The Best Taylor Swift Karaoke Songs

When it comes to pop music, country music, and breakup anthems, few artists have had the impact on the music industry that Taylor Swift has had. Swift has a huge library of emotional and moving tracks about love found, love lost, and more, and the backing of loyal fans further cements her place in music history.

I’ve had a few go-to Taylor Swift songs for every situation over the past decade. I like to include a few on my karaoke playlists from time to time, as I know that audiences tend to respond to them very well. I recently recorded an online karaoke performance to a Taylor Swift song and received a lot of positive feedback from around the world!

If you want to have that kind of powerful, uniting effect on your audience, Taylor Swift songs are the way to go. But how can you choose the best tracks for karaoke? As it turns out, I’ve picked out 25 of the best so you can spend more time singing and less time planning. Keep reading for some karaoke tips and my Top 25 list!

Tips for Karaoke Singing

When it comes to performances, it’s always a good idea to be prepared. This is true even if you normally only perform karaoke for family and friends. When you’re happy and confident, so is your audience. With that in mind, here is the advice I try to follow before I sing for the best experience possible:

  • Stay hydrated. A bottle of water can work wonders for your performance. Keep it nearby while singing and take frequent sips to avoid a dry mouth and throat.
  • Don’t eat heavy food. If you can, avoid eating around the time of your performance. I don’t feel good when I eat and then jump up to sing and dance. A light snack 30 or more minutes before singing is usually ideal for me.
  • Practice in advance. It can be helpful to run through your songs once or twice before hitting the stage. That way, you’ll be sure you’re comfortable with each song and know the lyrics well enough for a performance.
  • Know your setting. Make sure your songs are suited to your audience. You also want to be sure that your chosen song or songs are available where you are singing.

Think you’re ready for your next performance? If so, great! It’s time to pick out your Taylor Swift songs for a fun and emotional night or day of singing.

The 25 Best Taylor Swift Karaoke Songs

I’ve chosen some of the best Taylor Swift karaoke songs for any karaoke situation or mood you may find yourself in. Let’s take a look at them:

1. “Love Story”

If you want to tell a romantic story through karaoke, “Love Story” can help you do so. It’s also a much-loved song that just about everyone knows, so you’re sure to elicit a positive response from your audience when you sing it.

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2. “Picture To Burn”

If you love a good country breakup anthem, “Picture To Burn” is just the thing you need. It’s tons of fun and can help you let off any steam you’re holding on to.

3. “Shake It Off”

“Shake It Off” is the perfect track for a dance-fueled night of karaoke fun. It encourages listeners to stay positive even when others are trying to bring them down, which is an important message to remember.

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4. “ME!”

“ME!” is a great choice for a romantic yet fun pop duet. It’s another track that’s wildly popular and sure to get the crowd moving their feet.

5. “Bad Blood”

If you’re dealing with the aftermath of friend drama, “Bad Blood” could help you feel better. It’s also a good choice for the dramatic karaoke performer, as it’s fueled by intense emotion.

6. “Willow”

If you want something new and relevant, “Willow” is sure to do the trick. Listeners of all kinds will appreciate its folksy, earnest sound.

7. “State Of Grace”

“State Of Grace” is one of my favorite Taylor Swift songs. It has an uplifting sound that got me through some sadder times. If you want to sing a Taylor Swift masterpiece, you can’t go wrong with this track.

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8. “You Need To Calm Down”

“You Need To Calm Down” is as catchy as it is powerful. If you want to make a statement about treating people poorly, this song can help you do so.

9. “22”

Whether you’re turning 22 or just want to sing something that gets everyone dancing, “22” is a great choice. It’s also the perfect song to sing while it’s the year 2022!

10. “Blank Space”

For a chill, cool pop vibe, add “Blank Space” to your karaoke tracklist. It’s another extremely well-known hit that just about everyone will know at karaoke.

11. “Superstar”

If you are up for a sweet and emotional ballad, “Superstar” is a great choice. It’s one of my favorite Taylor Swift songs and a go-to for karaoke due to its simplicity and earnestness.

12. “Everything Has Changed”

This is another romantic tune that would be perfect for a couples’ duet. It’s easy enough for singers of all skill levels to take on.

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13. “Lover”

If a slow love ballad is your cup of tea, add “Lover” to your tracklist. It’s sure to provoke an emotional response from any audience.

14. “Mine”

Taylor Swift fans who love her original country song will want to sing “Mine” at their next karaoke gig. Its sound is actually pretty complex at times, so make sure you know it well or are very experienced at karaoke before trying it out for an audience.

15. “Wildest Dreams”

For a mellow and, well, dreamy sound, add “Wildest Dreams” to your singing playlist. It should be well-suited to all skill levels.

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16. “Style”

Here’s a song that’s both romantic and dance-worthy. It’s suited for just about any karaoke night where romantic pop tracks will go over well.

17. “All Too Well”

If you want a Taylor Swift song that devoted Swifties will love, “All Too Well” is the definitive choice. Consider singing one of Swift’s recent re-recorded versions for the best response.

18. “Back To December”

Here’s another emotional choice. It’s great for singers who want to work through a past regret in love.

19. “White Horse”

“White Horse” is a slow, heart-wrenching breakup ballad that’s perfect for evoking an emotional response. If you’re working through a particularly painful breakup, this song could help you feel better.

20. “Soon You’ll Get Better”

Nothing hurts quite like a loved one’s medical crisis. If you’re trying to find a way to deal with a similar situation, “Soon You’ll Get Better” is a hauntingly beautiful song that could help. It’s also a great choice for a powerful group karaoke performance.

21. “Mean”

“Mean” is the ultimate anti-bullying anthem. Sing it to demonstrate your intolerance for hatred.

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22. “Tim McGraw”

For romantic, heartbreaking, country-fueled storytelling, sing this early Taylor Swift hit. It has a lot of lyrics, so make sure to practice before heading on stage!

23. “Red”

This is a pop-country hit that is sure to be a favorite among many of your audience members. It’s a lot of fun to sing for any type of karaoke performer.

24. “Out Of The Woods”

If you want a dance-worthy pop track, “Out Of The Woods” is an awesome choice. Prepare to have tons of fun on stage with this hit.

25. “The Man”

Make a serious yet catchy statement with “The Man.” It’s another track that may require a great deal of preparation if you’re one to forget lyrics.


Now that you know what some of the best Taylor Swift karaoke songs are, you’re ready to rock the karaoke stage. Pick out a few favorites that resonate with you and that you are comfortable singing. From there, see how the crowd responds and how your performance goes. If the songs are a success, try adding a few more at your next performance to add some variety and fun to karaoke night!

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