The 20 Best Michael Jackson Karaoke Songs

If you want to evoke classic pop vibes and get the crowd dancing at karaoke, the music of Michael Jackson is sure to be a great fit. I’ve been listening to Michael Jackson songs for most of my life and have sung karaoke for more than ten years, so I know which ones are a great fit for various situations. Keep reading to learn about some of the best Michael Jackson karaoke songs and how to prepare for your next performance!

Karaoke Preparation Tips

As I mentioned above, I’ve been singing karaoke for more than ten years. Before that, I took singing lessons and was a member of a choir. I’ve picked up some tips in that time that help me sing my best, even when I’m just singing karaoke at home for family members. Here’s some of the best advice I can give to help you get ready for your next performance and blow the crowd away:

  • Drink plenty of liquid. Drinking water is your best choice to stay healthy and sing at your best. A dry throat and mouth never helped anyone. Stay away from alcohol and heavy, greasy food before your performance, as well. You don’t want to get sick or injured on stage!
  • Practice your songs. I like to do at least one quick run-through of my songs before I sing them for an audience. That way, you can take care of any tricky spots or switch out a difficult song for an easier one while you still have time.
  • Know the environment. Not only will your singing location influence your song choices—it will also determine your audience. A public audience in a bar may be up to hearing some more explicit songs than your family members at a holiday party, for example. Just think ahead every time you’re planning your playlist.
  • Choose your songs wisely. You want to find songs that are the perfect mix of entertaining and comfortable to sing. “Bohemian Rhapsody” might be your favorite song, but it might not be one that you are any good at singing. Find a happy balance between singing songs you love and singing songs that fit your vocal range and skill level. It shouldn’t be hard to find a middle ground.
  • Breathe! It’s important to keep breathing while singing. First of all—people need to breathe. Second of all, you’re singing sounds better when you breathe evenly and consistently. There are many resources online that can help you learn proper breathing techniques. Look them over before you sing for the best results.

Now you can hit the stage with the confidence that comes from knowing you’re well-prepared for your karaoke night. Let’s get you some of the best Michael Jackson karaoke songs for your tracklist!

The Best Michael Jackson Karaoke Songs

Let’s be real for a minute—all Michael Jackson songs are pretty much masterpieces. However, it helps to have a narrower list of some of the best go-to tracks from his catalog to make it easier to choose songs for karaoke as quickly as possible. Here are 20 of the best songs I’ve found for various situations.

1. “Billie Jean”

“Billie Jean” is about as definitive of a Michael Jackson song as you can get. It’s a great fit for all singers since it’s extremely well-known and easy to learn if you don’t know it by heart already.

2. “Beat It”

This is another definitive Michael Jackson hit. It’s got a fantastic beat that will really entertain your audience. I consider “Beat It” to be one of my favorite Michael Jackson tracks. I heard it quite a bit back in high school and started to appreciate it as a result.

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3. “Man In The Mirror”

This is a somewhat serious song. It’s a good karaoke choice if you like a challenge and want to get everyone thinking by the time you’re done singing.

4. “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)”

This is a super fun romance track. It’s a good fit for all skill levels, but if you want something that’s entertaining but simple enough to sing as a newbie performer, it’s a great choice.

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5. “Human Nature”

This is a lustful song of the gentle variety. It can help anyone facing intense feelings to understand their feelings a little more clearly and calmly.

6. “The Way You Make Me Feel”

This is another romantic track that’s perfect for karaoke. Have fun and serenade your special someone and the same time!

7. “Thriller”

Here is another one of my favorite Michael Jackson songs. I developed a deeper appreciation for it when I learned dance choreography for the song while performing the Evolution of Dance in middle school. It’s very entertaining with a dark edge that’s great for a Halloween-themed karaoke night or something similar.

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8. “Black Or White”

“Black Or White” takes on serious themes once again, but it has an uplifting sound and lyrics that promote unity. It’s another song that’s perfect for leaving a positive and impactful impression on your crowd while encouraging them to dance at the same time.

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9. “Don’t Stop ’Til You Get Enough”

This is another dance-worthy track that just about everyone will recognize. If singing crowd-pleasers is your thing, this song is for you!

10. “Smooth Criminal”

If you’re comfortable with adding some shock value to karaoke, try this song out at your next gig. Just be mindful of your audience and whether or not everyone will be comfortable with it.

11. “The Girl is Mine” — with Paul McCartney

Two friends could have a lighthearted yet dramatic duet with this track. No matter how you choose to sing this hit, it will really add the fun factor to karaoke night.

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12. “Rock With You”

I love this song, too. It has fantastic potential to get the audience members up on their feet and smiling!

13. “They Don’t Care About Us”

We’ve got another deep and intense track with “They Don’t Care About Us.” If you are ready to get serious, this tune will do the trick.

14. “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’”

The lyrics here are dramatic, but not too hard to learn. Therefore, it’s a good song for experienced singers who want to up their intensity or new singers who want lyrics that are simple enough to remember on stage.

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15. “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You”

This is a sweeter, romantic track that’s perfect for singing to a significant other. Try it out the next time your special someone’s at karaoke for a pleasant response.

16. “One Day In Your Life”

When you’re in the mood for a heart-wrenching breakup song, “One Day In Your Life” is a perfect choice. Sing it to let off steam after a breakup or anytime you want to evoke an emotional response from the audience.

17. “Butterflies” — feat. Marsha Ambrosius

If you and your special someone want to sing a romantic Michael Jackson duet, this is the one you need. Have fun with it and the crowd will catch the feeling.

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18. “Earth Song”

This is another more serious Michael Jackson track. It has a really nice sound but will leave an impression on the crowd for a long time to come.

19. “Heal The World”

If you’re an idealist who wants to make the world a better place, this song can help you demonstrate your feelings. It’s got very optimistic vibes that can help anyone become motivated to be better and do better for the world.

20. “Say Say Say” — Paul McCartney with Michael Jackson

This was another popular duet between Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson. It would make for a really fun duet of any kind, but especially for anyone who likes to make their music a theatrical affair.

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Now that you know what some of the best Michael Jackson karaoke songs are, you can get ready for your next performance with confidence. Choose a few favorites for your next gig and switch them up over time to add interest and variety to your setlist. Get ready to share your love of music and get the crowd dancing!

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