Best Madonna Karaoke Songs

Madonna has had a bunch of hits through the years. She has not been called the “queen of pop” for nothing. There are a few of her songs that we all played at every school dance or had at our first party. She has had so many transformations and different types of music that she has something for everyone in her songbook. We are going to check out some of the best Madonna songs that you can include at your next karaoke night. 

1. Like a Prayer 

Let’s start with one of Madonna’s most well known, and probably most controversial songs ever. For a singer who has thrived on controversy that is saying quite a lot. But somehow Like a Prayer blew all of the other controversies out of the water. 

The lyrics aren’t that provocative, until you listen really closely to the words and then you can realize they have some seriously double meanings. But still, it is a song that is fun upbeat song to sing and great for karaoke. It is an upbeat song that sounds like a love song, and the entire audience will get into the song. 

It was really the music video that started all of the controversy. She went out of her way to feature as many Catholic faux pas as she could fit in. It created quite the stir and the music video was even denounced by the Vatican. 

But still the song is a lot of fun to sing and dance to and it really is the perfect song for karaoke night. 

2. Beautiful Stranger 

The song first became most well known as part of the movie Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. But it is a really catchy song in its own right and even if you have never seen the movie, you have probably heard the song on the radio. 

It has been covered by a number of different bands because it is such a great song to sing. That is also what makes it a great song for karaoke night. It is a great song for women to sing but at the same time pretty much anyone can sing this song and have a lot of fun while doing it. 

3. Holiday 

Many people don’t even realize that this classic dance song is a hit by Madonna. It doesn’t really sound like her later hits. Still, it is a summer song that is really fun to dance and sing to. 

“Holiday” was the first big hit that Madonna ever released. She didn’t write it herself, which might be why it sounds a little different from her normal music, but she did adapt the song slightly. Many other artists had rejected the song before Madonna got the chance to sing it. It was a great choice. 

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Even today “Holiday” is an iconic upbeat song that is used in musicals and other productions. It has become one of the most iconic party songs ever and it is sure to get the party started at your next karaoke night. 

It is an infectious song and even if you don’t enjoy Madonna music, you will probably be able to sing this song by heart without ever even checking the words that are in front of you on the screen. Start the song and you know it is the start of a great holiday and also a great karaoke night. 

4. Don’t Cry for me Argentina 

Okay, this might not be an original Madonna song, but her version is the one that many of us know and love. 

“Don’t Cry for me Argentina” comes from the musical Evita by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, but the movie version featured an incredible performance by Madonna. 

For many of us it was the first time that we had the privilege of seeing this awesome musical for ourselves. The song was about Eva Peron, the girl who grew up poor but ended up as the wife of the President of Argentina, Juan Peron. The people adored her and this song depicts her speaking to the people who she served. 

If you have always wanted to feel how it would be standing on a balcony singing to your adoring fans, then “Don’t Cry for me Argentina” is the perfect song for your karaoke night. It is a stunning song that has some incredible lyrics, beautiful melody and tells a remarkable story. 

5. Like a Virgin 

This is probably one of the first songs you think of when you think of Madonna music. It is the essential Madonna song, whether that is for karaoke, a playlist or a party. Like a Virgin needs to be on the list whenever you mention Madonna music. 

Before this song came out everyone kind of thought that Madonna would be a cute singer who had a few fun songs. But this was the hit that really made people take notice and start to think of Madonna as a real artist. She became a household name and this song can make you a star too. At least for one karaoke night at a time. 

Everyone might not have the confidence to belt out the words to “Like a Virgin”, but if you do then add it to your set for karaoke night. 

6. Vogue 

Another song where Madonna combined music with a love of fashion, “Vogue” is another song that became a massive hit for Madonna. She had a wonderful knack for picking up on trends and going for it. Knowing when to add visuals to her songs that would appeal. 

In fact, one of the factors that made Madonna a cultural icon was the fact that her music was such a great combination with visual imagery. So, if you do want to sing “Vogue” for karaoke, you better do a bit of homework and brush up on your dancing moves. The moves kind of make the song and you can’t perform Vogue without getting in the swing of things and doing at least the basic dance moves. 

You also need to ensure that you bring the attitude and style that Madonna had with this music video. It is a bit of an anthem and you need to take it over the top too. 

7. Music 

There was a time when people believed that Madonna’s career was pretty much over, but she proved them all wrong and had a string of hits that made her as popular as ever. “Music” was one of those hits. 

This was a song where she collaborated with Mirwais Ahmadzai and has a bit of a rap vibe included in the song. It is a great song to sing a duet on karaoke night and one that will once again turn up the dancing vibe. 

The song established that Madonna was still the “queen of pop” and that she could still write a pop hit that would get everyone dancing. If you want to sing this song on karaoke night it might just see you crowned the king or queen of the microphone. 

8. Crazy for You 

Want to slow things down and sing a really beautiful ballad for the person that you love? Then “Crazy for You” might just be the Madonna song that you need. 

This is another song that doesn’t quite fit into her typical offerings, but it is such a beautiful love song that it became an instant classic. It was surely the song that many people danced their first slow dance on. A song that made you look for a partner as soon as it started playing. 

It is a much slower song than many of Madonna’s other offerings, so if you don’t like to dance while you are performing then this could really work out well. You get to tell the person you care about how crazy you are for them and still enjoy the evening without a lot of pressure. 

Just don’t be fooled, this might be a slower song, but Madonna’s vocals were on point in this hit and there aren’t a lot of places you can hide any defects in your voice on this track. 

9. Ray of Light 

Right around the middle of her career Madonna released this song. The entire album was incredible and many have called it the best album of her life. 

As mentioned, by the late 90’s she had come to a time when many believed that her career was over and that she had to retire. But she gave them all an answer with this album. Madonna still had it and she could still dominate the clubs and the rest of the dance scene. 

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This song sounds difficult to sing since it uses a lot of underground electronica, but in reality, it is a pretty simple song to sing for karaoke night. 

The vocal melody remains quite consistent and the rest of the melody will hide a lot of mistakes in your voice and tone. It is the Madonna song that you can sing if you are a bit intimidated by some of her other offerings. This song is also really fun to sing in a group even if it was designed as a solo. 

Get your dance on

Karaoke night is all about having fun, and Madonna sure has a lot of fun songs to sing. Make your Madonna playlist now. 

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