Loudest Cheap Bluetooth Speakers

Our lives are on our phones. We even carry a lot of our favorite music on an app on our phones. But playing that music sounds a lot better on a speaker. That is where a Bluetooth speaker comes in. There are some great speakers to buy even when you are on a budget. Today we are going to check out some of the loudest cheapest Bluetooth speakers. 

With an awesome loud Bluetooth speaker you can create a party at any event. Going to ride your bike, put on some music, going to the beach again put on some music. Any situation can be enhanced with great music. Having the combination of a playlist with awesome tunes, and a loud Bluetooth speaker can be great. Plus, if your speaker is cheap, then you won’t be too worried that it will get damaged while going on an adventure with you. Listening to podcasts is a lot easier on a loud speaker too. 

We will look at the best options available and some things to consider before you buy your Bluetooth speaker. 

Some Things You Can Consider

I love music, and I love to have the option of listening to music pretty much all the time. Whether I am happy or sad, there is a song that can fit into my mood and make my day a little bit better. There are times that I can feel like I am going into sensory overload. Funnily enough, loud music helps me cope, probably because it drowns out any other noises that can cause an impact. 

The worst thing ever, for me, is a radio that is on just enough to hear the noise, but not enough to really hear the music. That is why a loud speaker is crucial. There are a few other things to consider before you buy your Bluetooth speaker. 


One thing to consider is the size of the Bluetooth speaker you would like to buy. Smaller speakers will be cheaper, but bigger ones could be louder. It depends on what you want to use your speaker for. 

If you want to use your Bluetooth speaker for a big room or a crowd, like at a party, then you might need to go for a bigger speaker. And you might have to upgrade your budget slightly to be able to purchase the larger speaker. 

On the other hand, if you want to use the speaker and take it with you wherever you go, then it needs to be more portable. You don’t want a massive speaker slowing you down, instead, a small little speaker that can hook into your belt or bike will allow you to live life, while still having a soundtrack to this life playing in the background. 

It’s Durability 

If the purpose of the speaker is to be your constant companion through life, then you want to make sure that it can survive everything that life throws at you. That would mean you need a really sturdy speaker that can survive minor bumps. 

Some of these small speakers are even waterproof and will ensure that you can have your music with you despite the conditions. Riding your bike in the rain? These speakers will keep on working just fine. There are even some that can float right alongside you in the pool. 

Making sure that a speaker is strong will ensure that you won’t need to replace it too quickly. But since the speakers we will be discussing today are relatively cheap, it will be possible to do so when you need to. 

Sound Quality 

We will look at speakers that are really loud, but there is more to sound quality than just the volume. You don’t want sound that gets distorted when the volume goes up. The volume has to work combined with the sound quality to make sure that the sound that does come from the speakers is nice to listen to. There are ways to make a speaker even louder, but you won’t need to with the speakers on this list. 

Battery Life 

Another important feature of a Bluetooth Speaker is its battery life. Except if you decide to go for a more expensive speaker that plugs in, your battery will be important. 

You don’t want to just get started with your day and then your speaker battery goes flat. A speaker that can be used all day is a lot more useful than one that only goes for a few hours. 

Be Careful Judging on Looks Alone 

Some of the best-looking speakers do not have the volume or the durability of some that are relatively plain. Don’t just choose your speaker based solely on how it looks. 

Make sure that the features it offers have everything you want and need. Just because it is a cheaper Bluetooth speaker does not mean you have to budge on the quality and features you want. 

Keeping these factors in mind, let’s look at some of the great options for the loudest cheap Bluetooth speakers. 

1. Soundcore 3 by Anker Soundcore

  • What I Love: The sound is incredible for the size
  • What I Dislike: The outside case gets marked easily

This Bluetooth speaker is slightly larger than some of the others that are on this list. But it is still very light and portable to use in multiple settings and situations. The best part is that this speaker is that it is really loud. 

The sound can fill a room with how loud it is, but the quality stays high at the same time. It is the perfect cheap speaker for bigger gatherings and having fun at home or even on the beach. With the Soundcore control app, you can even set things like the EQ and that gives you even more control over this speaker and the sound it generates. 

