The 15 Best Eagles Songs For Karaoke

I grew up on classic rock, and the Eagles are among the most influential groups of my childhood, so I took great care compiling this list.

You may notice that some of my top picks aren’t actually among the group’s most well known songs. That’s because a great karaoke song is about more than just pleasing the crowd (at least in my opinion).

A great karaoke song is catchy, yes, but it also gives the singer an opportunity to showcase their skills as a vocalist. Songs like “Victim of Love” and “Heartache Tonight” may be deeper cuts, but they really allow a good singer to shine and live in the limelight for a few minutes. And that’s what karaoke is all about.

So with that in mind, here is my list of the 15 best Eagles songs for karaoke.

1. Hotel California

Easily The Eagles’ most famous and recognizable song, “Hotel California” is also a killer karaoke song. Perfect for a tenor who doesn’t mind the crowd singing every line with them.

The one thing that’s less than ideal is the very long guitar solo that plays for the last 2 minutes of the song. It’s always a bit awkward to karaoke your way through long instrumental sections, but hey, this is such a great song.

2. Victim of Love

“Victom of Love” may not be among the Eagles top hits, but this is a killer karaoke song all the way through. It’s got hints of “Black Dog” by Led Zeppelin or even “Come Together” by The Beatles. Super catchy vocal melody, vocals are given tons of space to shine through the music, and all different styles of vocalists can pull of this song.

3. Heartache Tonight

“Heartache Tonight” has many of those elements that make for a great karaoke song. And let me tell you the chorus is perfect for a rock-style singer.

The verses are basically just bass, drums and vocals, which really allows the vocal part to shine. The chorus is higher than the verse and allows you to really go for it, bringing out the vocal part in the process. And yeah it’s super catchy. Overall, this is a tier 1 karaoke song.

4. Desperado

“Desperado” is one of my favorite songs to play on piano and sing. The vocal part is equal parts sad and powerful.

If you’ve got confidence in your voice and have no problem being front and center over the music, then there aren’t many karaoke songs better than this. And plus, it’s super catchy, super famous, and the crowd will be singing with you.

5. Take It to the Limit

I’m not sure if everyone would rate “Take It to the Limit” as a top 5 Eagles song, but I certainly would. It’s one of those songs that I grew up with and would sing along with even though I had no idea what the words meant.

There’s just something about singing “take it to the limit….one more time” that gives me chills.

This song is firmly in the high tenor/alto range.

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6. Take It Easy

In terms of the karaoke experience, “Take It Easy” lives up to its name. It’s an easy song to sing in a vocal range that fits most men. If you want to take it easy on stage, this would be a good pick.

And the song is well known enough that if you want to let the crowd carry the song for you, you can.

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7. Peaceful Easy Feeling

This song is very similar to “Take It Easy” in that it is a slow moving song with an easy vocal part in a moderate range. “Peaceful Easy Feeling” also lives up to its name, and if you find that your karaoke night is filled with loud, intense music (maybe with some metal thrown in?), then this song could very well be a welcome break.

8. I Can’t Tell You Why

I can’t exactly tell you why (pun intended), but when I listen to this song, I can’t help but feel like it would work incredibly well for someone with a gravelly rock voice. It’s such a soft, gentle song, but I’d like to hear it with some edge.

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9. The Long Run

“The Long Run” is another song that has several elements that make up a great karaoke song. Since the rhythm section mostly plays only in between vocal parts, the vocal melody is featured prominently. This typically makes for a great karaoke song.

I do think the chorus is a little weaker than the verses, but for a decent vocalist this song can make a great impression.

10. One of These Nights

“One of These Nights” has a nice funky sound to it. It flips between a modest tenor range and some pretty high falsetto. It’s not recommended for men that struggle with falsetto, but it’s a pretty decent option for altos who shouldn’t have much problem with the range.

11. Life In The Fast Lane

I love the guitar riff at the start of this song. This is one of the most head-bangable, dance-able songs that The Eagles ever recorded. If you’re looking for something that rocks a little harder, “Life In The Fast Lane” is your track.

This song sits firmly in the tenor range, so its recommended for tenors and altos.

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12. Witchy Woman

The opening riff of “Witchy Woman” sounds like it came from a new age American Indian rock band or something. Some would say this song works great around the Halloween season.

Either way, I think someone who gets a little weird when they drink and sing (karaoke) could turn in a seriously entertaining performance of this song.

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13. New Kid in Town

The Eagles have quite a few songs that shine with country influence. Often this type of sound is labelled as “Southern Rock” or something similar. When I listen to “New Kid in Town” I hear a lot of country influence in both the music and the vocals. And this is another song with a relatively simple vocal part, though baritones will have trouble with some of the higher notes.

14. Lyin’ Eyes

For a song about a cheating woman, “Lyin’ Eyes” sure does sound like an easy-going, laid back song. In fact, it has a lot of similarities with both “Take It Easy” and “Peaceful Easy Feeling.” It’s a song with a vocal range that will fit most men, it’s slow moving and easy to sing.

The main difference is that this song probably isn’t quite as well known, so you may have to carry the tune yourself.

15. Seven Bridges Road

“Seven Bridges Road” isn’t what you would typically consider a great song for karaoke. A great song? Yes. A great song for karaoke? Not so much.

Half the song is a cappella with a 4-part harmony. It’s best used as a piece for an a cappella ensemble.

But this is actually my favorite Eagles song, so I had to put it on my list. If you want to go a little crazy and put yourself out there, this song could be a lot of fun. Just make sure to do a few practice runs before you try this one in front of a crowd!

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