The 30 Best Heavy Metal Karaoke Songs

When you think karaoke, you typically don’t think heavy metal. You think “Sweet Caroline” not “The Number of the Beast.” You think “A Whole New World” not “Angel of Death.”

I consider myself a karaoke nut, but I’ve also been listening to rock and roll my whole life. the reality is there is a section of heavy metal that just doesn’t really belong on the karaoke stage.


There is a huge list of heavy metal songs that ABSOLUTELY belong on the karaoke stage. So here’s some of my favorite metal songs that deserve to be heard on karaoke night (and a handful that might rock harder than some of the audience is comfortable with).

The 30 Best Heavy Metal Karaoke Songs (in no particular order)

Are you ready to pick out the best heavy metal karaoke songs? Here are 30 that should be more than enough to get you ready for your next performance:

1. “War Pigs” — Black Sabbath

This is one of my all-time favorite metal songs. It’s a long one, but it’s super recognizable and the vocals are just killer.

2. “Enter Sandman” — Metallica

Metallica is the quintessential pop metal band. There are a few true heavy metal hits on my list, but the reality is that to really work for karaoke it’s best if the crowd knows the song or can at least enjoy the vocal melody.

Metallica has several songs that fit this description, but perhaps their most mainstream metal hit is “Enter Sandman.”

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3. “Killing in the Name” — Rage Against The Machine

RATM can be classified in a few different ways (rap rock, hard rock, etc.), but there’s no doubt in my mind that “Killing in the Name” is metal. My wife often makes fun of me when I tell her that singing this song is a theurapeutic experience for me. There’s really nothing can relieve stress for me quite like screaming “F*** YOU I WON’T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME!!!”

4. “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming” — Judas Priest

Here’s a more classic style 80’s metal track from Judas Priest. This song is all about living in the fast lane. It’s catchy, fun and most people with a little knowledge of the rock genre should have heard this song at least a few times.

5. “Rainbow in the Dark” — Dio

Dio is a legendary metal singer and “Rainbow in the Dark” certainly gives you more than enough opportunity to show off your vocal prowess…assuming you can pull it off.

6. “Metal Health (Bang Your Head)” — Quiet Riot

“Metal Health” is a perfect example of 80’s metal, and it has some awesome vocals. You simply can’t go wrong here.

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7. “School’s Out” — Alice Cooper

I don’t get out much at night anymore, but for years I remember Alice Cooper being the radio DJ for the House of Hair, where he would play old school rock (like “Metal Health”). It was one of the only places on the radio that I could hear deep cuts from some of my favorite class rock bands. Coincidentally, Alice also has some serious hits of his own, none more famous than “School’s Out.”

8. “The Unforgiven” — Metallica

This won’t be the last Metallica song on our list. They’re the band that has most successfully bridged the gap between metal and popular rock. People just know Metallica songs, and “The Unforgiven” is definitely in their top 10 most popular.

9. “Shout at the Devil” — Motley Crue

I remember when I was a kid, my dad would put on the Motley Crue greatest hits cd in the car (a step up from the usual classic rock hits), and I felt like I was breaking all the rules. “Smoking in the Boys Room” was a personal favorite, but “Shout at the Devil” has to be the band at its most metal.

10. “Ace of Spades” — Motorhead

If “Ace of Spades” fits your vocal range well, then it’s actually quite easy to perform. It has a relatively small range and the vocals are somewhat secondary to the guitars…so you can mostly mumble the lyrics and no one will probably even know.

11. “Symphony of Destruction” — Megadeth

I consider myself a rock singer and I can pull off most tenor lead singers (Stephen Tyler, Ozzy, Robert Plant, etc.), but for some reason I have a hard time with Dave Mustaine’s vocals. “Symphony of Destruction” seems relatively straightforward, but I’d try this one a few times at home before you go for it at karaoke night.

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12. “Breaking the Law” — Judas Priest

Another popular classic from Judas Priest that works quite well for karaoke. The best part is that the chorus is spoken, so you can totally butcher it…and totally get away with it!

13. ”Crazy Train” — Ozzy Osbourne

“Crazy Train” is without a doubt one of the most recognized metal songs ever written. With an intro that basically everyone knows, a super catchy guitar riff, and Ozzy’s always great vocal melodies, this is just a great song for karaoke.