The bass that gets generated with the Soundcore 3 is really impressive for its size too and you can seriously feel the beat in some songs. The sound is also really clear. Listening to your favorite podcast will be easy and this speaker will ensure that you don’t miss even the smallest detail. 

You can only connect one source, like your phone at once, unlike some other speakers. But that isn’t a major issue to me since you can only listen to one audio at once anyway. The connection that you do get is pretty strong and even when you move around the speaker should stay connected to the source. 

Another awesome thing? The fact that this speaker is waterproof. It makes it great for use when you are outdoors in water, or even if you want to take a relaxing bath and need some music to wind down to. 

This is a great speaker but there is one thing that brings it down just a tiny bit. The design of the speaker is really basic and the rubber case gets marked really easily. It does come in a few different colors and that makes up for the lack of detail. 

It is also quite sturdy and the rubber outer case means that the speaker can take a few bumps before it will show any signs of damage. That is always an important factor when it comes to a portable speaker. 

And then the final amazing feature of this speaker is the battery life. It is really impressive. The Soundcore 3 has a battery that will last up to 24 hours. 

There are loads of reasons why this is one of the best loudest and cheap Bluetooth speakers on the market. The only reason not to would be if you want a speaker that can hook in and be carried everywhere you go. 


  • What I Love: Great for adventure, this speaker even floats
  • What I Dislike: No indicator to see the battery life 

This has to be one of the best small Bluetooth speakers on the market today. It is relatively cheap but it is seriously loud. The bass on this speaker is truly mind-blowing. It is already really loud in its normal settings but this is a speaker that is made for the outdoors. 

Doing watersports and other outdoor activities can become loud and you need a speaker that will be able to compete with all the noise that having fun brings. Luckily the Wonderboom 2 has you covered. It has a special button you can press and that will switch on the outdoor mode. This enhances the volume even more and makes the speaker louder. Ensuring you can hear it despite any other noise. 

It is a great speaker to take on any adventure. Its fabric loop will allow you to hang the speaker and take it where you go. Since it is drop proof and durable, you won’t have to worry about a fragile speaker that will break after the first bump in the road. 

The Wonderboom 2 is also dirt resistant making it great to take on dusty adventures. And if you want to cool down and wash off afterward you can take your speaker right along with you. It is waterproof and even floats. Making it the ultimate speaker for watersports. 

It is somewhat heavy for its size, which is a little bit surprising. And that can make it slightly more difficult to find a place to hook it in. But it is still really portable and not really heavy enough to be cumbersome. 

The battery on the speaker lasts for around 13 hours and it will give you plenty of time to enjoy all your favorite music and podcasts. The one downside is that there is no visual indicator that shows you how much juice the speaker has left. You can find how much battery is left, by pressing the volume keys up and down at the same time. Then it will give you a sound indicator that says if the speaker is on high, medium, or running low on battery. An indicator would just have been simpler and easier to monitor. 

There is no app to control the sound on this speaker and that is also a big letdown compared to how great the rest of the speaker is. The design is relatively simple and works more for adventure than being designed to give you many bells and whistles. 

3. JBL Go 3 By JBL

  • What I Love: Really tiny and super affordable 
  • What I Dislike: The battery life is a bit short

This tiny and funky little speaker is great for traveling and portable. You can easily take it everywhere you go. It weighs almost nothing and is small enough to fit into your pocket. 

Still, the JBL Go 3 is really loud and has impressive bass even with its tiny size. This is the perfect combination of price, portable size, and a loud speaker that can give you all the volume you need. It does become slightly distorted when played at top volumes and in certain sounds. But for the most part, the sound will be loud enough and have a high enough quality to keep you entertained. 

There is a warmness in the sound that is surprising for the size of the speaker. Since it is so small you would expect there to be a few drawbacks. But this speaker has several positive surprises in store for you. 

The speaker is also really pretty and comes in multiple colors for you to choose from. Anyone can find a finish that fits their tastes. But since it is so small, there aren’t many controls added. Everything is basic but you have all the controls that you do need. 

The speaker feels really sturdy too and is made to go on every adventure with you. It is waterproof and can become fully submerged in water without getting damaged. Since you would easily have it in your pocket when you go swimming this is a great feature to have. You also won’t lose it in the water since it does float except if you hold it down. 

