The Best Britney Spears Karaoke Songs

Whether you want to evoke feelings of nostalgia or simply hope to get everyone dancing, there’s a Britney Spears track to fit the occasion. How can you choose the perfect songs for your situation? You don’t want to spend all day hunting down tracks for your playlist.

Like a large number of people my age, I first heard Britney Spears’ music when I was very young—probably six years old at the oldest. Everyone wanted to listen to Britney Spears when I was a kid; most girls wanted to be her. I’ve seen all of Spears’ musical eras and the ways that her music has evolved over the years and throughout her many heartbreaking personal struggles.

As a result, I’ve got you covered for your next karaoke gig with 20 of the best Britney Spears karaoke songs for any type of singer or audience! I’ll also go over some tips for your next performance, which we’ll get into right now.

Karaoke Tips For Your Next Performance

Before we get into the song list, let’s take a look at some tips to help you improve your karaoke performance. Even the most skilled of singers can benefit from some careful planning before each performance. Here are a few of the tips I like to follow before I sing for the best results:

  • Practice in advance. Make sure you know your chosen songs well and enjoy singing them. Even one practice run-through can help you figure out how to handle any rough spots. You can even have some fun working on your dance moves!
  • Get into your performance. While your practicing your songs, make sure you feel enthused. If you are bored with your performance, your audience will definitely pick up on that feeling. Everyone will have a better time if you feel confident and enjoy yourself on stage.
  • Drink plenty of water. Make sure to keep a water bottle nearby while singing to avoid dehydration. It’s not good for your health or your singing. Avoiding alcohol can also help.
  • Don’t eat a big meal. Heavy, greasy, fatty food will not help you sing well. The last time I tried to sing after a large meal (which was on Thanksgiving), I felt pretty unwell during and after my performance. Try not to eat a large meal right before heading on stage.
  • Pick songs that work for you. If you have to go outside your favorite genre or your favorite singer’s catalog to find a song that works for your skill level or vocal range, do so. You will be broadening your musical horizons while highlighting your voice at its most powerful.

Now that you know how to prepare for the best performance ever, you can head on stage with confidence. Let’s look at 20 of the best Britney Spears karaoke songs to round out your karaoke prep!

The 20 Best Britney Spears Karaoke Songs

Are you ready to pick out your karaoke tracks? I’m ready to help. Here are 20 of the best Britney Spears karaoke songs to help you make the playlist of your dreams:

1. “…Baby One More Time”

Here’s the song that launched Britney Spears’ career as a pop star. Celebrate that moment and the birth of the pop sound that molded the early 2000’s and beyond by performing this track at karaoke night.

2. “Toxic”

Here’s a crowd-pleaser that was also featured in Pitch Perfect 3, bringing it back into the public consciousness several years after its release. It’s fun to sing and will get everyone dancing.

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3. “Womanizer”

Are you tired of dealing with heartbreakers? Singing this track can help you let off steam and work through your emotions in a creative way. It’s also just a fun and dance-worthy track.

4. “Stronger”

Want to empower the crowd? This track, which has remained one of Spears’ most powerful over the years, can help you do so, no matter how much karaoke experience you have.

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5. “Oops! I Did It Again”

Here’s another track that is one of Spears’ most definitive releases. I first heard it when I was about six, and it remains a symbol of the era in my mind. It was also the first Britney Spears song I ever heard. Bring back some 2000s nostalgia by performing it at your next karaoke gig.

6. “Hold It Against Me”

This 2011 hit is the perfect choice to get everyone feeling energetic and ready to dance. It should be a good fit at any skill level or type of singer.

7. “Perfume”

“Perfume” was co-written by Sia, and it very much has her sensibility and musicality to it. It’s really a heartbreaking track that’s very relatable to any karaoke performer who’s dealt with an unfaithful partner. It’s been one of my favorite Britney Spears songs since I first heard it, just because it’s a little different from other songs I know in the genre and from Spears.

8. “I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman”

This ballad is one of Spears’ more serious and artistic tracks. If you’re ready for something very artistic, give this song a try on the karaoke stage. Be prepared to truly impress the crowd!

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9. “Scream & Shout” — Will.I.Am & Britney Spears

You can enjoy this track as a duet at any skill level. It’s a fun song that’s perfect for a girl’s night out or any energetic karaoke party. It’s a great choice for a male-female duo to perform.

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10. “Why Should I Be Sad?”

This song is one of those ultra-relatable breakup anthems that’s a great fit for any karaoke performance. If you’re working through a breakup or divorce, this is the song you need to sort your emotions in a productive and healthy way.

11. “Criminal”

This is a topically rough but interesting song. It’s a good fit for an experienced karaoke singer who’s not afraid to add some shock value to their performances.

12. “Lucky”

This story-based track is a good fit for any type of singer. It’s another song that’s perfect for creating those feelings of early-2000’s nostalgia that Britney Spears songs are uniquely positioned to evoke.

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13. “Circus”

If you want to feel like a real performer, this song can help you realize your dreams. Everyone will feel like they’re at a real concert when you perform a piece this entertaining and poppy.

14. “Gimme More”

This is, at its core, a classic pop dance track. If you want to see everyone on their feet, this hit will do the trick.

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15. “Sometimes”

Is someone putting pressure on you to get serious where a romantic arrangement is concerned? This track may help them understand that you need to go slow in as gentle of a way as possible. In any case, it’s a great pop song for any karaoke setlist.

16. “Unusual You”

This track is sweet and romantic. It’s a perfect choice if you want to serenade your special someone or evoke that “aww” response from your audience.

17. “I Wanna Go”

Here’s another tune to get everyone in the crowd dancing. It’s also a great choice to reminisce about the early-2010s and the electro-pop sound that defined the era.

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18. “Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know”

If you want to send someone a message that you need to know where your relationship stands, you can do so with this song. Sometimes it really pays to be subtle. At the very least, you can work through your emotions through song while entertaining the crowd.

19. “Ooh Ooh Baby”

Like some other tracks on this list, this isn’t necessarily a track for family gatherings. However, it can be very entertaining in the right setting with its interesting lyricism.

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20. “Till The World Ends”

“Till The World Ends” is a good fit for any skill level. It has some adult language, so be mindful of your audience and what you are comfortable singing in front of other people. For the right singer, it’s a great track to show off your skills.


Now that you know what some of the best Britney Spears karaoke songs are, you are ready for your next performance. Remember to have fun and interact with the crowd for the best experience possible!

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