The Best Lady Gaga Karaoke Songs

Lady Gaga is one of the most talented, unique, and entertaining singer-songwriters of our time. If you want to have an exciting karaoke experience, singing a few songs by Lady Gaga is a great choice.

Lady Gaga’s hit “Bad Romance” was one of my favorite songs for a few years after its release. Other than relating to the “unrequited love” angle that the track can be viewed from, I always enjoyed the “I don’t wanna be friends” lyric, mainly because I always approach my romantic relationships with the assumption that friendship is never going to be the outcome of a breakup. There’s so much emotion to unpack in the song that I’ve always felt that it can be related to in various ways, which makes it a special track for sure.

If you have a similar appreciation for Lady Gaga’s music, there’s no better way to show it than by singing her songs at your next karaoke gig. How can you choose the right songs? I have you covered! Keep reading to learn how to prepare for your performance and discover the best Lady Gaga karaoke songs for your performance.

Karaoke Performance Tips

If you’re anything like me, you want to be prepared before you hit the karaoke stage. These tips can help you get ready and sing with greater confidence:

  • Drink water. You should really be drinking water throughout the day as it is, but staying hydrated before, during, and after your singing performance is especially important. Consider keeping a resealable bottle nearby on stage so you can easily remember to sip it as you go.
  • Practice in advance. You don’t have to go all out on practice for a fun performance, but running through your chosen songs once or twice in advance is always a good idea. You can work on any problem areas or change your song choices if they just aren’t working out for you.
  • Find your perfect songs. Your favorite song may not be the best fit for your skill level or vocal range, and that’s okay. In fact, finding the right songs for you might be exciting, as it could force you out of your comfort zone. Your perfect songs will also include lyrics that you can get behind and that are appropriate for your audience. You don’t want to belt out something ladden with swear words if you’re performing in front of kids, for example.

Now you’re ready to give your most confident and flawless karaoke performance. Let’s set you up with some Lady Gaga songs to sing!

The 20 Best Lady Gaga Karaoke Songs

It’s time to look at some of the best Lady Gaga karaoke songs. I’ll go over what makes each tune unique and what situations each song is well-suited for. Remember that every song will not be available at every location, so it’s a good idea to check with your local karaoke spot to make sure you can sing the songs you want to. Let’s look at my Top 20 list:

1. “Shallow” — with Bradley Cooper

Fans of A Star Is Born and high-quality duets will enjoy this beautiful masterpiece. It’s a great choice to sing with a romantic partner. It’s not the simplest song to sing, so make sure you have decent technique and some experience under your belt before trying it out on stage. It’s one of my favorite songs of all time due to its overall beauty.

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2. “Poker Face”

This early Lady Gaga hit is sure to get the crowd dancing. It’s well-suited to any skill level or type of performer who is ready to give an energetic performance.

3. “Born This Way”

A celebration of individuality and self-esteem can help your audience feel inspired and uplifted. “Born This Way” is a powerful song that can bring on those feelings. It’s another wildly catchy track that can get everyone on their feet and smiling.

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4. “Just Dance”

This is another early Lady Gaga hit. It has a dark edge that can make it fun to perform, and it’s easy enough to tackle, even if you’re new to karaoke.

5. “Million Reasons”

“Million Reasons” is a ballad-style hit that is perfect for the technically experienced and dramatic performer. It’s also a good fit for any gender.

6. “Bad Romance”

As mentioned above, this is one of my favorite Lady Gaga songs. It’s fun and full of dramatic emotion, making it a great choice for any singer that likes to give a powerful karaoke performance. There are a couple of French lyrics, so make sure you are ready to pronounce them correctly before getting on stage. Look out for the adult language, as well, if your audience would be offended by it.

7. “Always Remember Us This Way”

This is another track from A Star Is Born that will be a hit among the film’s die-hard fans. It’s a gentle yet beautiful song that is perfect for a patient performer who is willing to practice it before hitting the karaoke stage.

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8. “Alejandro”

if you are ready for some deep and catchy drama on the karaoke stage, “Alejandro” is the song for you. It has enough repetition to learn the lyrics easily, but it isn’t the easiest song to sing, so you may want to wait to sing it until you have a few performances to your name.

9. “Paparazzi”

Here’s another catchy, dance-worthy track with a dark edge like “Bad Romance.” It also has some swearing within its lyrics, so be mindful of your audience if you choose to perform this song.

10. “The Edge Of Glory”

If you really want to raise the energy levels in the room, “The Edge Of Glory” is a fantastic song to help you do so. The lyrics could easily be adjusted to be appropriate for any type of performer.

11. “Applause”

This track has a performance-based theme. While its lyrics could be said to have multiple meanings, it is still a great choice for a karaoke gig that is centered around the singing itself.

12. “Marry The Night”

“Marry The Night” is a fun and edgy track. It’s perfect for a fun-filled girl’s night out on the town or a similar high-energy event.

13. “Sine From Above” — With Elton John

This recent Lady Gaga track is perfect for a dramatic duet. It has interesting lyrics, so make sure you’re on top of them before you hit the karaoke stage.

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14. “Why Did You Do That?”

Here’s another track from A Star Is Born. It’s poppier and edgier than the other soundtrack entries on this list. If you are ready to move to the beat, sing this track for a truly entertaining performance.

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15. “Telephone” — feat. Beyoncé

This hit is a fun mix between “Just Dance” and a classic breakup song. If you want to look on the bright side of a breakup, this song is for you.

16. “Stupid Love”

Here is an earnest, open tribute to “stupid love.” If you want to admit to your romantic feelings, no matter how silly or embarrassing they may feel, this track is a great choice.

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17. “Speechless”

This is a very emotional Lady Gaga track and a fantastic breakup ballad. Work through your most painful romantic woes by belting this hit out on the karaoke stage.

18. “Judas”

“Judas” has an unusual and provocative biblical theme. If you are okay with making a controversial statement, perform this unique track and wow your audience with your emotional range.

19. “Yoü And I”

Sing a lyrical love story with “Yoü And I.” There are many unique verses to remember, so it’s a good idea to make sure your memory is up to the task before heading on stage to sing this track.

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20. “The Cure”

This track has a very romantic feel. If you are ready to tell a significant other how you’re ready to make sacrifices for them, “The Cure” can help you do so.


Now that you know what some of the best Lady Gaga karaoke songs are, you’re ready to hit the stage and give a confident, dramatic performance. Who knows—maybe you’ll have so much fun and be so confident that you’ll feel like the next big pop star!

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