The 25 Best Justin Bieber Karaoke Songs

Are you looking to create a one-artist playlist for your next karaoke performance? If you want to go with a household name that everyone you are singing for will recognize, you may want to pick out some songs by Justin Bieber.

Whether everyone in your audience is a fan or not, Justin Bieber and his music are instantly recognizable to audiences at all ages and stages of life. If you’re a Bieber fan yourself, you have an even greater motivation to go for a Justin Bieber karaoke night.

I’ve gathered 25 of the best Justin Bieber karaoke songs for different situations so you don’t have to spend too much time picking out the right tracks. I’ll also go over some of the reasons why it’s good to go with a one-artist tracklist and some tips for having the best performance ever. Let’s get started!

Why Choose One Artist for Karaoke?

Are there any benefits to choosing a one-artist playlist for your karaoke performance? Doesn’t it make more sense to select songs from various singers so everyone doesn’t get bored?

There aren’t straightforward answers to these questions since everyone is different, and every situation calls for a different approach. However, choosing songs by one singer will not necessarily be a bad decision.

My niece and I often prepare little karaoke concerts/parties to entertain our family members. This year she’s been a huge fan of MIKA, so we usually give performances that revolve around his songs. Rather than boring our family with one singer’s repertoire, we’ve improved our singing and performance style even at such casual little events by focusing on MIKA’s music.

We’ve gotten used to the themes and performance elements present in his music and focused on presenting that at our family gatherings rather than switching between different vibes. It can often be easier to sing tracks from one artist than, say, switching from The Beatles to Lady Gaga.

The choice is always yours when it comes to choosing the right karaoke tracks. However, if you admire Justin Bieber or find his songs easy and comfortable to sing, you may be making a great choice by dedicating your performance to his works. You may even find that your audience enjoys hearing a tribute to one music artist.

Tips for Karaoke Singing

If you’ve decided to sing Justin Bieber hits for your next karaoke performance, you’re one step closer to rocking your performance. Next, review these tips for safe and happy singing to have the best experience possible:

  • Sing songs you know and enjoy. The karaoke stage is not the place to practice a song you just learned or that is highly complicated. You should work on these types of songs in your free time and then wow your audience once you have practiced them thoroughly, just like a professional musician would do.
  • Leave your comfort zone. While you don’t want to try new, complicated songs at karaoke, you can also get a little adventurous. You don’t have to sing songs sung by men just because you’re a man, to give one example. Trying something comfortable yet new could be fun for everyone involved.
  • Drink water while you’re singing. You want to stay hydrated before, during, and after your performance. This is important for your health and to make your singing sound as good as possible.
  • Plan ahead. Decide what songs you want to sing before you go up to perform. It can be awkward and uncomfortable to be stalling, trying to figure out what to sing. You also want to make sure the songs you want are available if you are singing at a public place, so preparation is extremely important if you are going to a bar or another karaoke spot.

Remember these tips during every performance. They will help you have as much fun and feel as good as possible while singing.

The 25 Best Justin Bieber Karaoke Songs

Now that you know how to prepare for your karaoke performance, let’s choose some songs for your track list. Here are 25 of the best Justin Bieber karaoke songs that can wow your audience:

1. “Baby”

If you want to invoke early Justin Bieber nostalgia, you’ll want to sing this track. It’s easy to remember the lyrics and tackle the tune, so it’s great for beginning karaoke artists. It’s a fun track for audiences to dance to, as well.

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2. “Sorry”

I was in kind of a funky place when this song was released. I often heard it on the radio or out shopping, and its cool, unique sound made me feel more upbeat. It’s a great mid-2010’s choice for karaoke night and another dance-worthy track.

3. “Beautiful” — feat. Carly Rae Jepsen

“Beautiful” is a sweet song to sing with a loved one as a duet. However, you can also sing it by yourself if you just feel like singing something sincere and romantic for the crowd.

4. “What Do You Mean?”

