The 13 Best Boy Band Karaoke Songs

Boy bands have been given a bad name through the years but they have honestly created some really incredible music. Some of these songs are the soundtrack to our childhoods. Like my grandmother would say, it made you miss people and places that you never even met. 

You might never have experienced any of the situations that they were singing about, but you can imagine that you did. And they are songs that are fun to sing and dance to. The perfect song for karaoke. 

We are going to look at some of the best Boy band songs for karaoke night. 

1. “Story of my Life”- One Direction 

1D has had a bunch of major hits and there was a time when they were the biggest boy band in the world. Story of my Life is an incredible song that brought them into the folk pop genre. It seriously worked on the emotions, and it has some great lyrics that stick in your mind. 

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It is a beautiful song that is great for karaoke night when you are feeling nostalgic about your life. You also have a guarantee that the entire audience will start to sing along with the chorus. 

2. “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” – Backstreet Boys 

Backstreet has some incredible songs that are easy to sing and dance with. Many of them are perfect for karaoke night. In fact, you could probably create an entire karaoke night filled with just Backstreet Boys songs. 

But many of those songs are more mid-tempo type love songs. If you want a Backstreet Boys song that you can dance to, then Everybody is such a fun bop. The lyrics aren’t too difficult to follow, and if your friends don’t join in screaming, “Backstreets back, alright!” are they even really friends at all? 

3. “Summer Girls” – LFO 

This is the ultimate upbeat karaoke song. You might not remember who sang it, or what the name was, but if you were around during the time that this song played on the radio you will almost surely remember the lyrics “New Kids on the Block had a bunch of hits, Chinese food makes me sick.” It is a song that is wacky and the lyrics are completely weird and insane, but that is kind of what makes the song really awesome. 

This is a great song to do karaoke to since many people will probably remember the lyrics when they hear it, even if they don’t remember the song. And it is just so much fun to sing! 

4. “Dynamite” – BTS 

Kpop groups have taken the world by storm and one of the best among them is BTS. They have some awesome songs but some of them aren’t easy to sing for most of us. Great to listen and dance to, but hard to sing. 

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Then there is Dynamite. Even if you don’t know a single other Kpop song you will probably know this one. It has been played on the radio often enough and it is kind of an ear worm that will stick in your head forever. 

That is what makes this a great song to sing on karaoke night. You won’t forget the lyrics and even if you do, as long as you keep having a lot of fun while you sing, no one is really going to mind. 

5. “I Swear” – All-4-One 

I know that this song was not originally done by All-4-One. It was sung by John Michael Montgomery, a country star. When he sang it, it sounded a lot different than the version that most of us eventually knew and loved. Then All-4-One took the song and turned it into a massive boy band hit for the group. 

It was also the ballad that would be played at many special occasions and slow dances for years to come. This is a slow song that is great to sing if you are feeling a bit nostalgic. It is a really romantic song and if you want to make a few promises to your significant other in song form, then this is the karaoke song to do it with. 

6. “Bye Bye Bye” – *N’SYNC 

Not feeling that romantic? Instead want to tell someone to hit the road and get away from you? Then *N’SYNC’s Bye Bye Bye might just be the best song for you to sing on karaoke night. 

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*N’SYNC was another awesome boy band that had loads of bops. It was the group that launched Justin Timberlake and, in this song, he goes up against JC Chasez as the lead to create this massive hit. To do the song justice, you would probably need to do it in a duet at least and will be even better if you do it in a group. 

Sing it with a bit of attitude and anger and it is sure to be a hit for your karaoke night. 

7. “MMMBop” – Hanson 

Before the Jonas brothers were famous there was another group of brothers who had a massive hit with MMMBop. The Hanson brothers were pretty special in the boy band world, they played their own instruments and they had a couple of really nice songs. 

But you don’t have to play an instrument to do MMMBop during karaoke night. All you need to have been a lot of fun and joy while singing it. There aren’t loads of lyrics to remember in the song. The only real problem is that most of us only remember the chorus. So, before you get up on stage make sure that you check out all of the other lyrics to the song, don’t get stuck on singing just the chorus without knowing the rest of the songs. 

But if you can remember all of the lyrics then you are sure to have a lot of fun on the karaoke stage and will get the entire audience up and singing with them. 

8. “You Got It (The Right Stuff)” – New Kids on the Block

One of the original boy bands New Kids on the Block has had a massive following since the moment that they came on the scene. Even now they sell out concerts and make fans crazy. 

One of their best songs to sing for karaoke night has to be “You Got It (The Right Stuff). You don’t have to be a Donnie Wahlberg or a Joey McIntyre to have fun with this song. It is one of the first big hits for the group and still stands the test of time. 

9. “Sucker” – Jonas Brothers 

The Jonas brothers had a bunch of awesome songs back in the day when they were young guys just fresh off the Disney journey. There are many of them that are amazing for karaoke night. 

The Jonas Bros had hit after hit back then and then they decided that it was time to split up and each go their different ways. There were a few years when the group was apart and seemed like they would never get back together. Each of the brothers had their own hits and did their own thing. 

They grew up in the meantime and then got back together. At that stage they were all in love with their wives and that is why Sucker is such an awesome song, one that stands out among all their hits. 

If you want to tell your significant other just how much of a Sucker you are for them, then this is the perfect song to sing to them on karaoke night. 

10. “I’ll Make Love to You” – Boyz II Men 

Want to slow down the romance song that you sing to your significant other? Then I’ll Make Love to You, might be the way to go. It is more of a seduction song than it is a romance song. It is a classic R&B song that is great to sing on karaoke night. 

This is the song that will inspire the entire karaoke bar to get their phone lights on and sway around like they are waving a little candle in the early 90’s. The group could never have known just how popular this song would be, and how many babies were made on it, probably. 

If you have seduction in mind then this is a great karaoke song to sing. 

11. “All or Nothing” – O-Town 

Have you ever sat staring out the car window, imagining an event that never actually happened and how it broke your heart? Then there is a good chance that All or Nothing by O-Town was on the radio at the time. It is a underrated song great for karaoke.

This ballad will break your heart a little when you sing it, but that piece of heartbreak will just enhance your singing ability and give your karaoke performance a little bit more emotion behind it. 

12. “The Hardest Thing” – 98 Degrees 

The group that launched Nick Lachey’s career, they had many songs that were great to sing to but none of it comes close to the Hardest Thing. It is a beautiful song to sing on karaoke night with just enough dance included to make the performance fun. 

13. “Back for Good” – Take That

And finally, when you need to use karaoke night to apologize to your significant other, then Back for Good from Take That is the perfect boy band song to sing karaoke to. 

Get ready to sing

Singing karaoke has to be fun, there are loads of incredible boy band songs to choose from, find your perfect hit to sing to.

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