The Best Beatles Karaoke Songs

If you are looking to add some classic, crowd-pleasing vibes to your next karaoke performance, Beatles music will help you do so. Arguably one of the most popular, most successful, and greatest bands of all time, The Beatles have had a powerful level of influence on music and society that has reached just about everyone on some level, even if they aren’t directly familiar with the band’s songs or history.

I grew up in a Beatles-influenced household, but I became a true Beatles fan when I was 8 years old, around the time that the Beatles 1 greatest hits album was released.

I used to spend hours listening to my family’s original Beatles records or our brand-new Beatles CDs and dance around the house. As a result, I often include Beatles songs on my karaoke set lists as an adult. It brings me back to that nostalgic feeling that only classic, masterful music can create.

If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to picking out the best Beatles karaoke songs, don’t worry—I have you covered! Keep reading to learn about the 40 best Beatles songs for your next karaoke gig and be prepared to impress your friends, family, and other audience members.

The 40 Best Beatles Karaoke Songs

I’ve picked out what I consider to be some of the best Beatles songs for a variety of karaoke situations and types of singers. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. “I Want To Hold Your Hand”

I’ve always loved the sweetness of this earlier Beatles song and the catchiness of its sound. It’s a great song to woo a potential significant other or to sing when you’re new to karaoke, as it has a certain simplicity that makes it easy to tackle.

2. “She Loves You”

Here’s another early Beatles hit that’s great for all types of singers and audiences. It’s fast-paced, fun, and dance-worthy.

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3. “Penny Lane”

If you want a story-rich and unique song for karaoke night, “Penny Lane” is a fantastic choice. It’s not the easiest of songs to remember, so make sure you have all of the lyrics down pat before you hit the karaoke stage.

4. “Strawberry Fields Forever”

Here’s one of the later, more psychedelic Beatles tracks. If you are an experienced and confident karaoke performer, this could be a great choice to show the crowd your skills.

5. “Let It Be”

“Let It Be” is one of the most moving and well-known Beatles songs. It’s a great choice if you want to provoke a deeply emotional response from your audience.

6. “Yesterday”

Here’s a breakup song that’s great to let out negative emotions. It’s also very beautiful and somewhat musically complex, making it a great choice for singers with a few karaoke performances under their belts.

7. “Eight Days A Week”

If you want something upbeat and adorably romantic for your karaoke performance, “Eight Days A Week” is a good song to sing. It’s a great option to show your special someone how much they mean to you.

8. “What You’re Doing”

“What You’re Doing” is my favorite Beatles song, because its lyrics have hit close to home several times in my life. If you are trying to figure out someone’s strange and hurtful behavior, belting this out at karaoke can help you work through your feelings.

9. “Don’t Bother Me”

If you want to perform a unique Beatles song with a darker theme, “Don’t Bother Me” may be just what you’re looking for. If you get on top of its emotions, you can impress your crowd with a dramatic performance.

10. “Octopus’s Garden”

Here’s a fun and silly song. Since its lyrics are really quite playful, “Octopus’s Garden” could be a great choice for a family-friendly karaoke party.

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11. “Yellow Submarine”

“Yellow Submarine” is another fun song in keeping with Number Ten on this list. Audiences of all ages will enjoy hearing this at karaoke night.

12. “Magical Mystery Tour”

If you like later-era Beatles music, demonstrate your appreciation by singing “Magical Mystery Tour” at your next karaoke gig. This catchy track is sure to get everyone dancing and singing along.

13. “A Day In The Life”

If you are ready to perform a quickly-shifting, story-rich, lyrically complex track, “A Day In The Life” should be on your karaoke track list. It’s a great option for duets or group performances so you can take some of the memorization pressure off of yourself.

14. “Nowhere Man”

“Nowhere Man” is somewhere around the middle on the complexity scale where Beatles songs are concerned. Just about anyone can learn and perform this thought-provoking, creative hit to entertain any crowd.

15. “Ticket To Ride”

“Ticket To Ride” is a much-loved and fairly easy to learn Beatles hit. It’s another great choice if you’re looking for a breakup-style song for your next karaoke performance.

16. “A Hard Day’s Night”

If you want an upbeat song with a story line that’s sure to entertain, “A Hard Day’s Night” is a classic choice. Beatles lovers will rejoice when they hear this staple at karaoke night.