The one major downside to the JBL Go3 is the battery life. This is where the speaker falls drastically short. It only has a battery life of around 5 hours. And that is only when you play it at higher volumes. It can last a little bit longer when playing the volume lower. 

It might be enough to go on one outing at a time but this will not be the speaker that can last all day. But if you want an adorable little speaker that is cheap and will give you great value for money, that you can take with you easily, then this might just be the best speaker for your needs. 

4. StormBox Micro By Tribot 

  • What I Love: Impressively clear vocals 
  • What I Dislike: Short battery life 

This speaker might be small but it has a powerful sound and is super loud. It is one of the loudest small speakers on Amazon. It also has a surprisingly weighty bass that will make this tiny speaker the life of the party. The vocals are really clear even when the volume is on high. 

Having these clear vocals is not only important when listening to music but also to things like podcasts and audiobooks. It is one of the many things that make the StormBox an impressive speaker in this price range. 

It is a portable speaker that you can take on even the most strenuous activities. The tear-resistant strap is strong and can be attached to almost anything. You can take the speaker with you when you go rock climbing, hiking, picnics, and a lot more. For example, the strap can be attached to the handlebars of your bike or to the straps on your backpack. 

It is made for the outdoors and will be strong enough to sustain any adventure that you want to take it on. It is also dust and waterproof and you can easily clean it off after taking it on any activity you please. 

It doesn’t come with a lot of extra features. If it did this speaker would probably have cost a lot more. It also doesn’t have an app that you can use to control the speaker. Still, even without all the bells and whistles, this speaker gives you everything you need. 

The one con to the StormBox Micro is the fact that its battery does not last as long as you would hope. It has 8-hour battery life. Of course, some conditions can influence this time frame and chances are that it won’t last that long most of the time. 

If you want to take it along for all-day excursions this battery life could become a problem since it might not make it through the entire day full of activities. 

 Still, this is a speaker that gives you a lot of value for money and really great sound. 

5. JBL Flip 5 by JBL 

  • What I Love: Amazing sound, with great bass and acoustics 
  • What I Dislike: Not really portable 

With a slightly larger speaker does come better volume and sound quality. This Bluetooth speaker is still very loud and also very cheap, but it is not the one that you would like to take with you everywhere. It is a bit big to be really portable. 

But if you want a loud Bluetooth speaker at home then this could be an amazing choice for you. The first great benefit is the price. The quality of this speaker is high, so you would expect to pay more than the JBL Flip 5 currently costs. 

However, the company has stripped this speaker of any extra features that could make it a little bit more expensive. It is just a Bluetooth speaker without added features. You don’t really need all the extras most of the time anyway. 

Some speakers can be used for a hands-free call since they have built-in microphones. That is not the case with the Flip 5. It has no microphone and you will purely use it to listen to your music or other audio. 

There is a really basic app that controls some features but there is no way to connect this speaker to previous models. The speaker has an amazing sense of acoustics and solid bass and timing that will make the sound appear a lot warmer and richer than you would expect at this price and the size of the speaker. 

It is true that it is not the speaker to take when you ride a bike, but it is still portable enough to take with you to events or to move around the house wherever you want your music to go with you. You can take it on adventures, just not on as many as some of the smaller speakers. 

It is also waterproof and you can use it in different conditions. The battery promises to last for around 12 hours. Not as good as the first few speakers on this list but still a lot better than others. 

This is a speaker that works well if you wish to have a slightly larger speaker that will give you the sound you desire at a great price. But if you want something with more features with this size then you will probably need to look at other speakers that have a higher price range. 

Find The Best Speaker for Your Needs

Everyone that loves sound wants a speaker that has great sound quality and will give you the volume that you need to hear every word or note that is being played. But many of us don’t want to break the bank to get this. 

This list gave you some of the loudest cheap Bluetooth speakers that are available at the moment. There are still some other things to consider. For example, where would you like to use this speaker? Is it going to be a speaker that will go with you all the time, do you need it to be waterproof, and what other features do you need from it? 

We hope this list gave you plenty of choices to find your perfect speaker. 

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