Whitney Houston’s 9 Best Karaoke Songs

Whitney Houston, “the voice”, has some incredible music. Her music has inspired a generation, including me. Her anthems help inspire you to be the best strongest self you can be. If you want a fun karaoke night with a lot of massive songs, then you might just want to create a playlist with Whitney Houston songs. There are love songs, anthems and just a whole lot of incredible music. 

Her vocals are once in a lifetime and that means that her songs aren’t always easy to sing. But if you have fun and give it the needed attitude you will have a blast singing these songs. 

1. It’s Not Right but It’s Okay 

This pop song is not only catchy but it became an anthem for millions of people who were treated terribly by a cheating partner. The song does not say that you need to get even or that you need to take the person back. 

Instead, it simply says that “It’s not right, but it’s okay.” The woman singing is obviously upset by the betrayal. But she won’t let it define her life or let him go on doing it. She knows who he is and she will continue on with her own life without him. It is pretty powerful lyrics. 

But the song on its own is a pretty fun song to sing and is really upbeat despite the lyrics. Plus, it is relatively easy to sing in comparison to other Whitney Houston songs. The chorus is seriously catchy and you will have everyone in the audience singing along with you. It is the perfect song for karaoke night. 

2. One Moment in Time

Want to feel insanely powerful and ready for victory? Then “One Moment in Time” could be the perfect song for you to sing at karaoke night. It was a massive hit for Whitney Houston and Grammy winner. 

She created the song for the Seoul Olympics when they needed a new anthem for the games. It became a staple at sports events and a song that inspired many to become winners. If you need a little bit of inspiration to soar to new heights then singing this song will surely give that to you. 

You can’t really belt out the words without feeling inspired and everyone around you will start to feel inspired right along with you. Who doesn’t want to get a bit of inspiration on karaoke night? 

3. I Will Always Love You 

This song might be a cover from the original Dolly Parton song, which was already really popular for the singer, but it was still massive for Whitney Houston. It is the ultimate love song and a great song to sing if you want to slow it down on karaoke night. 

For millions of people, it was the Whitney Houston version that really made it well known. She sang it for The Bodyguard soundtrack and it was by far the most popular song in the entire movie. That is probably because of the message that the song has of eternal and unconditional love that never dies. That might be why there are so many people who still love both versions of “I Will Always Love You.” 

If you have someone you love and you want to share that love with the world, then this could be the perfect song for your karaoke night. 

4. I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)

This is a song that is about a whole lot more than dancing. When Clive Davis got Whitney Houston to sing this song, he made sure that she knows that each time she is singing she should not be thinking about dancing at all. 

That gave her all of the direction that she could need to make the song the incredible hit that it has become. You could follow the same thinking when you use the song for karaoke. 

They didn’t want the song to be a bop, and that is why she sang with so much urgency and heat in her voice. It was pretty clear that there were some underlying themes to the song that was not made clear in the lyrics. 

If you bring the same heat and desire to the song then you could be a hit with “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” in the karaoke bar. 

It was a song that showed how on fire and free Whitney Houston was in the prime of her career. A great way to remember the legendary singer. What better way to honor her legacy but to enjoy singing her music?

5. I Didn’t Know My Own Strength 

Another massive song from “The Voice” that tells the story of inner strength and perseverance. But how you sometimes need to take some really dark roads to get to a place where you can trust in your own strength. 

This ballad might be one Whitney Houston’s best and it was probably the last-great mega ballad that she ever released. And that is kind of haunting when you think of how much she still had to offer and all of the incredible music that the world has missed out on because of her death. 

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It really is no wonder that this song was as amazing as it was, since Whitney Houston did the vocals, Diane Warren wrote the song and David Foster was behind the boards. 

The song is really something special. But at the same time, it is definitely one of her harder vocals to repeat since her voice was so clear and bright. But if you are up to it then this could be a really impeccable song to add to your karaoke playlist. 

6. How Will I Know

This song comes from all the way back to the very start of Whitney Houston’s career. When they were putting together her very first album, they wanted to have at least one real bop on the album, that would show Whitney’s fun side. “How Will I Know” ended up being the song they were searching for. 

It is a song that you can sing and dance to and one where you can really perform while you are singing karaoke. You need to cut loose while performing this song and put all of the spunk and energy that a young Whitney Houston had into the performance. 

You won’t have to wonder if they “really love you” , you will be able to see it from the audience participation and how much everyone will enjoy hearing this song again. It is one of the most fun and sweet Whitney Houston songs ever and one that will be a blast to sing. 

7. When You Believe 

This one combined two of the best female voices of all time. This combines Whitney Houston with Mariah Carey in a song that was very underrated. If you want to do a duet on karaoke night then this could be the perfect addition to your playlist. 

Just be warned, both vocals need to be really strong and you need to work together not compete. That is what made this song so special. Both women gave an incredible performance but neither voice overshadowed the other. It was a beautiful harmony. 

This song was created for the 1998 film The Prince of Egypt, an animation that naturally had some stunning songs on the soundtrack. Still this song overshadowed them all and remains really memorable. 

8. Saving All my Love for You 

Another sultry classic, this one really established Whitney Houston as the incredible artist that she was. It was a cover of the Marilyn McCoo song. But it was never really a hit for McCoo. When Whitney Houston put her spin on the song it became a sensation. 

“Saving All My Love for You” was a breakout for Whitney since it was the very first time that she ever topped the Hot 100. The song also managed to bag Whitney her very first Grammy award. It really was something special and it quickly became one of the most memorable Whitney Houston songs ever. 

This song is a classic and really great to sing on karaoke night. It has a bit of an old school R&B vibe while still having elements of pop. A great song for anyone to sing and enjoy. 

9. My Love is Your Love 

This is one Whitney Houston song where her sound started to change a little bit. One that stands out among her song book. You might not want to sing a ballad or an anthem. If you would rather move into a bit of reggae or rap type of direction with your karaoke performance, then this is the song for you. 

With this song she showed yet another side to her that fans could adore. It is a laid-back fun song to sing that still has that special something that made all Whitney Houston songs so very unique. 

Create Your Whitney Houston Playlist Today

Whitney Houston had an incredible career and many memorable songs that would all be perfect for karaoke night. Everyone has their own personal favorite Whitney song and that could be the perfect song to sing on karaoke night. 

You can create a really soulful and beautiful karaoke night filled with Whitney Houston songs.

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