17. “Help!”

If you want a fast-paced and catchy Beatles staple, “Help!” is it. Singers of all kinds can tackle this classic track.

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18. “I’ve Just Seen A Face”

This is a really fun song that is well-suited to the newly lovesick. Keep in mind that it is very fast-paced—it’s best suited to experienced singers as a result.

19. “I’m Looking Through You”

Here’s another Beatles song that I’ve personally related to several times in my life (unfortunately). If you relate to it, it’s a great choice to let off steam at karaoke.

20. “I Need You”

For something very emotional, “I Need You” is a simple yet hauntingly beautiful choice. It’s suited to singers of all skill levels and genders and should be suitable for all audiences, as well.

21. “Another Girl”

“Another Girl” is a calm and cool track perfect for any throwback karaoke night. It’s not a difficult song to learn, so don’t be afraid to try it out no matter how much experience you have on the karaoke stage.

22. “Please Please Me”

“Please Please Me” is one of the earlier Beatles songs, and has cemented itself in history as one of the best 1960s songs. It’s a cute and fun track that anyone can sing.

23. “Can’t Buy Me Love”

“Can’t Buy Me Love” sends an important message about putting too much value on money and things. It’s also a lot of fun to sing for an audience.

24. “Here Comes The Sun”

If you’d like a gentle option from The Beatles’ later albums, “Here Comes The Sun” is a great choice. It’s very optimistic and isn’t a difficult track to sing.

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25. “Eleanor Rigby”

Here’s another complex, story-based song. Die-hard Beatles fans and seasoned karaoke singers alike will enjoy showing their know-how on stage with this track.

26. “All You Need Is Love”

Here’s another positive, peace-promoting track for your karaoke set list. If you want to provide your audience with an important message, this song can help.

27. “With A Little Help From My Friends”

If you want to show your friends how much they mean to you, this song is a great tribute. It’s also got an upbeat song and is a lot of fun to sing.

28. “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”

If you want that fun-filled, classic rock feel during your karaoke performance, this is a great choice. It also doesn’t have a lot of lyrics to learn, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting the lyrics on stage.

29. “Something”

This is a gentle and romantic track perfect for any performance. It’s another great option to serenade a special someone.

30. “Come Together”

If you want a harder rock sound during your performance, “Come Together” might be the song you’re looking for. Its lyrics and sound are unusual, so make sure you know it well before hitting the stage.

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31. “In My Life”

This is another of my lifelong favorite Beatles songs. It’s very pure and romantic, making it a great track for a heartfelt karaoke performance dedicated to your significant other.

32. “Love Me Do”

Here’s another cute, early Beatles song perfect for any occasion. It has that early 1960s feel that’s great for a throwback performance.

33. “And I Love Her”

Here’s a Beatles song that’s famous yet underrated. It’s a great choice for an emotional yet mellow performance that’s sure to entertain.

34. “I Am The Walrus”

Here’s another psychedelic, abstract choice for the most skilled of karaoke singers. Dedicated Beatles fans will appreciate hearing this track at karaoke.

35. “I Feel Fine”

Here’s another early Beatles track that’s tons of fun to sing. It’s got a smooth and simple sound that’s well-suited to any singer.

36. “From Me To You”

This is a sweet and earnest song for any singer. It’s another wonderful choice to serenade your loved one while evoking tons of “awws’ from your crowd.

37. “Norwegian Wood”

If you like any of the other story-focused songs on this list, you’ll love “Norwegian Wood.” The good news is that it’s a slower song, so it’s not hard to tackle even if you tend to get nervous on stage.

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38. “Hey Jude”

Here’s another Beatles staple that’s a great choice if you want something that’s widely recognized, even among non-Beatles fans. It’s a little long, so make sure you’re up to the challenge.

39. “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”

George Harrison fans in particular will enjoy this slow and contemplative track. It’s best suited to experienced karaoke performers.

40. “If I Fell”

Here’s another slow and sweet classic. Any singer can perform this track with confidence.


Now that you know what some of the best Beatles karaoke songs are, you can move on to practice your favorites from the list and perfect your performance. Get ready for one of your most crowd-pleasing karaoke experiences yet!

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