The 20 Best ABBA Karaoke Songs

A fun and dance-fueled night of karaoke can be made complete with some classic ABBA tracks. No group celebrates music, dancing, and the many emotions that make us human quite like ABBA does.

One of my earliest musical memories involves listening to ABBA’s beautiful hit “Fernando” on a compilation CD that my mother bought when I was very small. I would say that the first hit of that magical feeling this song evoked in me when I was about four years old played a huge part in my love of music throughout my life. ABBA songs have that kind of power and even transcend genre in a sense.

If you want to put your audience in a good mood, ABBA songs will do the trick. How can you choose the right songs for your karaoke situation? I’ve got you covered! Keep reading to learn how to prepare for your next performance and to see what 20 of the best ABBA karaoke songs are for any performance.

Karaoke Tips For A Winning Performance

If you want to kill it at karaoke, you’re going to need more than a list of the best ABBA karaoke songs. You need to be prepared for your performance the same way a professional singer would be. I’ve been singing karaoke for over ten years and sang in a choir before that; as a result, I’ve picked up some preparation habits that I’d like to share. Consider following this advice before each performance for the best results:

  • Practice your songs. This is especially important if you tend to forget how songs sound or what lyrics are once you get on stage. Even a one-time run through can help you ensure that you know what you’re singing and are comfortable with it.
  • Drink water. Staying hydrated while singing is important for your performance and your health. I’ve found that keeping a water bottle nearby while I’m singing helps me to easily remember to take a few sips here and there.
  • Leave your comfort zone. While you don’t want to sing songs you aren’t comfortable with, it doesn’t hurt to switch genres or try a song from a different gender from time to time. You may actually find you enjoy something new more than your standby songs.
  • Understand your environment. Your audience and location determine everything from what songs are appropriate to sing to what songs are available to you. You won’t want to sing an explicit song at a family karaoke party, while you may be limited in what songs you can sing at a public bar. As with the other tips on this list, preparation is always key to have the best experience possible!

Now that you’re prepared for a memorable performance, you’re ready to pick out some ABBA songs for your set list. Let’s get started!

Best ABBA Karaoke Songs

As a nearly lifelong ABBA fan, I’ve picked out 20 of the best ABBA karaoke songs for different types of singers and situations. Remember that the songs you have to choose from may vary depending on where you are singing. With that in mind, let’s look at the songs I’ve recommended:

1. “Dancing Queen”

If you want a fun and lighthearted ode to dancing for a fun night of karaoke, “Dancing Queen” is a perfect choice. It’s also a girl’s night-out staple!

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2. “Thank You For The Music”

If an ode to your favorite musicians would be a great addition to your playlist, “Thank You For The Music” is the song you’re looking for. It’s got a melodic and gentle sound that singers at all experience levels can enjoy.

3. “Mamma Mia”

Fans of Mamma Mia! in particular will enjoy singing this hit. It’s a great choice for any karaoke performance designed to inspire dancing in the audience.

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4. “I Have A Dream”

Here’s another singing-themed song that was practically designed for karaoke. If you are looking for something less romantic and more spirited for your performance, “I Have A Dream” is a wonderful song to sing.

5. “Super Trouper”

If you want to feel like a big-name star on the karaoke stage, “Super Trouper” can help you get into the spirit. It’s one of my favorite ABBA songs due to its story-rich lyrics and dance-worthy sound.

6. “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!”

If you’re in the mood for something a little more PG-13, “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!” is a fun choice. It’s a fun track to sing with a group of friends on a lighthearted night out.

7. “S.O.S.”

I personally like dramatic romantic songs, so it’s no surprise that “S.O.S.” is one of my favorite ABBA tracks. If you feel the same, this is a good choice for you that’s straightforward enough in sound and lyrics for any skill level.

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8. “The Winner Takes It All”

Here’s another sweeping breakup track that’s perfect for the dramatic singer. It’s best suited to more experienced performers who know how to give a powerful performance.

9. “Fernando”

As mentioned above, “Fernando” was the first ABBA song I ever heard and one of the earliest songs in my memory that influenced my love of music. If you are ready to give a meaningful performance, this story-based song is a great vehicle to help you do so.

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10. “Does Your Mother Know”

Here’s a song that could be controversial to some, but it has a lighthearted dance-worthy sound, nonetheless. If you and your audience would enjoy a song like this, it’s a great choice for a karaoke party.

11. “The Name Of The Game”

If you are fed up with a potential love interest who isn’t giving your clear signals, this is one of the few songs that addresses your frustrations—and in a catchy, fun way, at that. If you’re like me and singing helps you work through your emotions, try this track out to see if it helps you feel better about the situation.

12. “Money, Money, Money”

“Money, Money, Money” is a great song that addresses the frustrations of money struggles in a fun and catchy way. If that’s your cup of tea, this song has your name on it.

13. “Chiquitita”

“Chiquitita” is a lovely little song that’s perfect for a soothing night of karaoke. True ABBA fans will also appreciate this track.

14. “Take A Chance On Me”

If you’re the bold type, you may want to serenade a potential suitor with this track. No matter what your motivation is, this is a fun and rousing track for any audience and singer to enjoy.

15. “Voulez-Vous”

Here’s a fun and daring track for the experienced and dramatic karaoke singer. It’s a crowd-pleaser that can get everyone dancing.

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16. “Knowing Me, Knowing You”

Here’s another heart-wrenching yet appealing ABBA classic. It’s a great choice to work through a breakup in the most positive way possible.

17. “Waterloo”

“Waterloo” is another of my favorite ABBA tracks. It actually helped me with my world history classes in high school! It’s a very upbeat love song that any audience or singer can enjoy.

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18. “Slipping Through My Fingers”

Parents working through the heartbreak that comes with a child growing up in the blink of an eye can appreciate this track. It’s very unique in its theme and makes for a unique performance.

19. “Don’t Shut Me Down”

This 2021 ABBA hit can add some modern sensibility to your ABBA tracklist. Music lovers young and old will appreciate it.

20. “I Still Have Faith In You”

If you want your special someone to know that you’re still here for them after the years have gone by, this new ABBA hit is the right song to sing. It’s another track that’s sure to be popular with audiences of all ages.


When any old song won’t do and you need something upbeat and fun for your karaoke track list, any of the 20 best ABBA karaoke songs above will meet your needs. Try a few out at your next karaoke performance to see the fun effect they can have on you and your audience. You won’t be disappointed!

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