“What Do You Mean?” is another Justin Bieber hit that just about everyone knows. If you are new to karaoke, it’s another easy track to tackle for your first gig. It’s also catchy and will make everyone want to get up and dance to the beat.

5. “Love Yourself”

“Love Yourself” is one of Justin Bieber’s best songs, in my opinion. It has a stripped-down acoustic sound that I really appreciate. It’s a fun and somewhat bitter choice that’s great to let off some breakup steam.

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6. “Boyfriend”

“Boyfriend” is another early Justin Bieber hit that just about everyone can recognize. If you want to go back to 2012, you can do so for a few minutes with this track.

7. “Beauty And A Beat” — feat. Nicki Minaj

“Beauty And A Beat” can be sung alone or as a duet. This makes it a great customizable track for a unique and entertaining night of karaoke.

8. “Never Say Never”

If you want to sing something a bit motivating, “Never Say Never” is a good choice. It’s another classic one to bring on that early 2010s nostalgia.

9. “Yummy”

“Yummy” is a great choice if you like ultra-poppy Justin Bieber tunes. It shouldn’t be difficult for newer karaoke performers to sing, either.

10. “One Time”

“One Time” is sweet while having a cool pop beat. It’s yet another early Justin Bieber tune that younger Millennials can cherish during your performance.

11. “One Less Lonely Girl”

Anyone who wants to woo a special someone should consider singing this catchy track. It’s sure to leave an impression on everyone hearing it.

12. “As Long As You Love Me” — feat. Big Sean

“As Long As You Love Me” is another quintessential Justin Bieber track that most people in your crowd will recognize. It’s got a great beat to enjoy, as well.

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13. “Somebody”

“Somebody” has heartfelt lyrics that you can sing to a loved one. It is a great choice for all difficulty levels and can be adjusted for different vocal ranges.

14. “Believe”

“Believe” is both emotional and motivating. If you want to inspire yourself, this is a great song to invoke that feeling.

15. “I’ll Show You”

“I’ll Show You” is a song about being human even when everyone puts you on a pedestal. If you have ever felt like no one understands you or you have to hide your feelings, you may relate to this song on the karaoke stage.

16. “Never Let You Go”

Here’s another romantic track to sing to your loved one. You can also perform it to bring out happy, sweet feelings among your listeners.

17. “Fall”

Tell a romantic story with “Fall.” This is another classic Justin Bieber track that can bring out feelings of nostalgia.

18. “Hold On”

“Hold On” is a catchy and emotional tune. It’s a newer and more vulnerable Justin Bieber choice and one that your audience should enjoy.

19. “Peaches”

If you are comfortable with some gritty language, you can sing “Peaches” at karaoke night. You can create a different performance vibe with this track.

20. “Lonely”

If you’re feeling too alone, you can sing “Lonely” to release those feelings in a positive way. Many listeners will relate to this universal loneliness, too.

21. “Ghost”

If you are ready to make your audience cry, add “Ghost” to your karaoke tracklist. Singers at all skill levels should be able to tackle this tune.

22. “Pray”

If you are a faithful person, “Pray” may hit close to home for you. It can get serious at times, so make sure your crowd is ready for that feel before you start singing this track.

23. “Recovery”

You should enjoy the theme and lyrics of this song if you like seeing Justin Bieber’s more vulnerable side. There are enough easy lyrics for nervous and newbie singers.

24. “Intentions” — feat. Quavo

This is a great song to dedicate to your special someone. It is a celebration of everything that makes one’s significant other special.

25. “Stay” — The Kid LARAOI and Justin Bieber

This is a very catchy song that takes what could be a sad topic and makes it dance-worthy. There’s some adult language here, so know your audience before singing it to avoid offending anyone.


Now that you know what some of the best Justin Bieber karaoke songs are for any situation, you are ready to pick a few out and sing them at your next karaoke night or party. You can add more tracks to future performances to challenge yourself and add variety to your karaoke singing.

Whether you are a superfan or just want to sing some super-famous pop songs, you can’t go wrong with Justin Bieber.

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