14. “Paranoid” — Black Sabbath

Another well known song with Ozzy singing, and another song that’s great for a karaoke night.

15. “The Metal” — Tenacious D

Tenacious D is classified as comedy rock, but this song rocks harder than half the songs on this list. And it’s literally just a song about how badass metal music is: “Punk Rock tried to destroy the metal but metal was much too strong!”

16. “Chop Suey” — System of a Down

“Chop Suey” is just such a unique song, but at the same time it sticks in your head and it’s very fun to sing along to. Alternating between whispered/breathy rap-like singing and melodic melodies, this song is sure to entertain even the most stuck up crowds.

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17. “Fuel” — Metallica

I don’t know why but this song will forever be imprinted in my memory as the song that you headbang to. “Fuel” is one of James Hetfield’s best vocal performances in my opinion, so if you’re a Metallica fan this is a perfect karaoke piece.

18. “Holy Diver” — Dio

This is a true karaoke song. I love karaoke…so much so that my wife often calls me “Diva #1” because I typically keep to myself and am quite introverted. But when I step to the microphone something switches on inside me and I just let loose. “Holy Diver” is the ideal song for a Diva #1. Trust me.

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19. “Iron Man” — Black Sabbath

Now I just got finished telling you how amazing “Holy Diver” is for a karaoke performer who loves to go all out (like me). “Iron Man” is the complete opposite. It’s very pedestrian and the melody in the chorus literally follows the guitar line note for note. If you want something simple and easy, “Iron Man” is a good bet.

20. “The Trooper” — Iron Maiden

“The Trooper” has a legendary guitar intro (granted it’s a bit long for karaoke), the vocals are very prominent, and as far as 80’s metal goes this is one of the most popular songs you’ll find. It’s a great pick.

21. “Rock You Like A Hurricane” — Scorpions

This track is where classic rock and metal meet. Scorpions bring the 80’s metal genre to life with “Rock You Like A Hurricane.”

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22. “I Wanna Rock” — Twisted Sister

If you want to rock, let the crowd know! This is the perfect track for metal and rock enthusiasts who want to demonstrate their passion on stage.

23. “One” — Metallica

A common theme in metal music is long intros. It can often take 30 seconds or more before you hear the singer come in, and “One” is like the extreme version of this trend. You don’t hear vocals until almost 2 full minutes into the song. So while this is a heavy metal classic, you better make sure you’re comfortable standing in front of the crowd with nothing to sing for a while.

24. “Kickstart My Heart” — Motley Crue

If you can get the crowd singing “Woah! Yeah!” with you this could be a really fun song to perform. And it’s just a super catchy song.

25. “You Really Got Me” — Van Halen

Van Halen is typically considered classic rock, but they do rock a little harder than most classic rock groups. “You Really Got Me” is a great song if you want to dip your toe into metal without risking alienation of the crowd.

26. “Cowboys From Hell” — Pantera

It’s generally not advisable to perform scream music at karaoke night, but “Cowboys from Hell” is like a hybrid. And it’s a staple of the metal genre, so why not give it a try?

27. “Helter Skelter” — The Beatles

Truth is The Beatles aren’t a metal group, but they’ve got a few tracks that I believe influenced the metal genre early on. “Helter Skelter” is one such track.

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28. “Madhouse” — Anthrax

Madhouse is unlikely to be recognized by the average music fan. Regardless, it actually works quite well as a karaoke song (especially if you can hit those high screaming notes) and is another prominent song in the world of metal.

29. “Schism” — Tool

Tool has a unique sound that doesn’t necessarily fit cleanly into any one genre, but Schism is a good karaoke song. It got big enough that lots of people will recognize it, the song has good vocals and yes it hits all those metal vibes.

30. “Psychosocial” — Slipknot

If you’re not trying to please the crowd and you literally just want to scream some rage into the microphone then Psychosocial is your song, it’s a genre defining song.

31. “Bodies” — Drowning Pool

I felt like I couldn’t make this list without including “Bodies.” It’s actually a pretty fun song for karaoke and after one chorus you’ll have most of the crowd screaming “let the bodies hit the flo’!!!”


I hope you found at least a few favorites on the list of the best heavy metal karaoke songs above. I’ve been reminded of some classics from my childhood, and I think I’m going to start preparing “Holy Diver” for my next karaoke night.

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