The 20 Best Punk Rock Karaoke Songs

If you want a wild and emotional karaoke performance, punk rock music can help. If you’re already a big fan of punk rock, it can be even more fun to highlight the genre at karaoke night.

I have an interesting relationship with punk rock. I’ve known some punk rock tracks for most of my life, but I didn’t have a true appreciation for the genre until my junior year of high school when we were giving presentations in my English class on important 1980s events.

Being a music lover, my chosen topic was the impact of punk rock on culture during the 80s. I learned so much about the rich history of the genre and its musicians that I learned to appreciate it in a whole new way.

Do you have a similar appreciation for punk rock? If you do, choosing some of the best punk rock karaoke songs from the following list should help you illustrate your appreciation on the karaoke stage.

Some Tips for Your Next Performance

Before we get into the list of the best punk rock karaoke songs, let’s go over some tips to remember before your performance. It’s especially important to review this advice if you’re getting ready for your first karaoke gig, but I still try to make preparations before I sing even after more than ten years of karaoke performances.

  • Sing songs you enjoy. It might not always be practical to sing your favorite songs of all time, but it’s important to sing songs that you enjoy and are comfortable singing. You also don’t want to stretch yourself too far outside your vocal range or skill limitations.
  • Go outside your comfort zone. While you need to sing songs you know well and are comfortable singing, it’s okay to stray away from the same old songs, too. Try adding a couple of new songs to your next karaoke set to shake things up. You can get your songs from this list if you need inspiration!
  • Practice your songs in advance. Take some time a day or two before your performance to run over your songs. You can go over them again or try some different songs if you run into issues. It’s all about having as much fun as possible, so don’t go too far and spend hours practicing. It’s okay if you aren’t perfect, especially at your first performance.
  • Know your environment. Certain songs are not going to be available at public venues, such as bars. You can find most songs on YouTube if you need to, but that won’t always be an option. You also don’t want to sing certain lyrics or cover certain topics around your parents or young kids. As with the other tips on this list, preparation is key!
  • Drink water! This tips is really important for your health and enjoyment on the stage. I always keep a water bottle nearby while I’m singing so my mouth and throat don’t get too dry. Avoid alcohol and heavy meals before singing, as well.

Now you have the preparation tips you need to rock your performance. It’s time to pick out your songs.

The 20 Best Punk Rock Karaoke Songs

How can you choose the right punk rock songs for your performance? Don’t worry—I’ve got you covered with the 20 best punk rock karaoke songs so you don’t have to spend hours on Google finding the perfect songs. Some of these are personal favorites of mine, and others are crowd-pleasers that have had an impact on punk rock. Here’s the list:

1. “I Fought The Law” — The Clash

This track is one of my earliest punk rock memories. It can be a lot of fun to perform at any skill level if you’re into its lyrics.

2. “Turning Japanese” — The Vapors

I absolutely loved this track in high school. I think I listened to it on the morning bus every day for a month. It’s the type of wacky song that’s influenced my off-beat music taste ever since. If you like something dance-worthy and unusual, it’s a good choice for a karaoke performance.

3. “Mony Mony” — Billy Idol

Punk rock gets a classic rock twist with “Mony Mony.” It’s great if you want to have a little fun without working too hard on memorizing a song.

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4. “Blitzkrieg Bop” — Ramones

“Blitzkrieg Bop” is a wildly famous punk rock track. Audiences of all ages and types should recognize and appreciate it.

5. “Bad Reputation” — Joan Jett

Women, in particular, will enjoy singing this Joan Jett classic. It’s a great choice for anyone who doesn’t care about what society thinks of them.

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6. “Punk Rock Girl” — The Dead Milkmen

Here’s a punk rock story song that packs a punch. It’s great for seasoned performers!

7. “I Wanna Be Sedated” — Ramones

“I Wanna Be Sedated” is my favorite Ramones song. It’s edgy and fun all in one amazing punk rock package.

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8. “Life During Wartime” — Talking Heads

This is one of those heavier songs that’s not right for every karaoke environment. However, it can be a good choice if you know your audience likes art that makes them think about life in general and their own lives.

9. “Lust For Life”— Iggy Pop

The lyrics are a little edgy in this track, but they shouldn’t be hard to learn. If you’re okay with being a bit shocking, this Iggy Pop staple is a good fit for any singing level.

10. “Love Will Tear Us Apart” — Joy Division

Heartbreak in love is a universal theme in music. Act it out with this Joy Division song that adds some gentle romance to the punk rock genre.

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11. “Add It Up” — The Violent Femmes

This is definitely an adults-only track. If you and your listeners are comfortable with its lyrics, it’s the perfect punk rock song for your tracklist.

12. “Ball And Chain” — Social Distortion

This track has the type of lyrics that are a good fit for any skill level or type of singer. It’s also the perfect example of a punk rock song.

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13. “Waiting Room” — Fugazi

This is an interestingly vague song. If you like to get your audience thinking, it’s a great choice for any karaoke party.

14. “Wild Thing” — X

This classic—which has been covered many times—got a punk rock makeover by X in the 1980s. Have some fun with this crowd-pleaser on the karaoke stage!

15. “I Love Rock N’ Roll” — Joan Jett

Here’s another fun-filled Joan Jett track. It’s perfect for female singers or those who want to celebrate rock n roll on the karaoke stage.

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16. “Enjoy Yourself” — The Specials

Celebrate youth and having fun with this song from The Specials. It should be easy to sing at any skill level.

17. “Teenage Kicks” — The  Undertones

Celebrate teenage dreams and romance with this classic. It’s another song that shouldn’t be too hard to learn and sing with confidence.

18. “Go!” — Tones On Tail

This track has a positive, motivational message that can be inspiring for you and the crowd. It’s another great fit for any type of singer.

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19. “Pretty In Pink” — The Psychedelic Furs

Here’s another edgy song with a story to tell. Try it out in front of any audience that you know will appreciate it and its history.

20. “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams” — Green Day

Here’s another classic punk rock song. I’ve always loved the aptly placed broken feeling and loneliness in its lyrics and sound. It’s sure to evoke an emotional response.

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Now you know about 20 of the best punk rock karaoke songs. You can rock out with emotion and entertain your crowd with the confidence that comes from knowing that you’re singing songs that are a great fit for you and your audience.

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