The Best Goth Karaoke Songs

If you’re ready to get a little dark with your karaoke tracklist, it can be fun to sing some Goth songs. Whether you consider yourself to be truly “Goth” or not, there are many enjoyable, emotional, and dramatic Goth songs that can add interest and variety to your karaoke playlist.

I like to add some darkness to my playlists from time to time. I don’t want my singing to constantly be filled to the brim with pure sunshine, because that gets boring for me and my audience. If you are ready to balance out the emotions in your karaoke sets, my suggestions of the 20 best Goth karaoke songs should help. Let’s get started!

Karaoke Tips

Before we get into my song recommendations, let’s review some common karaoke tips that can help you have the most fun and impressive performance possible. Remember the following advice at each karaoke gig:

  • Pick the right songs. You want to make sure you are comfortable with every song you sing. Surprisingly, this may mean that you have to step outside of your favorite genre or songs. For instance, I love A R I Z O N A, but their songs just sound awful when I try to sing them, because they’re a bit too deep for my vocal range. A lot of songs by women, on the other hand, are too high for me, so I lean more toward tenor tracks. Whether your trouble spot is your vocal range, your audience, or something else, choosing the right songs for you is a process that’s worth going through to give your most impressive performance.
  • Drink enough water. Having a dry mouth and throat can ruin your performance and harm your health. Keep a resealable water bottle nearby while you’re singing so you have water on hand whenever you need it. Avoid eating heavy foods and drinking alcohol for even better results on the karaoke stage.
  • Get some practice. It doesn’t hurt to run through your favorite karaoke songs a few times before hitting the stage if you know that you have a performance coming up. You can work on trouble spots and avoid extra nervousness on the day of your performance. Preparation is a great way to calm nerves!

Now that you know how to prepare for any karaoke gig, you are ready to pick out your tracks to make the perfect Goth playlist. Keep reading to learn about my Top 20 best Goth karaoke songs!

The 20 Best Goth Karaoke Songs

Some of the following songs are more “gothic” than full-on Goth, but they are all a bit dark and emotional, nonetheless. Remember that your options may vary depending on where you choose to sing. With that in mind, let’s look at what I believe to be the 20 best Goth karaoke songs:

1. “Bring Me To Life” — Evanescence feat. Paul McCoy

“Bring Me To Life” may be one of the most famous and loved Goth songs of all time. This is perfect for a harder, emotionally moving duet. This is one of my favorite songs on this list due to its powerful sound.

2. “Love Will Tear Us Apart” — Joy Division

If you enjoy singing about the pains of love and heartbreak, this Joy Division classic is for you. It’s a good fit for any skill level.

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3. “Funeral Of Hearts” — HIM

If you are up for a lengthy, story-rich song full of dark emotion, this HIM track is a good choice. It’s not a small undertaking, so understand what you’re getting into before performing this song.

4. “Spellbound” — Siouxsie & The Banshees

Here’s another dark track. Its lyrics are not as concrete as some others on this list, so newbie performers may be uncomfortable tackling it on stage.

5. “Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare-All)” — Type O Negative

This is a truly gothic song. It’s perfect for a Halloween party or an all-Goth karaoke performance.

6. “The Motion Of Love” — Gene Loves Jezebel

If you’re in the mood for a pop-rock classic with some Goth tones, this is a good choice. Singers of all skill levels should enjoy it.

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7. “My Immortal” — Evanescence

“My Immortal” is another famous Evanescence track that is among the most popular Goth songs. It’s a common karaoke song, so your audience should quickly recognize it and respond to it well.

8. “Frozen” — Within Temptation

An emotional track about troubles in love is perfect for your Goth karaoke playlist. “Frozen” is just the song you need to let out your most dramatic romantic frustrations.

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9. “Für Immer” — Unheilig

This popular Goth song is a great choice to really add flavor to your karaoke tracklist. You’re going to need to speak German fairly well to pull it off, however.

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10. “Creatures Of The Night” — Kiss

“Creatures Of The Night” is another great choice for the most gothic karaoke tracklist you can make. It is an involved song, but not too difficult for newer singers.

11. “Our Truth” — Lacuna Coil

This song is one of the slightly less dark tracks on this list, so you can add it to your playlist if you want to add some variety. Its lyrics should be simple enough to tackle at any skill level.

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12. “More” — The Sisters Of Mercy

If you are unashamed of how much you need love, this song was made for you to sing. Its chorus repeats a number of times at the end of the song, making it a great choice for nervous singers who easily forget lyrics.

13. “Under The Milky Way” — The Church

This track’s lyrics are more contemplative and wistful than the ones in some of the other songs on this list. If you find it as interesting as I do, give it a shot on karaoke night.

14. “These Things” — She Wants Revenge

This intense Goth rock song is perfect for the hard rock performer. If you are okay with a few risqué lyrics, this track should be an interesting challenge to take on.

15. “Ashes To Ashes” — Faith No More

This song’s lyrics are classic and dramatic at the same time. A singer at any singing level or of any gender can take this one on.

16. “Killing Loneliness” — HIM

Deep, dark emotions take center stage in this HIM track. It’s perfect for true fans of Goth music to perform on the karaoke stage.

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17. “What Have You Done” — Within Temptation feat. Keith Caputo

This is a great track for a duet with dark romantic lyrics. It’s suited for any skill level.

18. “Transmission” — Joy Division

Joy Division’s classic song “Transmission” is great for those who have trouble remembering lyrics. There is some repetition and the words are easier to remember than in some of the other Goth songs on this list.

19. “Enjoy The Silence” — Lacuna Coil

This is a cover of Depeche Mode’s hit, which is one of my favorite songs of all time. Add it to your Goth tracklist to add variety and interest to a night of singing.

20. “The Ripper” — Judas Priest

This is a dark song with surprisingly melodic lyrics. You might want to consider ending your tracklist with it, just like I used it to end this list.

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Now that you know what some of the best Goth karaoke songs are, you can choose a few favorites and add some flavor and dark drama to your performances. When you’ve mastered a few favorites and feel confident on the karaoke stage, you can add some more and switch out go-tos for new tracks to keep things fresh and challenging. No matter what approach you take, you and your audience will have the best time if you are having fun and show it in your performance. Get practicing today and prepare for your next karaoke gig!

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