The Best Adele Karaoke Songs

If you want to give an emotional and crowd-pleasing karaoke performance, choose a few songs by English singer-songwriter Adele. Adele captures the human experience—particularly while in love—in an earnest way that few other artists manage to. 

There have been a few times in my life where no artist’s music hit the way Adele’s did. During those times, I’ve added her songs to my karaoke playlists to let out some negative energy in a productive way. You can truly feel the emotion in her songs. In a way, her music allows you to transpose your own heartache onto an outside source for a while.

How can you choose the best Adele karaoke songs for your next karaoke gig? Have no fear—I’ve gathered 25 of the greatest Adele hits so you don’t have to worry about hunting down good tracks.

Tips For A Great Karaoke Performance

Do you want to make sure you have the best karaoke performance possible? If your answer is yes, follow these karaoke tips each time you sing:

  • Practice your songs. Even one quick run-through at home can help you avoid slip-ups on stage. Its better to work through problem areas at home than in front of other people, especially if you get nervous easily or plan to sing for a large crowd.
  • Drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated will help you to sing at your healthiest and best-sounding. You don’t want to get onstage only to realize your throat and mouth are too dry to sing. Avoid alcohol, as well; it can dehydrate you among causing other issues on stage.
  • Know your audience. You don’t want to sing songs with swear words in front of children, or prepare a playlist of country hits at a party full of hard rock fans. It also helps to understand the limitations of the locale you are singing at, such as what songs are available. As with the first bullet on this list, preparation is key!
  • Step outside your comfort zone. You don’t have to stick with tradition just because you’ve been singing the same five songs since your first karaoke performance. Venture outside your usual playlist for some new fun. You and your audience will benefit from your renewed enthusiasm. You can start your new adventure by picking out some fresh Adele tracks from this article!
  • Sings songs you enjoy and can sing well. While it’s fine to be adventurous—as explained in the point above—you also want to make sure you sings songs you like and that fit your skill level and voice. This may mean singing songs by a man even if you are a woman, or trying a new genre if your favorite isn’t working out for you. Being comfortable and having fun are the most important parts of singing karaoke.

Now you know how to prepare for your karaoke gig. Now it’s time to pick out some of the best Adele karaoke songs for your performance!

The 25 Best Adele Karaoke Songs

Adele is a prolific and much-loved music artist, so it can be daunting to try to choose her “best” songs for your karaoke performance. However, the 25 songs below are perfect for a variety of karaoke situations. Keep reading to figure out which ones are best for you.

1. “Someone Like You”

I’ve always considered “Someone Like You” to be one of the definitive Adele songs. This is mainly because it is so emotional and relatable to anyone who’s trying to be the bigger person and make the most of a breakup. If these vibes appeal to you, this song is a great karaoke choice. 

2. “Rolling In The Deep”

If you would like a bit faster-paced Adele song on your karaoke tracklist, “Rolling In The Deep” is another great choice. It’s a wonderful song to get the crowd dancing.

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3. “Rumour Has It”

“Rumour Has It” is one of my favorite Adele songs of all time. I actually discovered it on a free Starbucks iTunes download card, if you remember those good old days. Like Number Two above, it has a very rousing and dance-worthy feel with a soulful vibe that is hard to resist.

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4. “Set Fire To The Rain”

Just about everyone in your audience will recognize this Adele hit. Try it out for a dramatic performance that will wow the crowd.

5. “Skyfall”

James Bond fans in particular will enjoy this track. It’s got a very sophisticated sound, so it may be best suited to experienced karaoke performers.

6. “Hello”

Here’s another choice that’s well-suited to the dramatic set. You can wow the crowd if you can pull this one off with style and emotion.

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7. “Chasing Pavements”

If super-early Adele hits are your thing, this classic is a great choice. It’s a very earnest and relatable song that audiences of all ages can appreciate.

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8. “Easy On Me”

“Easy On Me” is a good choice for your super-modern Adele playlist. The lyrics are easy to learn at all skill levels.

9. “When We Were Young” 

Here’s another dramatic and moving Adele hit. It’s great for group performances.

10. “Make You Feel My Love”

Adele’s cover of this classic may be the most popular version. Sing it slowly and soulfully—as it was intended—for the most powerful effect.

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11. “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)”

This is one of my all-time favorite songs because it has that magical combination of an uplifting tune and heartbreaking lyrics. Add it to your playlist for a unique feeling that will impress your audience.

12. “Oh My God”

“Oh My God” is a great song to demonstrate how you will live life on your terms, no matter what others think.  It’s another recent Adele release that will feel fresh and relevant to your audience.

13. “Love In The Dark”

To evoke that classic break-up feeling, add “Love In The Dark” to your karaoke roundup. It is sure to leave an impression on the crowd.

14. “Water Under The Bridge”

This is another incredibly appealing Adele song that is among my favorites. It has that emotionally vulnerable feeling that Adele is so good at conveying in music.

15. “All I Ask”

Here’s another emotionally vulnerable track like Number 14 above. If you are ready for its dramatic appeal, belt it out for a positive reaction from your audience.

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16. “To Be Loved”

“To Be Loved” is an enjoyable track that is another recent Adele release. It’s a good choice for any skill level.

17. “Strangers By Nature”

“Strangers By Nature” is dramatic but doesn’t have a wide variety of lyrics to learn. This makes it a good choice for karaoke newbies who still want their chance to wow the crowd.

18. “Hometown Glory”

“Hometown Glory” is another classic Adele track. It’s an interesting choice if you’re performing in your hometown with its unique theme.

19. “Can I Get It”

This is a newer track with a somewhat classically “poppy” chorus. This makes it a great choice for nervous singers who forget lyrics easily, as there is some repetition to rely on while still giving a stunning performance.

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20. “Hold On”

If you’ve been regretting your choices but want to still try to see the brighter side of things, this song could help. Sing it on the karaoke stage to work through your emotions.


Now that you know what some of the most beautiful, best Adele karaoke songs are, you’re ready to hit the stage and show off your appreciation for the singer-songwriter. Sing a few favorites from the list above to start. As you get more comfortable with Adele’s tracks and karaoke performance, you can add some new songs to your setlist to keep things adventurous and entertaining!

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