lungs. 

The song came out in 1977 with the band’s debut album, so it is for sure a classic. Yet, this creepy song is still so fresh and it sounds like a pop song that came out just recently. The story is really dark but it is a great song to dance and sing to, and will be even better for karaoke night. It might be creepy in some ways but it is a real bop in a lot of other ways. 

8. “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” – Blue Oyster Cult

This classic rock song could be one of the most perfect songs that have ever been created. The vocals on the song are impeccable, and the vibe is just incredible. But the lyrics are really dark. But strangely hopeful too. It is this combination of darkness and light that allows for the song to become a really creepy song. 

The guitar piece in the middle of the song is pretty amazing and great for anyone that is starting to learn how to play an instrument. 

The song is about not fearing the inevitability of death and embracing the fact that it will come eventually and that you can’t do much about it. The lyrics even discuss Romeo and Juliet and how they are together for eternity. 

Some have speculated that the song also encourages suicide and that is what can really make it creepy. But that has never been confirmed. Still the lyrics are really dark. 

9. “Bad Guy” – Billie Eilish 

Her singing voice is really unique and beautiful but the muffled sound that Billie Eilish can produce is really something special. Her voice is great for creating creepy songs that will become popular all over the world. They might not be the most upbeat, but they are really awesome.

Bad Guy describes a pretty horrible person that is just generally toxic. It might be a touch creepy but Bad Guy has become one of Billie Eilish’s most popular songs. Just showing that people enjoy songs that have a little bit of edge and will pull you into a story. That is why there are so many scary movies that we all love to watch. 

Create Your Creepy Playlist

Ready to put your creepy playlist together? You might be planning a Halloween party with some unique songs. Or you could just plan a themed karaoke night. All of these creepy songs will fit into the night perfectly. 

Not all creepy songs are really scary. Some might sound completely mainstream but when you listen to the lyrics, then you will see that they can be really creepy. There are many creepy pop songs out there, and these were some of our favorites.

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